Yang Chen suddenly remembered the time when he met Luo Xiaoxiao at Xiao Zhiqing’s apartment. Xiao Zhiqing’s was acting weird too back then.

Yang Chen connected the dots instantly.

Luo Xiaoxiao, wasn’t she…

Reminded of Luo Xiaoxiao’s mysterious background and how she ran away when her clan was brought up, Yang Chen was convinced that she was from the Luo clan!

Yang Chen was frustrated that Xiao Zhiqing didn’t mention this to him earlier. It’d be hard to cover the tracks if something happened under his watch.

“What’s wrong with Qing’er? Who’s that girl behind her?” An Xin was puzzled.

Yang Chen put down his fork and got up to pull Xiao Zhiqing behind him.

Luo Xiaoxiao was astonished to see Yang Chen and she immediately smiled at him bashfully, “You're here too. We’re really brought together by fate, being able to meet like this.”

It sounded as if she had forgotten how their last meeting ended.

Yang Chen was unaffected and he smiled, “Yeah, but why are you running after Qing’er?”

“Qing’er?” Luo Xiaoxiao blinked, “Oh, she’s my sister-in-law, my brother’s fiancée...”

“Your brother’s name is Luo Hang?” Yang Chen remembered this.

Luo Xiaoxiao was taken aback, “How did you know that? Oh, did my sister-in-law tell you this? What’s your relationship with her?”

Yang Chen didn’t answer the question and he pulled her to the washroom instead. 

Xiao Zhiqing was breaking out in a cold sweat and her lips were pale. She couldn’t understand Yang Chen’s actions.

An Xin was puzzled to see Yang Chen dragging a pretty girl into the washroom.

As for Lanlan, all her attention was on the snacks as she grabbed the corn from Xiao Zhiqing.

Luo Xiaoxiao couldn’t get out of Yang Chen’s iron grip and the way he pulled her made her heart race.

Her cheeks were flushed, thinking that Yang Chen wanted to do something with her in the washroom.

She kept asking herself. What should I do? Is he going to kiss me? Should I say no? Are we going too fast? Aww, I’m not ready yet…

The male customers in the restaurant looked at Yang Chen in envy. How did a normal-looking man like him score so many beautiful women?

On the other hand, the female customers watched them with dreamy eyes. It felt romantic to them.

Yang Chen didn’t think much about it. Once they got to the washroom, he dragged Luo Xiaoxiao into the men’s room and yelled at the two people to leave, “Get the hell out of here!”

The two men weren’t pleased, they were halfway through their pee.

“Who are you? Why should we get out?!” One of them yelled.

Yang Chen said nothing and kicked the wall which formed a dent!

The two men were so frightened that they pulled up their pants hurriedly and ran out.

Luo Xiaoxiao looked at Yang Chen with sparkling eyes, in awe of his handsomeness. As expected of the man who kissed her butt.

Suddenly, Yang Chen closed the door and pushed her against the wall!

Both his hands held onto Luo Xiaoxiao’s wrists tightly and he stared right into her eyes.

Luo Xiaoxiao felt shy and excited as she looked back at him expectantly.

Yang Chen’s ferocious expression felt manly to her.

Seeing how he kept staring at her without talking, Luo Xiaoxiao spoke softly, “You…everyone saw us, it’s kinda embarrassing but I find it dashing too…”

Yang Chen wasn’t listening to her. His mind was a mess.

What should he do? If Luo Xiaoxiao told the Luo clan about Xiao Zhiqing’s whereabouts, they would definitely come after her, even the Xiao clan would come over.

Even if he still had his cultivation, he still wouldn’t be a match for the elites of the Luo clan. Xiao Zhiqing said that the patriarch, Luo Qianqiu was one of the top cultivators in the realm.

Besides, he couldn’t dare to use his cultivation now. If Xiao Zhiqing ever got caught, he wouldn’t even be able to defend himself, let alone protect her.

What if the Luo clan knew about his relationship with Xiao Zhiqing? They might just kill him.

Must he kill this girl? After all, he was making all the speculations. She might not be a threat to him.

