The men were shocked in a cold sweat. What's wrong! ? Is it a brake failure? No, this is an uphill road!

The roaring and frictioning sounds of the big truck engine were as if a wild beast running over the uneven bluestone pavement and rushing towards the blockade of the main street!

The men were all armed with guns, but when they were going to draw their guns, the truck was already close at hand!

Their lives were at a matter of urgency, so they didn’t bother yelling or drawing their guns and immediately retreated!


The fence was hit by the truck mercilessly and rolled ridiculously to the ground, as if telling a group of guards who were still in shock that it was not a dream….

After coming back to their senses, several big guys shouted out loud and some of them yelled into the walkie-talkie.

"Incoming!! There is a truck rushing into the main street!!" 

No matter how fast they spoke, when people in this compound were slacking, they couldn't react faster than the speed of the truck.

Not to mention, the driver was Yang Chen.

Yang Chen didn't mean to stop at all. Whoever rushed out to block the way and got killed deserved it. Anyway, he continued speeding towards wherever there were lights!

The place in front seemed to be full of red lanterns, that's right!

Hearing someone behind him seemed to be shooting a gun, Yang Chen continued to rush forward with his cigarette in his mouth. What a joke, that kind of junk antique pistol with such a small shooting range? Your bullet will hit everywhere but me. 


Just not long ago, the main house of the Meng family was brightly lit.

Meng Kaiyuan, the patriarch of the Meng family, with silver-white hair was sitting in the seat of the central host. He seemed energetic and joyful and had already drunk half a catty of Maotai, but was nothing near drunk. It could be seen that this old man had a high alcohol tolerance level. 

At the central table where he was sitting, the main figures of the Southern China Gang were all there. People like Meng Qin, Meng Zhexin and Zhang Ling, although not serving in the gang, had a special identity and were among them.

"Father, I will toast to you again and I wish you a long life,” the high-pitched man stood up, said nice things, but looked fierce. This was the deputy head of the Southern China Gang and the eldest son of Meng Kaiyuan, Meng Que. He was burly, and different from the handsome appearance of his younger brother Meng Qin, with a bit of wild ferocity in his ruggedness.

Meng Kaiyuan raised his eyes, somewhat reluctant, "You’ve toasted me three rounds, yet with the same words.”

Meng Que heard it, and simply gulped down the wine and sat down, “Alright then, I’ll drink myself.”

"Cheeky boy," Meng Kaiyuan shook his head with a headache.

This conversation between the father and son seemed a little bit ridiculous, and Meng Que indeed acted like his name, ‘lacking smartness.’

But perhaps because of this, he was pragmatic and straightforward, and it seemed that Meng Kaiyuan liked him so much that he gave him the position as the deputy head of the gang, like a crown prince.

After all, a leader does not need much cleverness, as long as he was not confused in major matters, and small flaws could be compensated by a good assistant.

In Meng Kaiyuan's view, even if Meng Que was not a great talent, he was also a good candidate for success.

"Uncle, the gang operations are important, but it’s also good to read some books and learn a few words to toast, otherwise grandfather will get bored, " The man who spoke was Meng Qin's eldest son, Meng Zhelong, the hall master of the Blackwood Hall.

Unlike his younger brother Meng Zhexin, Meng Zhelong seemed to be more like his uncle, with a sturdy physique, and a face that can't be flattered.

"Although my dad is not very good at talking, he is sincere. It’s better than some people's glib tongue, acting like a cunning fox," The one who spoke was the most sexy and charming woman on the table.

This woman wore a red and black tunic dress, her shawl hair was dyed drunk red, her eyes were picturesque, her facial features were distinct, her gestures revealed a coquettish style.

Meng Yue, as the only daughter of Meng Que, had just turned twenty-five years old because she was born late. However, she had excellent business and underworld talents. She was deeply loved by Meng Kaiyuan, and was especially pitied because her mother died giving birth to her.

At a young age, Meng Kaiyuan made her become the hall master of the Red Flower Hall, and controlled Huazhong Industry, the largest company in the Southern China Gang. She was also the youngest hall master of the gang since ancient times.

