While everyone was left stunned by his action, Yang Chen turned around and moved the boxes of explosives out from the truck, ready to bomb the ancestral hall.

This time, no one dared to stop such a monstrous man!

“Father, don’t provoke him anymore.” Meng Que spoke with his fists clenched.

“Father, don't be rash. He knows we can’t do anything to him since he dared to come here alone.” Meng Yao quickly persuaded him. Other than the feeling of anger against Yang Chen, an odd feeling arose.

“Sir, Yang Chen is infamous as a psycho. He’s fearless and if we can’t defeat him by strength, we’d better retreat and discuss our next plans later!” Bai He suggested.

Meng Kaiyuan looked at the majestic ancestral hall with a complex gaze, “The leader of Golden Jade, Zhang Yun has died in the line of duty and the vice leader Zhang Yun’s brother, Zhang Xian will be in charge for now. As for the four big leaders, retreat with all the brothers!”

Meng Kaiyuan wouldn’t let Zhang Yun’s family down since he died for the gang. Zhang Xuan, who was still upset about his brother’s passing, was delighted to hear this. 

“Sir, you should leave first!” Bai He said.

Meng Kaiyuan raised his voice, “Scram or else I’ll shoot!”

Even the gang members who intended to stay back were forced to leave at his command.

Soon, Meng Zhelong, Bai He and Zhang Xian left the clan, terrified and worried about their fates if they stayed on any longer.

Meng Zhexin and Zhang Ling couldn’t care less and when they noticed that Meng Kaiyuan wasn’t planning on condemning them, they too left with the rest.

“Father! Aren’t you leaving?” Meng Que was puzzled.

“You and Yue’er can go first. I’ll be fine.” Meng Kaiyuan had recovered from his injuries since he was already in the Xiantian stage.

Meng Que and Meng Yue furrowed their brows and they insisted on staying with him.

As for Meng Qin, even though he knew that he could prove his courage to his father by staying here, the fear of dying was stronger and he ran out of the place.

Meng Kaiyuan glanced at his eldest son and eldest granddaughter and a smile of contempt formed on his lips.

“Let’s see what he can do.”

At this moment, Yang Chen had just finished unloading the truck.

He wasn’t bothered that the gang members had fled the scene since his goal was to bomb the ancestral hall. Yang Chen didn’t want them to think that he was all bark and no bite. That would be an insult to him.

The feud had been set. He wouldn’t have done this if someone was well-behaved.

Yang Chen was prepared to deal with the Southern China Gang and the bigger the scale, the better. It would be even better if the gang did a turn-out in full force so that it would be better for Liu Qingshan to take over their territory.

Yang Chen separated the explosives into eight portions and set them down in eight spots. He did a rough calculation on the distances and figured that he should be able to ignite them all at once.

Satisfied with his work, Yang Chen turned around and smiled at his only audience, “It's unfortunate that you three are the only audience at my firework live show. Hope you guys will enjoy it!”

Having said so, Yang Chen picked up the cord and lit it with his cigarette before running a few steps away. 

Meng Que almost wanted to punch the grin off Yang Chen’s face but Meng Kaiyuan stopped him in time.

As the cord burned shorter, the explosives were about to be ignited and Yang Chen thought his goal for the day would finally be completed but things took a surprising turn!

The door of the ancestral hall was opened from inside!

A grey silhouette rushed out of the ancestral hall and a gust of wind appeared from nowhere which swept up all the explosives into the air!

Sounds of explosions were heard, but they didn’t come from the explosives! The explosives were torn apart!

The pungent smell of nitrate filled the air and Yang Chen was annoyed to see the flying powder. 

He ran meters away to pat the debris off his clothes while cursing. Why was someone inside there?!

Yang Chen would’ve noticed it earlier if he was able to use his divine sense.

Yang Chen looked up and saw that an old man was looking at him with an indifferent gaze.

He was dressed in a ragged grey robe and his white hair was tied into a bun.

His earlier move could only be done with True Yuan, so this old man was in the Soul Forming stage?! The Meng clan had such a powerful person to guard their ancestral hall?

Damn it! Why didn’t the Absolute Sword Taoist come?! This person should’ve been brought to Hongmeng!

But Yang Chen knew it wasn’t that simple since Hongmeng gave special treatment to the four major clans. Maybe the Meng clan was a special case.

“Elder, I’m sorry for bothering you!”

Meng Kaiyuan walked forward and nodded to the elder in respect.

Even though they looked like they were of the same age, Meng Kaiyuan spoke to the elder with uttermost respect.

Meng Que and Meng Yue were both surprised and excited.

Only now they realised that Meng Kaiyuan commanded others to leave because he didn’t want them to know about the secret of the ancestral hall!

The elder’s long eyebrows dangled in the air and he spoke to Yang Chen, “You ignorant child. I will let you off the hook this time since you’re from the Yang clan. Leave this instance.”

Yang Chen ignored his words and walked towards the elder with a scowl, “Say, if you’re afraid of being bombed to death, you could’ve just told me and come out before this. You ruined my explosives so how am I going to bomb this building? I can’t use a lighter!”

“Yang Chen! How dare you! Do you know who Elder Meng Qi is?! Even your grandfather wouldn’t dare to be disrespectful to him!” Meng Kaiyuan glared at Yang Chen.

“I’m not my grandfather. Why do you keep mentioning his name? You’re both old men and I’m embarrassed that you’re acting like a grandson here.” Yang Chen muttered and reorganised the remaining explosives.

The Meng clan members were astonished. Yang Chen was still planning on bombing the building?!

Meng Qi might only be in charge of guarding the ancestral hall but he was the true elder of the Meng clan. 

Meng Kaiyuan was the gang leader but he was still a kid in the eyes of Meng Qi.

Meng Qi never expected to meet a young man who would treat him as if he was transparent!

His eyes glinted in fury and with a wave of his sleeves, a surge of True Yuan was directed towards Yang Chen!

Yang Chen was going to place the explosives but the surge of True Yuan crushed the explosives and knocked them all over the floor.

“Hmph, you’re an ignorant kid for daring to ruin our ancestral hall right in front of me.”

Meng Que and Meng Yue’s eyes sparkled at his abilities. How hard and long would they have to cultivate to reach the same level as their elder? 

Yang Chen sucked in a cold breath and hated the fact that he couldn’t use his cultivation. Through a clenched jaw, Yang Chen forced the words out of his mouth, “Old man, don’t overdo it. You wouldn’t let me use the explosives. Are you forcing me to tear the building down myself? Fine, just you wait!”

Yang Chen wouldn’t give up just like that but he also didn’t want to fight the elder since, without his cultivation, he wouldn’t be able to defeat a cultivator like him.

Instead, he jumped to the front of the hall and pulled the two-meter tall doors forward!

The metal hinge groaned under the force and the doors were pulled out of the frame!