Although Yang Chen knew that his own daughter was not very honest as she had plenty of betraying acts for the sake of food previously, Lin Ruoxi used to tolerate all these as well. 

However, Yang Chen was still relatively devastated as a father, and felt that it was such a huge responsibility in educating a child. 

How about she can't help but always call her a little fat girl, after all, she is angry.

Seeing An Xin smiling smugly, Yang Chen had to work hard to persuade himself, because his daughter knew that the people around her could be trusted, so she turned her back against him for the sake of this little temptation.

The exquisite kid Yang Lanlan was very clear about how to obtain fun stuff and delicious food. When the meal was about to start, she started to pester Mo Qianni, saying that her cooking was really delicious, along with other sweet words, amusing the woman to the extent that she wanted to kiss her.

Yang Chen didn't dare to listen further, for fear that he couldn't help but slap this little traitor's buttocks.

After chatting with An Xin, he realized that the woman was busy having gatherings with some of the main relatives in the family previously and had no time to spare. Today, after pushing off some of the less important gatherings, she could finally come to see him.

Although with the help of cultivation, An Xin's body would not be damaged due to fatigue, a young girl in her twenties managing the entire family business was still hard work. 

"It would be great if Sister Qianni came to help me. I was not born to talk about business and entertaining externals, I am always nervous when it comes to meeting officials. If Sister Qianni comes, I will share your 3% equity in the An Clan Group," An Xin ranted at the dinner table.

Mo Qianni gave a big roasted goose leg to Lanlan, she smiled and said, "Three percent? With your current share price, you are giving me hundreds of millions?"

"You’re not an outsider anyway. It won’t affect the position of my board of directors, so rest assured,” An Xin smiled sweetly and said, "Sister Qianni, to be honest, Sister Ruoxi is so powerful, even without you and Sister Mingyu, she could do it all. Why don’t you come and help me instead?”

"There are too many people who want to dig me away. Although I only have a few shares in Yulei, I want to fulfill what I promised the old president back then. As long as Ruoxi doesn't dislike me, I will stay here forever," Mo Qianni politely refused.

"But now Sister Ruoxi and honey are about to divorce, don't you feel embarrassed in front of her like this,” An Xin whispered, and glanced at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen looked at the woman helplessly, "You had to say that? We haven’t officially divorce and you’re thinking about taking over her position huh?”

An Xin immediately shook her head and said with a smile, "How can I? My chances aren’t high anyways. Besides, I think Sister Ruoxi is just angry for now and it will be fine after a while. In fact, no one told you to touch Huilin... Although she is now an international star and you may feel a sense of accomplishment after conquering her as a man, but you are too rash.”

Yang Chen felt that these words sounded wrong, it was as if he violated Huilin.

But being mentioned by An Xin, he then asked with concern, "By the way, how is Huilin's movie? I came back without attending the premiere."

Mo Qianni smiled and said, "It’s great. Yu Lei Entertainment has gained a lot this time. Relying on Huilin’s comeback during the Spring Festival Gala, they directly occupied the top spot on the search list for three days straight and because of our public relations channel, the media reported all of the positive news. With the presence of Huilin during the movie premiere, the theatre was crowded with people. The people are more relaxed and free during Chinese New Year. In addition to visiting friends and relatives, they came out to watch the movies together, so the box office was pretty good. According to the current trend, it’s not a challenge to break 300 million within a week. The goal has been set to over 1 billion, the copyright operations in North America and Europe are also in full swing, and it is estimated that it will be released in half a month. After all, it is a big 3D production, even Americans that don't understand the Chinese culture will also appreciate the picture style. This is a Hollywood-style commercial blockbuster."

"So, Huilin is way more popular than she used to be," Yang Chen smiled bitterly, thinking that it would be more difficult to see the lady next time. After all, she was the focal point, and the influence would not be very good.

“Honey, why don't you give Huilin a call?" An Xin asked.

Yang Chen shook his head, "Forget it, she is very sensible. Plus, she’ll be very busy at this time, there is no need to disturb her."