“Do you…do you want me to close my eyes before you can kiss me?” Luo Xiaoxiao thought Yang Chen was feeling shy, “I’m not ready yet, you moved so suddenly. But…I don’t mind…if you really want it…”

Yang Chen squinted his eyes in determination. He had killed hundreds of innocent men, killing another one wouldn’t make a difference!

Yang Chen didn’t care that she was a beauty. There were plenty of beautiful women in the world. Those secret agents and assassins that tried to kill him were killed by him even after sex!

Luo Xiaoxiao’s existence had threatened his lovers and his family’s safety!

She had to die for the secret to be secured!

At the thought of this, Yang Chen’s face darkened as he moved his right hand towards her throat.

Luo Xiaoxiao thought he wanted to lift her chin so she didn’t resist.

“Luo Xiaoxiao, if you can let go of the grudge when you’re in the other world, come find me. I made the decision…it has nothing to do with Qing’er…”

“Huh? What are you saying…” Luo Xiaoxiao batted her eyelashes. She finally realised that Yang Chen wasn’t trying to kiss her.

Yang Chen didn’t hesitate any longer and just when he was about to tighten his fingers around her neck, a shriek stopped him.


The door was knocked open from the outside and Xiao Zhiqing rushed in with teary eyes.

“Hubby, don’t hurt her…she has never hurt me. She’s not a threat to us yet!”

Xiao Zhiqing asked An Xin to join her at the door so that they could eavesdrop on them.

When he heard Yang Chen wanted to kill Luo Xiaoxiao, she quickly asked An Xin to knock the door open.

Luo Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded and when it finally hit her, tears formed in her eyes and she sobbed.

“You…you were trying to kill me?”

Yang Chen wasn’t affected and he turned around to face Xiao Zhiqing, “Qing’er, she’s from the Luo clan. If they know about us…”

“I know!” Xiao Zhiqing pleaded, “I know it’s dangerous but I don’t want you to kill an innocent person because of me…you don’t know this but when I got engaged, they despised me. Xiaoxiao was the only one who didn’t give me the cold shoulder. She’s not a bad person and she won’t hurt me…”

Yang Chen struggled to make a decision. It would hurt her if he chose to disregard her feelings and choices.


In the end, Yang Chen let go of Luo Xiaoxiao.

Luo Xiaoxiao held onto her swollen wrists and she cried while looking at the both of them.

“You guys are so mean…I’m not my dad or my brother. She doesn’t have to go back if she doesn’t want to. Why can’t you just talk to me?”

Luo Xiaoxiao wiped her tears and glared at Yang Chen, “Can’t you just tell me if you don’t like me?! I was happy to see you! Do you think it’s fun to play with my feelings?! I hate you!! I don’t want to see you ever again!!”

Having said so, Luo Xiaoxiao ran out of the washroom while crying.

Xiao Zhiqing let out a breath of relief and she looked at Yang Chen gratefully, “Hubby, thanks for listening to me…”

Yang Chen looked at Luo Xiaoxiao’s back with a complex gaze. His feelings were jumbled up.

“I hope you made the right judgement that she wouldn't harm us.”

“If worse comes to worst, I could just go overseas and stay with Sister Rose. The Luo clan wouldn’t dare to find me there.” Xiao Zhiqing said.

Yang Chen smiled, “You’re oversimplifying it. If they wanted to, they would still come out even if they have to battle against the Gods. Your Nine Yin Meridian is too valuable for them to give up on. Besides, their reputation is on the line too.”

Xiao Zhiqing bit her lips and wiped her tears before beaming at Yang Chen. She held her arms and consoled him, “Alright, we’re here to play with Lanlan. Don’t think about these things. Sister Qianni’s waiting for us and An Xin is waiting right outside. We can’t have the chairman guard the door for us.”

She leaned her head against him, “Hubby, I’m happy. I thought you would let her go because she’s pretty but you were willing to kill Luo Xiaoxiao for me. I feel sorry for her but I’m really happy. I’m so blessed.”

“You ladies are gonna end me one day.” Yang Chen poked her cheeks and smiled.