Elder Meng Qi was furious. This man went ahead and tore down the building instead of dealing with him!

Fuelled with rage, Meng Qi raised his left hand to form a ball of True Yuan. In the next second, he appeared in front of Yang Chen to slam his fist against Yang Chen’s chest!

Yang Chen smirked. Meng Qi’s cultivation might look powerful and aggressive but he was still far from a threat as he was only in the Soul Forming stage.

Unfazed by his cultivation, Yang Chen stood still and puffed up his chest to receive Meng Qi’s attack!

A loud thump was heard and Meng Qi’s True Yuan dispersed, creating waves that caused nearby buildings to shudder.

Meng Qi thought Yang Chen would fly off from the force but to his dismay, Yang Chen stood unharmed and was looking at him with a teasing gaze!

Yang Chen tossed the door into the hall which knocked down all the furniture. 

Meng Kaiyuan and others turned ghastly pale. Things had taken a turn, nothing was going the way they expected it to be!

Meng Qi moved back from Yang Chen and ushered them, “Go as far as possible. I’m taking him seriously now!”

“Yes, sir!”

Meng Kaiyuan didn’t dare to say anything, motioning his son and granddaughter to move out of Meng Qi’s way.

Yang Chen couldn’t care less, fixing his gaze on the oil and candles in the hall instead. The ancestral hall was constantly filled with candles which was a perfect source of fire to burn the place down.

Meng Qi didn’t dare to waste any more time when he noticed Yang Chen’s action.

Right before Yang Chen could reach for the fire, Meng Qi stepped in and blocked his way.

Meng Qi was a Kungfu expert before ascending into the Soul Forming stage. Once he had chosen to let go of the restrictions, Meng Qi summoned his True Yuan to launch a series of attacks against Yang Chen!

All his True Yuan converged onto his fists and with a much quicker and stronger force than before, he threw his fists against the weak spots on Yang Chen!

Yang Chen’s clothes became tattered within seconds but no matter how hard he tried, Yang Chen stood unhindered. 

There wasn’t even a single scratch on his skin.

Meng Qi gave an uppercut to Yang Chen’s jaw and Yang Chen finally reached out to grab his right wrist!

“Go to Hell!”

Yang Chen’s mood was ruined and his eyes squinted with wrath as he tried to snap Meng Qi’s wrist. 

However, something odd happened to Meng Qi’s True Yuan - it formed a shield around his wrist!

Meng Qi roared and the tough shield of True Yuan burst with energy and knocked Yang Chen’s hand away!

Immediately after that, Meng Qi jumped back and looked at Yang Chen in disbelief.

“What kind of wicked cultivation technique do you have? How did you manage to withstand my attacks?!”

Yang Chen furrowed his brows and moved his hand while mumbling, “I wasn’t expecting you to have a technique like this. I should’ve gone for your neck instead. Snapping your neck would’ve been faster.

“Hmph, how arrogant. You’re only relying on your physique, do you really think you can defeat me?”

Yang Chen sighed, “According to the Treaty of Gods, I’m not breaching the contract since I’m dealing with a cultivator who’s in the Soul Forming stage.”

Meng Qi was puzzled but before he could think much about it, Yang Chen uttered something.


Majestic oppression arose from Yang Chen’s body and it spread around, leaving no space behind! It felt as if a shapeless power was compressing their nerves!

Meng Qi immediately summoned his True Yuan to withstand the sudden oppression. At the same time, he gasped in remembrance of something, “The space laws?! You’re a God?!”

It was normal for Meng Qi to be surprised since he had been guarding the ancestral hall for years. Being disconnected from the world, he was unaware of Yang Chen’s identities.

“Don’t worry, I’ll still destroy the hall with fire. Using the space laws to ruin the hall would be too good of an ending for you guys.”

Yang Chen controlled the space laws and he finally lifted himself off the ground. The indescribable power from the law of space filled his body as he was able to sense all the spaces within the area.

“I’ll be burning the hall down but I won’t burn the rest of the buildings one by one,” Yang Chen floated in the air and waved his right arm to a two-storey building to his right, “Blade of space…”

A curved blade was formed with the power of space and with formidable strength, the two-storey building was cut in halves!

The building collapsed which brought up a large cloud of debris!

Although Yang Chen’s space laws weren't as powerful as Athena, Poseidon or even Apollo, dealing with Meng Qi was a piece of cake.

Yang Chen was able to defeat Ares because of his Xiantian True Yuan, not because of his physique and space laws.

Although Meng Qi was in the Soul Forming stage, Yang Chen was fearless. Even if he couldn’t harm Meng Qi with the space laws, he could still tear down the buildings easily.

“Space Crumble!”

Another well-renovated building was torn down by Yang Chen with a single command.

Meng Qi’s face was beet red and he could no longer watch on or else Yang Chen would tear down the whole area!

“Moron!” Meng Qi growled and covered his body with the tough True Yuan before pouncing at Yang Chen! 

Yang Chen tried to build a space fort but it was easily broken by Meng Qi’s True Yuan since he couldn’t overlay the forts with hundreds or even millions of parallel spaces. 

“Your space laws are nowhere near a threat!” Meng Qi’s confidence was boosted as he threw his fists against Yang Chen.

Yang Chen chuckled, “I won’t even bat an eyelash to your tickles. Do whatever you want but it’ll only make me speed up the process of tearing down your place!” 

Meng Qi swung his fists so quickly that it looked like an afterimage only to realise that Yang Chen was telling the truth!

His fists couldn’t harm Yang Chen at all nor did they affect Yang Chen’s movements. Yang Chen was still tearing down the buildings with his space laws!

“Old man, do you want me to tear everything down or do you want me to burn the hall instead?”

None of the options was good and Meng Qi was forced to step away from Yang Chen.

His chest was moving up and down from anger and if it wasn’t for his profound cultivation, he would’ve coughed out blood!

Meng Qi felt humiliated and embarrassed to face his ancestors as he looked at the tattered mansion.

Yang Chen snickered internally. He wouldn’t have toyed him if he could just kill him there and then.

With his space laws, he didn’t have to tear down the houses one by one. All he needed was to use the Space Crumble around two to three times and he could’ve torn everything down easily. But Yang Chen couldn’t resist the temptation to torture the Meng clan by destroying the buildings one by one. 

“You're despicable!” Meng Qi spat and rushed into the ancestral hall in the next second.

Yang Chen was puzzled. Why did he hide in the hall? Was he waiting for Yang Chen to burn him along with the hall?

Yang Chen’s curiosity was piqued and he followed him into the hall just to see him paying his respects to the rows of spirit tablets.

Judging from the numbers of spirit tablets, the Meng clan must have had a longer history than the Yang clan.

“I, Meng Qi have been threatened by a wicked person and I have to move the spirit tablets and the treasure somewhere else…”

Yang Chen’s heart skipped a beat when he heard the word treasure. He scanned the room and immediately noticed a niche on the top of a spirit tablet, decorated with a golden cloth.

There was a small box with a golden base and red lines!

A thought appeared in Yang Chen’s mind and with the use of the space laws, he appeared next to the niche and put the box into his space ring before Meng Qi was done talking to his ancestors!