Yang Chen was in a good mood after burning down the ancestral hall and he drove all the way back to Zhonghai. The hot shower he took got him excited so he messed around with Mo Qianni before falling asleep.

The next morning, Mo Qianni went downstairs to make breakfast with rosy cheeks while Yang Chen received a phone call from Yang Gongming.

“Have you thought of cleaning up your mess?” Yang Gongming’s tone was flat.

Yang Chen scratched his head, “Old man, are you afraid?”

“Hmph,” Yang Gongming sneered, “The First Senior Official called me into his office. I have not been to his office for six years, you dragged me into this mess.”

“First Senior Official? He deals with this sort of thing?”

Yang Chen was startled, reminded of the person that always showed up on the news. The whole world might be familiar with him but Yang Chen himself had never met him in Beijing. He seemed pretty friendly but really mysterious, especially since he was superior to the four major clans.

Yang Chen thought he didn’t want to get involved with those matters because he didn’t want to stir up any unnecessary trouble, but he must have been wrong.

“If he’s taking the initiative to ask me about it, it must be a dire matter involving the core of the nation. You ruined the Meng clan’s ancestral hall and I doubt this would end peacefully. The Meng clan isn’t some ball you can toss around. You best be mentally prepared, you and your women. Anyhow, take responsibility and don’t get us involved.”

Yang Chen forced a smile, “Old man, that’s mean. I’m your heir, how could you leave me to settle this on my own?”

“How dare you ask such a thing?! Did you ask me before you burned the ancestral hall down?!” Yang Gongming was furious but he toned it down.

Yang Chen felt deflated. He did act first but they were the ones that went too far.

With that in mind, he replied to Yang Gongming, “Fine, just tell the public that it has nothing to do with the Yang clan. It’s a personal beef between me and the Meng clan. So what if they have a profound background, I could just run away if I can’t win!”

Yang Gongming chuckled, “Duh, I’ve told the First Senior Official that I know nothing about this. You did it by yourself. I wouldn’t stand back and watch if the Meng clan dared to bother us over this. As for you…stop thinking about killing others. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter who's right or wrong. You need to look into the actual problem.”

Yang Chen furrowed his brow, “What do you mean?”

Yang Gongming hung up the phone without explaining.

Yang Chen cursed and threw the phone away. Yang Gongming was always doing this, never finishing his story and forcing him to think about it himself.

After Yang Chen had freshened up and gotten dressed, he remembered the treasure he stole from the ancestral hall.

He took out the red box from his space ring and opened it but the thing inside made him doubt his eyes.

It was a black item that was about the size of a pebble. 

“What the heck is this?” Yang Chen wondered if it was an artifact. Maybe he couldn’t sense it because his cultivation was sealed?

But still, it was unimaginable for an artifact to look like this which made Yang Chen think that it was some sort of token of remembrance. He didn’t want to think about it so he just tossed it back into the space ring again.

Once he got downstairs, Lanlan was already stuffing her face with breakfast while Minjuan tried to feed her some milk. It was unbelievable that she was able to fit so much food into such a small neck.

Yang Chen was slightly surprised that An Xin and Xiao Zhiqing were here for breakfast.

“Why are you two here early in the morning?” Yang Chen pinched their cheeks.

An Xin scrunched her nose, “I promised Lanlan that I’ll bring her to the amusement park. I have to keep my promise. Kindergarten’s about to start in a few days and we won’t have time by then.”

Yang Chen looked at Lanlan and she was nodding hard.

“Hubby, join us, the more the merrier.” Xiao Zhiqing suggested.

Yang Chen patted his chest, “Of course I’ll go. My lovers and daughter are going to the amusement park. You’re all so pretty, what if some bad guys got their eyes on you?”

“Don’t worry about the young one, we’d be glad if the boys weren’t afraid of Lanlan.” Mo Qianni walked over with a plate of food.

“Qian Qian, you don’t understand. Lanlan has my genes and she’ll definitely be a pretty girl when she grows up. Some shameless people would definitely try and get their hands on her as soon as possible.” 

Everyone else rolled their eyes at him. He really was thick-skinned. It would be unfortunate if Lanlan grew up to be like him.

After breakfast, An Xin arranged for the chauffeur to drive a comfortable Mercedes Benz GL550 and they came to a newly-built amusement park.

The amusement park had a similar design to Disneyland and even though it was during the holidays, this place was filled with children.

Lanlan’s excitement over the rollercoasters and pirate ship gave him a sense of joy and accomplishment. He never knew how fulfilling it can be to just make his child happy.

An Xin was the first one to regret coming here when Lanlan insisted on going on the rollercoaster with her.

Although she used to be a stewardess, it wasn’t the same thing. Lanlan forced her to go on the ride twice and An Xin almost cried.

When it was almost noon, they finally got Lanlan to calm down so that they could have lunch and rest.

They went to a luxurious Western restaurant and ordered a bunch of dishes. Once again, Lanlan started devouring the food happily.

They wouldn't be able to raise a girl like her if they weren’t rich.

Halfway through her meal, Lanlan stopped eating and stared outside with a longing expression.

Yang Chen looked out and realised that a snack stall was outside. Lanlan was craving snacks now.

Xiao Zhiqing noticed this and she stood up with a smile, “You guys can eat, I’ll go out and buy some for Lanlan.”

Lanlan waved her utensils happily while licking her lips.

Xiao Zhiqing carried her purse and made a small dash to the stall. She ordered ten corns on the cob and ten sausages. It didn’t feel a lot to her since Lanlan could surely finish it.

Just when Xiao Zhiqing was about to pay the seller, a girl ran over and spoke with a sweet voice, “Boss, I want two corns on the cob!”

This voice made Xiao Zhiqing’s hands tremble and she dropped her purse to the ground. 

She turned to the side frantically to pick up her purse and decided to leave after picking up the plastic bag.

However, the girl had noticed her.


She quickly went in front of her and a look of surprise appeared on her youthful face.

“Hey! It’s really you! Sister-in-law!”

Xiao Zhiqing turned and she kept her head down. 

“Miss, you must’ve gotten the wrong person.”

The girl shook her head, “Sis, why are you pretending to not know me? I’m Xiaoxiao, Luo Xiaoxiao. We met when you got engaged to my brother.”

“No…no…” Xiao Zhiqing’s breathing quickened and she moved around Luo Xiaoxiao to get back to the restaurant.

Honestly, Xiao Zhiqing didn’t know where she could go. She bumped into Luo Xiaoxiao a few times in Zhonghai but she had always managed to avoid her. 

She never would’ve thought that Luo Xiaoxiao came to play at the amusement park because she was bored of being alone in Zhonghai. It was such a coincidence for them to meet!

Luo Xiaoxiao pouted when Xiao Zhiqing refused to acknowledge her. She knew she saw her a few times but she always got away from her. Now that she finally met her face to face, she couldn’t let her go.

Luo Xiaoxiao ran into the restaurant after Xiao Zhiqing. Yang Chen, who was eating a steak, was alarmed to see both of them running.