Zhang Yun had been in the Southern China Gang for years, so he was aware of Meng Kaiyuan and the Meng clan’s capabilities. With that in mind, the Yang clan was nowhere near a threat to him.

Him standing up against Yang Chen was to prove to his gang members that Meng Kaiyuan would never let Yang Chen hurt him. Meng Kaiyuan would protect him and he could just do as he pleased.

Just as he predicted, his gang members felt that they shouldn’t be afraid of the Yang clan. The Southern China Gang wasn’t the same as the Liang clan, why should they be afraid of Yang Chen?

Yang Chen found it funny to see their disdainful expressions. It was his first time hearing that someone planned on stuffing him with explosives.

“That’s a good idea.” Yang Chen nodded and grinned. He took out an explosive and walked towards Zheng Yun.

The elite guards of the Southern China Gang noticed his movement and they quickly blocked his way.

Zhang Yun stood behind them cockily.

Meng Kaiyuan looked at Yang Chen with a calm expression, “Kid. Even if my daughter-in-law did offend you, you’ve made your revenge by driving into our place. Heed my advice, I can look past this for the sake of your grandfather. But if you insist on acting rashly, I wouldn’t bat an eyelash on being enemies with the Yang clan!”

Yang Chen chuckled as smoke came out from his cigarette.

He twirled the explosive in his hand continuously, as if he was mocking Meng Kaiyuan. 

Right when Yang Chen was ten meters away from them, fury was evident on Meng Kaiyuan’s face.

“Do you really think no one would dare to hurt you?” Meng Kaiyuan snorted and waved his hand.

In the next second, gunshots were fired from the hand machine guns!

The thunderous sound of gunshots was accompanied by smokey fumes!

Dozens of bullets were headed towards Yang Chen!

The shooters were professionally trained as they aimed at Yang Chen’s heart and forehead while avoiding the explosive in his hand and the truck behind him.

Just when they thought the foolish young master would leave the world forever, something bizarre caught their eyes.

Yang Chen was moving leisurely, completely unaffected by the gunfire.

He continued to make his way towards Zhang Yun and when all the bullets were fired, Yang Chen was already standing in front of them while frowning.

“Seriously? Aim for my head instead, you guys ruined my cigarette. Now I have to light another one.”

Yang Chen spat out the cigarette butt and tore the piece of ragged cloth off his chest.

His chest was left bare as he stood in front of Zhang Yun.

The crowd turned completely silent and the only sound that could be heard was from the howling wind and rapid breathing of fear.

Even Meng Kaiyuan looked grave.

“Kid, you practice Qigong? Which clan are you from?” Meng Kaiyuan asked with a careful tone.

On the other hand, Meng Que and Meng Yao were shocked.

Yang Chen didn’t bother to reply to him and he grabbed Zhang Yun’s leopard coat by the collar before tossing him into the stone covered floor!

Before Zhang Yun could even get up, Yang Chen stepped on his chest heavily, forcing a mouthful of blood from him!

“Bastard!! Let him go!!”

“Dad!” Zhang Ling gasped.

Zhang Yun’s subordinates grabbed their pistols and started to shoot Yang Chen again but it was futile.

The bullets just slid off his body and only scraped his clothes.

Yang Chen even had the leisure to take out another cigarette and used the bullet to light it up.

Yang Chen smiled innocently at Zhang Yun’s frantic expression, “I’ve accepted your suggestion, so I’ll stuff the explosive down your throat.”

Zhang Yun almost fainted but he couldn’t even faint for real because of the pain from Yang Chen’s kick! 

Those who were surrounding them quickly backed off. No one dared to save Zhang Yun.

“Brat! Do you know what you’re doing?! Do you really think you can do as you please just because you know kung fu?!”

Seeing how Yang Chen was prepared to ignite the explosive, Meng Kaiyuan couldn’t hold it in any longer. Zhang Yun may not be part of the Meng clan but he was the patriarch of the Zhang clan and if he died, that would affect their reputation!


Meng Kaiyuan knew that it would be too late if he didn’t act any sooner!


Meng Kaiyuan’s eyes glinted and within a blink of an eye, he moved at an incredible speed which was completely abnormal for a man his age!

True Yuan was exerted from within him and his fingers formed a claw!

The gang members couldn’t even see his silhouette as he moved past them like a shadow!

The force that came from him even cracked the floor.

Yang Chen was unfazed.

Even though he couldn’t use his cultivation, his physique was the same, so was his sharp senses. 

He could see through Meng Kaiyuan’s movement clearly and predicted his trajectory before he even got closer to Yang Chen.

Just when Meng Kaiyuan was about to grab Yang Chen’s arm, Yang Chen moved downwards slightly and knocked his left shoulder against Meng Kaiyuan’s chest.

That seemingly soft move made Meng Kaiyuan spat blood, as if a rock had hit him!

The gang members were shocked to see the surprising turn of tables!


“Sir!!” They yelled frantically in disbelief.

Meng Kaiyuan was hurt by Yang Chen?! Just a second ago they were astonished by his hidden abilities and now he was knocked down like a twig?!

Even Meng Kaiyuan himself was in a state of disbelief. He never expected himself to lose within a single blow.

It petrified him that Yang Chen didn’t even use True Yuan, he only relied on brute force to knock him down!

Meng Que jumped upwards to catch his father but he also took a few steps back at the impact and this made him gain a profound respect for Yang Chen.

The rest of them were at a loss for words.

Yang Chen whistled, “Old man, you must’ve ascended into the Xiantian stage not too long ago. Your foundation is pretty strong but you should take care of your body more. I might break your organs if you make another move.”

Meng Kaiyuan was about to say something but another mouthful of blood came out of his mouth and he panted heavily. 

While shaking his head in disbelief, Meng Kaiyuan struggled to speak, “It’s impossible…are you a monster? You didn’t use any cultivation…how did you,” Meng Kaiyuan jolted in shock, “Are you…are you from that place?! No…they wouldn’t do this, it’ll only cause them to be punished. Who are you exactly?!”

Yang Chen squinted his eyes. Meng Kaiyuan must be talking about Hongmeng and for him to know about Hongmeng, the Meng clan must have a deeper root than it seemed.

Not that it mattered to him. Yang Chen didn’t plan on wasting any more time. He still had to deal with the person who insulted his woman and threatened to kill him with explosives. He should have a taste of his own medicine…

Yang Chen ignited the explosive in his hand immediately and stuffed it into Zhang Yun’s mouth, even breaking his tooth to prevent him from resisting!

Others trembled with fear, why wasn’t Yang Chen running away from the explosive?! Is he immune to explosives as well?!

Before they could even think much about it, the explosive exploded and their field of vision was covered by a blinding yellow light!

Amidst the smog stood Yang Chen who was unscathed.

Everyone including Meng Kaiyuan stared at him in shock. Was Yang Chen made out of steel?! How did he remain unharmed even with the explosive in his hand?!


Zhang Ling shrieked with sorrow! 

Chills went down their spine when they realised Zhang Yun was completely burnt. Even his brain was smoking…

Yang Chen kicked Zhang Yun’s dead body towards Zhang Ling which terrified them. Even Zhang Ling herself hid behind others in fear.

Their gazes were filled with terror. His inhuman cruelty and monster-like physique resembled Hell and it was driving them insane!

Yang Chen took another whiff of his cigarette and smoke came out of his nostrils as he grinned, unfazed by their expressions. 

“I’m done with the appetizer, time to start the firework show for you guys.”