Yang Chen smiled bitterly. It seemed like he was gonna get in big trouble.

“I’ve set the fire and I’ve beaten the person. What’s done is done. I’ll deal with that problem when it happens. Anyways, I could just run away if I can’t handle it. Let’s discuss it next time.”

Having said so, Yang Chen turned around. It just wasn’t him to worry about things that were yet to happen.

Absolute Sword Taoist cast a suspicious gaze onto Yang Chen. He realised that Yang Chen seemed to have lost the overbearing cultivation from before.

With that in mind, Absolute Sword Taoist released a small strand of divine sense onto Yang Chen, but once it touched him, a ferocious True Yuan surged out of Yang Chen’s dantian which almost engulfed his divine soul!

Absolute Sword Taoist retracted his divine sense frantically as he broke out in cold sweat, “You...did you conceal your cultivation on purpose to frame me?!”

Yang Chen looked back and teased him, “You can feel my cultivation, why would I conceal my cultivation just to harm you?”

Absolute Sword was startled and figured it made sense, but that didn’t stop him from feeling petrified with Yang Chen’s improvement in cultivation. How did he even cultivate?!

Honestly, if only the gap between their cultivation wasn’t that big, he would’ve gone after Yang Chen’s cultivation technique.

Unbeknownst to him, Yang Chen was actually feeling frustrated. It could be described as having a gold mine in front of him that was nowhere accessible.

Yang Chen shook his head and leapt into the sky, disappearing within seconds. The truck was ruined so he had to drive his car back to Zhonghai.

Absolute Sword Taoist stood outside the burning ancestral hall as questions filled his mind. If Yang Chen had such overbearing cultivation, why was the Meng cultivator still alive? Also, why did Yang Chen use the space laws to fight him?

None of his questions could be answered which left him no choice but to leave. He still needed to return to the realm and report the special incident to the supervisors.

In the wee hours, a woman was seen sitting by an office desk in the presidential suite of Hilton Hotel located in Jiangnan province.

Looking down the floor to ceiling windows, one could see the twisting roads that resembled rivers, and occasionally one or two cars could be seen driving on those roads.

The woman was dressed in a beige Chanel coat with her hair down to her waist.

She had her hand propped against her cheek as she looked at the document on her laptop with a faintly worried expression.

It was already 1 o’clock, yet she showed no signs of resting, skimming through the document packed with words and data.

A young woman walked into the room with a cup of hot coffee and put it onto the desk softly.

“Chairman, it’s really late. Aren’t you going to rest anytime soon?” Zhao Hongyan was concerned.

She was planning on celebrating Chinese New Year at home but Lin Ruoxi returned so suddenly and she wanted to do some inspections in other provinces. As the newly appointed Head of Public Relations, Zhao Hongyan had to follow her.

And because Lin Ruoxi didn’t arrange an assistant, Zhao Hongyan naturally became her temporary assistant as it used to be her job post.

The presidential suite was large and it had four beds. Zhao Hongyan was fortunate to stay in a room with Lin Ruoxi so it was easier for Lin Ruoxi to give her commands.

It was the second day of their trip and every single day was filled with confusion. Zhao Hongyan couldn’t understand why Lin Ruoxi returned from Beijing suddenly. Did she get into a fight with Yang Chen? It must've been really bad for her if it made her leave Beijing.

Lin Ruoxi looked up and gave her a faint smile, “It’s fine. Hongyan, you don’t have to stay around. You can go to bed first.”

“How can I, an assistant, go to bed first when my boss is still awake and screening through documents?” Zhao Hongyan smiled.

“It’s fine, I asked you to do so.” Lin Ruoxi took over the coffee and took a sip. It was a bit too bitter for her.

Zhao Hongyan furrowed her brows, “Chairman, you can’t stay like this. You have been awake for almost three days. We’re not rushing for progress so why can’t you rest?”

Lin Ruoxi pursed her lips. She didn’t need to sleep since she could just use her cultivation to reduce the fatigue but it still didn’t feel comfortable, emotionally wise.

Lin Ruoxi put down the coffee cup and adjusted her coat before walking to the window.

She looked down at the city and for some reason, her back felt so lonely and miserable to Zhao Hongyan.

“Hongyan, if I were to say that I can’t sleep because I’m afraid of dreaming…would you believe me?” Lin Ruoxi looked down and gave a self-deprecating laugh.

Zhao Hongyan was taken aback and she contemplated before answering, “A nightmare? Chairman, is it because you’re in a bad mood?”

Lin Ruoxi shook her head, “I don’t know. But I know that I can’t sleep.”

Zhao Hongyan bit her lip and made up her mind to voice her thoughts, “Chairman, please forgive my bluntness. If this is happening because of a conflict between you and your husband, you’ll only hurt yourself. No matter how big the problem is, you should talk to him instead of running away. This will only worsen things.”

Zhao Hongyan could feel her heart thumping loudly as she waited anxiously for Lin Ruoxi’s reply.

One was a man she could never have and one was her respected boss. She wouldn’t want them to have a rough patch.

Lin Ruoxi turned around and looked at Zhao Hongyan deeply before tossing a surprising question to her, “You…did you do it with him?”


Zhao Hongyan no longer felt drowsy, doubting her ears. Her face was flushed as she twisted her fingers around, not knowing how to answer her.

Lin Ruoxi already knew the answer from her reaction.

“I must have asked a silly question. You’ve always liked him, I could tell. He’s not a good man, it’s normal for him to woo a beautiful woman like you.”

“No no…” Zhao Hongyan panicked. Tears almost fell out of her eyes as she tried to explain, “Chairman! Listen to my explanation! It was all my fault! I was in so much pain that night and he didn’t have the heart to push me away…I…I’ve only betrayed you once! I’ve never had any intentions. I know he’s way out of my league, especially since I'm a divorcee. I’m no good for him, I…really…”

Zhao Hongyan was flustered from trying to explain herself.

A smile formed on Lin Ruoxi’s face as if she had heard a funny story.

“Didn't have the heart…hah…” Lin Ruoxi reminisced about something and she smiled, “Hongyan, you don’t have to panic. I don’t blame you. He has a lot of women and I’m used to it. You reminded me of something, back when I wanted him to marry me, he agreed to it because he didn’t have the heart to reject me…”

Zhao Hongyan was dumbfounded. She never would’ve thought that Lin Ruoxi would use suicide to threaten Yang Chen to marry her, even if it was a contract marriage.

It took a long time for Lin Ruoxi to realise that Yang Chen didn’t care about her life. He wasn’t that kind of a man. He didn’t have the heart to reject her because her eyes and her face resembled Seventeen.

Well, she only knew about that after they started falling in love. 

Lin Ruoxi closed her eyes for a while and when she reopened her eyes, it was filled with determination.

“You, do you believe me?”

Zhao Hongyan wiped her tears and nodded without any hesitation.


“I don’t know, but I would like to believe that your decisions are always right.” Zhao Hongyan said earnestly.

Lin Ruoxi smiled and pointed to a printed document on the desk, “Take this and read it. You’re in charge of executing the task.”

Zhao Hongyan picked up the document carefully and her face turned ghastly pale when she read it.


“You said you’ll always believe in me, so do as I say!” Lin Ruoxi didn’t want to explain anything, turning her back against her to stare at the night sky.