Many elders in the gang secretly joked that Meng Que gave part of his IQ to his daughter, otherwise the gap between their intelligence wouldn’t be so big.

"Hmph, Meng Yue, who do you say is hypocritical? Me?" Meng Zhelong raised his eyebrows.

Meng Yue chuckled lightly, then turned to Meng Kaiyuan and said, "Grandfather, this fool is simply taking offense, I know my elder brother must be sincere."

Because she was born late, Meng Yue had to call Meng Zhelong and Meng Zhexin elder brother.

Meng Zhelong's face was gloomy and uncertain, as if everything was being mentioned by Meng Yue, be it good or bad.

"You little rascal," Meng Kaiyuan was very fond of his granddaughter, and in his eyes, he pretended that nothing happened.

In this kind of dinner, Meng Qin and Zhang Ling, who were here only by blood relationship, dared not speak much. After all, this was a gathering of the four halls in the gang. They had no real power and they were only here for the sake of participation.

People like Zhang Ling's father, the hall master of the Golden Jade Hall, Zhang Yun, was completely different. They were characters who could really speak up as this was the strict rules of traditional gangs that had been handed down since ancient times.

Meng Qin also counted on his eldest son, Meng Zhelong, the Blackwood Hall Master to fight for himself and obtain a certain position in the gang. Unfortunately, Meng Zhelong only knew how to fight fiercely and courageously, how troublesome.

Just as the main house and the side hall were celebrating, laughing and scolding one after another, there was a gunshot outside the compound!

Although it was noisy, the sound of guns still made many of them sensitive!


Immediately afterwards, the alarm sounded in the Meng Family Courtyard!

"Invasion!?" Many people exclaimed in disbelief.

The only function of this alarm was to make emergency preparations, and only when someone invades it.

However, when this alarm was installed, there was no expectation that it would be used at all, not to mention whether anyone could invade, who would be bold enough to invade the Meng Family Compound!?

All of a sudden, dozens of tables around the compound began to be noisy and chaotic!


Old Meng suddenly stood up and shouted, making the plenary silent!

The old man's somewhat kind face just now seemed to be sprinkled with a layer of iron powder, which became terribly gloomy, and the overbearing aura that shocked the audience, giving the people chills!

The elders in the gang, such as Zhang Yun, Bai He, the hall master of the White Horse Hall, all shivered. It seemed that it had been a long time since the old gang leader showed this "true face".

The younger generation were all silent, gulping and dared not make a sound.

Zhang Ling, who had never spoken much, had a pale face, and at the same time a lot of worries and doubts flashed in her eyes. She couldn’t imagine what Yang Chen wanted to do if the text message was true! ?

At this time, a messenger of the Southern China gang rushed in with a panic expression, "Gang leader! Someone rushed in from the main street in the direction of the ancestral hall in a large truck!!"

Everyone was in an uproar, but they were still driving in a truck? Which wild animal was this?

"Someone drove a truck into the Old Meng Family's compound? Huh, haha!! This old man lived for most of his life, and I really didn't expect to see this play!"

Meng Kaiyuan ignored the yelling alarm outside. He glanced at Meng Que, "Foolish kid, why are you still stunned!? Take your subordinates out with me for a while to see which god it is!!"

Meng Que was dumbfounded, and he silently gulped down a cup of wine, Maotai was equivalent to water in his eyes.

"Father, I'll get someone to kill him, you shall continue to drink."

"F*** you! Don't try to act in front of me!” Meng Kaiyuan suddenly kicked his son's ass, and Meng Que rolled off with a big somersault!

Everyone was surprised that they didn't know what to say. The old man, who was already in his seventies, had such great strength to be able to kick a man who was nearly two meters tall and practiced martial arts!?

Even Meng Qin, Zhang Ling  and the rest of his sons and daughters-in-law were shocked by it, not to mention Meng Zhexin and the younger generation. 

Only certain elderly in the gang were not surprised by this. They all followed the old man and killed the foreign troops back then. At the beginning, the old man carried a large knife and fought through the storm of bullets. In the troubled times, the Southern China Gang’s foundation was preserved by him and they conquered the area, but obviously these young men’s hadn’t been through all these.