He himself also had plenty of trouble, why would he still find some more.

After lunch, Yang Chen played some games with Lanlan for a while, and the chubby little girl became drowsy again. Minjuan hugged her and went up to rest.

Both Mo Qianni and An Xin had to deal with the company's affairs, so Yang Chen ran out of the house and went to the laboratory of Xiao Zhiqing at Zhonghai University.

Because of Xiao Zhiqing's outstanding talents in computer science, Zhonghai University specially assigned an independent laboratory to her to carry out her usual research. In short, she was rewarded for her talents.

The entire laboratory was filled with all kinds of computers that she had assembled by herself. All kinds of messy wiring were so densely packed that only the woman herself could see it clearly.

It's hard to imagine a girl who grew up in the illusion realm to have such a strong learning ability after she was exposed to a computer. It could only be said that she was talented.

When Yang Chen entered the laboratory, Xiao Zhiqing was sitting on a large leather chair, facing three display screens, doing some unintelligible system operations.

"Have you found it?" Yang Chen walked behind the woman and asked with a smile.

Xiao Zhiqing knew that the man had come in, and pointed to the red dot on a flat map on the left screen.

“There, in a high-end residential area in Hanzhong City, probably meeting the relatives of the Meng Family these few days and never leaving the place.”

Yang Chen asked the woman to help find the specific location of Zhang Ling.

Using Xiao Zhiqing's hacking technology to enter a communication satellite, it was not difficult to find it according to Zhang Ling's mobile phone signal.

Yang Chen rewarded the woman with a kiss on her fragrant hair, "Good job, Qing’Er. Please do me another favor, send a text message to the lady with an unknown signal, and say... ‘Bring your turtle-like son and give Li Jingjing a kowtow or else the fire will be set tonight.’”

"If she really came to compromise, won’t you help Jingjing to vent her anger?” Xiao Zhiqing asked.

Yang Chen grinned and said, "Don't worry, if she wants to kowtow and admit her mistake, she would’ve been here way earlier. She didn't even apologize which meant that she never took me seriously. Anyways, I’ll be setting the fire tonight.”

“You are indeed nasty,” Xiao Zhiqing showed an evil grin and helped Yang Chen to send the message.


In the high-end residential area south of Hanzhong City, in a two-storey villa with good feng shui.

Zhang Ling in a silver cinnamon nightgown holding a glass of red wine in her hand, sitting by the French window of the second-floor bedroom, looking at the gloomy sky outside in boredom. 

Turning her head, her husband, Meng Qin, leaned on the big bed solemnly, watching the noon news on the TV with a very focused expression.

There was a trace of disgust in Zhang Ling's eyes, and it was fleeting, "My dear, are these deceptive news reports more attractive than a young and beautiful woman like me?"

Meng Qin did not answer, as if not heard.

"Huh, you gave me so much sweet talk when you wanted to marry me back then, I was also mindstrucked and promised to be your step wife. Now that you are so indifferent toward me, are you not afraid of me divorcing you? My dad loves and pampers me a lot,” Zhang Ling laughed sarcastically.

Meng Qin frowned. He was moved when he heard "her father". He couldn't lose the support of his father-in-law for the time being.

Immediately showing a gentle smile, sitting on the edge of the bed, Meng Qin grabbed her slender leg with both hands and placed it on his thigh, giving Zhang Ling a foot massage.

Zhang Ling clearly showed a smug smile when she could get the Director of the Environmental Protection Bureau to give her a foot massage.

"Hey you, I rarely have time to watch TV and take a break and you have to act like a baby now. It’s been so many years since our marriage,” Meng Qin quickly turned his dissatisfaction into a sentiment.

Zhang Ling put down her wine glass, planning to get the man to serve her more, but a text message flashed out from the mobile phone on the table out of nowhere.

After hesitating, Zhang Ling picked up the phone and clicked on it to take a look...

When she saw the content of the text message, her pupils shrank for a while, a look of sorrow flashed in her eyes, giving her chills.

Meng Qin noticed the strangeness and squinted his eyes and asked, "What's wrong, my wife?"