The Southern China Gang, particularly the Meng clan, may be the first biggest gang in China but they were only active in the Central Plains. 

In the eyes of other newer gangs, the Southern China Gang was able to maintain their power by depending on their deep-rooted influence and they never opposed the government. In fact, they were actually getting on the good side of the party.

However, that wasn’t just some foolish impression they had on them. The gang couldn’t stay strong if they kept a low profile without having any actual abilities.

Regardless of the time, whether it was during the time of war or now, the status of the Southern China Gang had been impregnable.

As for the Meng clan, they were able to lead other clans because of something they have kept hidden for years. That was their trump card.

Even so, for an ancient clan to survive in the modern world, there was a need to swallow their pride to maintain the awkward relationship with the government. 

Although other people would have forgotten about the trump card that had been passed down by the ancestors of the Meng clan for centuries, the elders knew better, especially the patriarchs whose clan was under the rule of the Meng clan.

They would never reveal their trump card until the last second.

However, there was a limit to keeping a low profile. Someone had barged into their ancestral hall and if they had still persisted to keep a low profile, the Meng clan would have to end their own lives!

Under the lead of Meng Kaiyuan, the elite troops of the Southern China Gang took out submachine guns from the hidden spot and set out for the ancestral hall.

The ancestral hall was located in the middle of the mansion and they could easily access it through three archways.

The moment they reached the first arch, gasps escaped their mouth when the scene unfolded in front of them.

The first archway was broken forcefully, where the sides and the top crashed into bits, causing debris to cover the floor!

It was obvious that the truck had run into the archway mercilessly!

Meng Kaiyuan was furious and the rest of the clan members were sprouting out curses angrily.

They quickly rushed to the path leading to the ancestral hall. 

The ancestral hall was built with rock pillars to support the architrave and the frame of the hall. There were four pillars around the three floors and near the third floor were three plaques pinned onto the architrave.

The lines were graceful and with the eaves complementing each other, it was an icon of nobility for the Meng clan.

Unfortunately, this was all ruined by a truck that stopped right at the entrance of the ancestral hall. Chips of paint were scraped off the truck and the windscreen was broken to shards!

Before Meng Kaiyuan arrived with others, the guards already had the culprit surrounded.

It was blatantly obvious that Yang Chen was the one who crashed into the hall.

Yang Chen was getting annoyed from waiting and he happily patted the dust off his pants as he got up. While standing on the stairs, Yang Chen spat out his cigarette.

Zhang Ling and Meng Zhexin were aghast and confused to see him here.

Meng Kaiyuan seemed to be in disbelief that the culprit was a young man. He eyed Yang Chen up and down and smiled, “You’re a bold one. Who are you?”

“Father, there’s no need to ask. Just kill him.” Meng Que tightened his fist and cracked his knuckles, ready to attack.

“Scram! I didn’t say you could talk!” Meng Kaiyuan kicked his son.

Yang Chen was surprised. Although his divine sense was weaker than before, he could tell from Meng Kaiyuan’s movement and strength that he had cultivation.

As expected, they couldn’t be an ordinary gang.

Even so, he didn’t have time to deal with him as he diverted his gaze towards Zhang Ling.

“Oy, Zhang, I texted you. Do you really think I wouldn’t dare to burn your house down? So? Would you like to kowtow to me now?” 

While saying so, Yang Chen lit another cigarette.

He wasn’t craving for a whiff of cigarette but he needed it to use the things in his car.

Zhang Ling’s legs were trembling and people finally placed their gazes on her.

Meng Qin was reminded of the text and he reprimanded his wife, “Zhang Ling, what is going on?!”

Zhang Ling didn’t dare to hide the truth anymore and she kneeled facing Meng Kaiyuan while bawling, “Father! I’ve wronged you, I’ve wronged the Meng clan but I had my reasons!!”

She was good at acting, being able to shed tears within seconds.

“Tell me what happened.” Meng Kaiyuan said flatly.

Zhang Ling immediately reiterated the whole story with exaggeration.

She turned the whole story upside down, saying that Li Jingjing seduced Meng Zhexin for his position. She went and persuaded the Li family but they mistreated her and even crashed her car so her subordinates crashed Li Jingjing’s car.

After that, Li Jingjing was arrested and she ended up hooking up with Yang Chen.

“Father! How can I kowtow to an outsider as a daughter-in-law of the Meng clan? I’ve told the police officers that I’ll send them gifts as an apology but he wouldn’t accept it! I didn’t expect this to happen! Father, it’s all my fault, please punish me!” Zhang Ling played the mind games and feigned a pitiful expression.

Those who were familiar with her personality knew that she must have made up the story but regardless of the truth, she was still part of the Meng clan. If she kowtowed to a Yang clan member, wouldn’t they be inferior to the Yang clan?

Nothing mattered more than reputation. It's a small thing to send some gifts and say some good words of apology to someone, but they couldn’t be an embarrassment to the Meng clan!

After all, Zhang Ling dealt with Yang Chen’s lover, not his wife or someone that was actually part of the Yang clan.

Meng Kaiyuan’s expression was unreadable whereas everyone else was tossing weird glances at Yang Chen. Some of them had heard about his brutality and how he murdered Liang Shengchuan and his family.

Plenty of clans and forces had been calling him a violent psycho.

No one expected their first meeting would be him driving a truck into their ancestral hall! 

Now that they were aware of Yang Chen’s identity, they no longer glared at him in fury. Some were curious, some were impressed and some were suspicious of his motive.

“Kid, I know you’ve great abilities but you overstepped the boundaries this time.” Meng Kaiyuan spoke up.

Yang Chen didn’t answer him, thinking that there was no point to it. He walked to the back of the truck and opened the door.

The moment the items within the truck were revealed, the Meng clan and gang members were bewildered!

They were all explosives?!

“Sir, these are just some rock explosives, it’s not very powerful but it’s still dangerous…” Bai He immediately recognised the explosives since he was familiar with underground trades.

Liu Qingshan couldn’t get C4 or RDX military explosives but he was crazy enough to get a truck full of rock explosives.

The cigarette held between Yang Chen’s lips had turned into a terrifying spark!

Yang Chen turned around and grinned excitedly, “How about this? They might not be the best but this whole truck of explosives should be more than enough to bomb the ancestral hall down. We’ll be having an exciting firework show today.”

“You…Zhang Ling, how could you do this?!” Meng Qin yelled at his wife, pretending that he knew nothing about this just in case his father would blame him. 

“Hmph! Meng Qin, don’t you dare try to get out of this!” Zhang Ling’s father, Zhang Yun snorted, “You’re a coward. Zhexin wouldn’t have gotten himself involved with some random woman if you had paid more attention to him, and this wouldn’t have happened!”

Having heard his insult, Yang Chen immediately looked at Zhang Yun with a cold expression. 

Zhang Yun cared less about his reaction, “Where are you looking at?! You think you’re the best just because you’re the young master of the Yang clan?! You’ve barged into the Southern China Gang. This isn’t Beijing! Don’t you dare ignite the explosive or else I’ll push it down your throat!”