Meng Qi, who was getting ready to kowtow to the ancestors, was dumbfounded. Seeing the grin on Yang Chen’s face made him shriek, “Bastard!! Give me back the treasure!!”

As the elder of the Meng clan, other than guarding the spirit tablets, he was also tasked to guard the treasure.

Meng Qi kneeled out of respect to the ancestors and the treasure, but he wasn’t expecting Yang Chen to take advantage of this.

He never could have imagined that the young master of the Yang clan would steal something from them!

Yang Chen smirked, “Old man, are you silly? Why would you say it out loud? How can I resist the temptation when you’ve said there’s a treasure? Besides, I’ve basically torn down the whole clan. I can’t possibly ignore a treasure. I’m not a fool. I love stealing things from others!”

“You…the Yang clan has been faithful and honest for the past generations, how can their descendants turn out to be someone like you?! You’re inhumane! Despicable!” Meng Qi couldn’t come up with better curses.

Yang Chen wasn’t pleased to hear this, “I don’t mind hearing this from my lover but I’ve done nothing to you. Who gave you the right to call me inhumane?”

“You…” Meng Qi was speechless, “Are you going to return the treasure to me?!”

“Treasure? What treasure? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Yang Chen started to play the fool. He was used to acting like this.

Meng Qi’s gaze was ominous and as if he had made up his mind, he glared at Yang Chen before crossing his arms, “Fine! Listen to me! The Meng clan will seek revenge on you for everything you’ve done today! No one will be able to save you then!”

Having said so, Meng Qi picked up all the spirit tablets with his True Yuan and stored them in a red wooden box before leaving.

He couldn’t fight in the ancestral hall since it would be disrespectful towards his ancestors.

Besides, he knew that there was nothing he could do to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen could tell that Meng Qi was going to look for backups and even if he was worried about it, he'd rather burn the building down first to keep his promise.

Now that his opponent was gone, Yang Chen no longer intended to tear the rest of the buildings down with the space laws.

Yang Chen poured some oil onto the curtains and dropped the candles. Soon, the planks that constituted the frame of the building started to catch on fire.

Since most of the structure of the building was built from wood, the fire started to burn fiercely.

From the parking lot near the yard, Meng Kaiyuan and the gang members could see the yellow light as plumes of smoke rose from the blazing fire.

They heard the crumbling sounds from before but they didn’t dare to go in and minutes later, the fire started.

“Father, did Elder Meng Qi fail to stop him?” Meng Que asked in disbelief.

Meng Kaiyuan’s expression was dark and he spoke with a low voice, “That dude must have cheated. Elder Meng Qi is already in the Soul Forming stage, how can he lose to that dude?”

The gang members couldn’t hear them as the situation was a mess.

At this moment, Meng Qi scurried towards them with a big red wooden box in one hand.

Most of the gang members couldn’t recognise him and they turned silent while looking at the big box with astonished expressions.

“Meng Kaiyuan, I have to inform the inner sect master about this! We’ll never forgive the Yang clan! Take good care of the spirit tablets and place them somewhere with a good Feng Shui.”

Having said so, Meng Qi put the box onto the ground gently.

Hearing his words made Meng Kaiyuan wonder if Elder Meng Qi wasn’t a match against Yang Chen but he didn’t dare to ask.

Meng Qi looked back and glared at the blazing flame before disappearing from sight in the next second.

The gang members thought they were hallucinating but the box was still there on the ground.

“Grandfather, what did the elder mean by inner sect master?” Meng Yue overheard their conversation.

Meng Kaiyuan glared at his granddaughter, “Don’t overstep your boundaries! I would’ve told you if you’re allowed to know about it!”

Meng Yue pouted and lowered her head but from her expression, anyone could tell that she was thinking about something.

“Father, what should we do now? Will he come out here for us?” Meng Qin asked worriedly.

Meng Kaiyuan looked at his youngest son in disdain, “Why? Are you afraid?”

“Father…don’t mock me. I’m worried about everyone’s safety.” Meng Qin couldn’t even persuade himself.

Meng Kaiyuan snorted, “Your wife and son really did a ‘great’ job for challenging the Yang clan. Are you guys prepared to launch an attack on Beijing next time?!”

Meng Qin’s legs went soft and he kneeled on the ground to beg for mercy, “Father! I knew nothing about this! Zhang Ling and Zhexin did it behind my back…”

Zhang Ling, who was still mourning over her father’s death, stopped crying and kneeled next to Meng Qin. 

Meng Zhexin was worried that his grandfather would blame him and he didn’t hesitate to join his parents on his knees too.

“Kneeling is all you know! Even a kid from the Yang clan can barge into our ancestral hall by himself and he even burned down the ancestral hall! Yet all you guys can do is kneel before me! I would’ve shot you now if it wasn’t for your dead mom! Zhang Ling, Zhexin, don’t expect me to show you two any mercy if you make another mistake again!”

Meng Kaiyuan yelled at them and no one dared to look up nor talk but they knew that he had let Zhang Ling and Meng Zhexin off the hook.

As Meng Qin’s eldest son, Meng Zhelong was embarrassed to watch his father and younger brother kneel in public.

“Grandfather, I can’t hear any sound coming from inside. Did he leave?” Meng Yue asked curiously.

Meng Kaiyuan took a long and deep breath, “What else can he do? He’s really a troublemaker, burning our ancestral hall down and leaving as he pleases. Just wait, he’ll definitely suffer the consequences as long as the Yang clan is still present in this world!”

Meng Kaiyuan didn’t know that Yang Chen also stole their treasure as Meng Qi was too embarrassed to tell him this.

The Southern China Gang sighed at the sight of the fumes.

On the other hand, Yang Chen was watching the Absolute Sword Taoist vigilantly. 

As the current Hongmeng messenger, Absolute Sword Taoist flew over when he noticed a movement with the space laws and when he got here, the ancestral hall was already up in flames!

His expression was dark as he looked at Yang Chen with furrowed brows, “Why did you do this?”

Yang Chen didn’t want to explain the whole situation, “They provoked me first and I broke the seal because they had an elder who’s in the Soul Forming stage. I didn’t breach the conduct.”

“You're in trouble,” Absolute Sword Taoist didn't want to know the details, “The Meng clan may be a clan in the mundane world but their actual support isn’t as simple as you think!”

Yang Chen was startled. Things started to feel odd to him, “You're making it sound so scary. I thought most of the cultivators with cultivation above the Soul Forming stage have been brought into Hongmeng? Why would you find a force scary when you’re the messenger?”

Absolute Sword Taoist sighed, “Honestly, I don’t really know much about it since it’s my first time as the messenger and I’ve never been in contact with the mundane world before this. Before I came here, the supervisor who’s in charge of cultivators in the Huang phase mentioned that the Meng clan has a special position in the mundane world and we’re not allowed to cross them or else it’ll bring trouble to Hongmeng. The hierarchy is deep-rooted in Hongmeng and ordinary Hongmeng cultivators like us wouldn’t know about the secrets that the higher-ups do…”