The customers were frightened by the commotion but the restaurant owner was delighted since An Xin gave him a stack of cash without even counting. 

They brought Lanlan around to play the whole day and left the amusement park in the evening.

They had dinner in a hotpot restaurant and made their way home.

Lanlan had so much fun the whole day that she didn’t bother to cultivate, falling asleep during the trip home.

Mo Qianni carried her and caressed her cheeks. With a sigh, she said, “I don’t know what Ruoxi is thinking about. Even if Lanlan isn’t her child, how can she bear to leave such a cute girl behind?”

Yang Chen made a phone call home and asked Wang Ma about Lin Ruoxi. She wasn’t back yet and it made his head throb. Mo Qianni’s words made it worse.

Mo Qianni read his expression and she smiled, “Maybe she’ll be back on Monday. The holiday break is over in Yu Lei and she should be announcing about founding Yu Lei Group.”

“I don’t want to care about these things. I just want to talk to her and get things straight. I’ve been thinking about it for the past two days, I think she’s hiding something from me.”

Mo Qianni nodded with a worried expression.

Once they arrived at Xijiao Villas, An Xin and Xiao Zhiqing went back to their own homes while Yang Chen and Mo Qianni brought Lanlan home.

When they got close to the main door, they suddenly realised that there were two black Audi and one red Maserati parked outside.

Four bodyguards dressed in black suits stood right outside the door.

“Looks like we have guests,” Yang Chen said, “Qian Qian, bring Lanlan upstairs to rest. I’ll deal with them.”

Mo Qianni nodded but she didn’t use the door. Instead, she leapt onto the balcony on the second floor. With her current cultivation, it was a piece of cake.

Yang Chen walked into the living room and the bodyguards stood still as if they didn’t see him.

The only person left at home was Minjuan and she was standing awkwardly in the house. When Yang Chen walked in, Minjuan let out a breath of relief and went to him, “Mister Yang, the police officer said there’s no need to rush you. They’ve been waiting for you.”

Yang Chen saw his guests. Jiang Xiaobai was sitting on the couch while smiling and the other of the women from the Meng clan?

She was dressed in a black suit with red sparkly heels. Her hair was tied up to reveal a confident and seductive face.

Meng Yue looked like a queen in the corporate world, stirring up fear in ordinary men but also making them want to conquer her.

“Young Master Yang, allow me to introduce Miss Meng Yue, the daughter to Master Meng Que and the President of Huazhong Industries Group.”

“We meet again, Mister Yang Chen.” Meng Yue stretched out her hand to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen wondered about her motive but he wasn’t afraid and he reached out to hold her hand.

She took care of her hand pretty well. Even though it wasn’t as soft as Xiao Zhiqing’s hands, it was still pretty smooth.

Yang Chen could tell from her steps and breathing that Meng Yue was quite skilled at Kung fu and yet her hands were smooth. This showed that she put a lot of effort into maintaining her well-being.

This couldn’t be an ordinary woman. She practised kung fu and took care of her body. Her calm attitude towards her enemy and her position as the president of the Huazhong Industries Group - the biggest business owned by the Southern China Gang. There must be something more to her.

While they were holding hands, Yang Chen felt a small itch on his palm.

Meng Yue used her pinky to tickle him!

The handshake only lasted for a few seconds and they quickly pulled their hands away from each other.

Yang Chen was puzzled. What was she trying to do? Was she here to seduce him?

The three of them took a seat and Minjuan served tea to Yang Chen.

“Jiang Xiaobai, you couldn’t have brought her here just so she could say hi to me!” Yang Chen directed the topic of conversation to Vice Director Jiang.

“Of course not,” Jiang Xiaobai’s mind was a mess but his face remained calm, “I won’t beat around the bush. I'm here as the special correspondent of the Ministry of State Security.”

“Old Li gave you a task?” Yang Chen raised his eyebrows.

Jiang Xiaobai’s hands were clammy. Old Li? He called Li Moshen, the Vice Premier, the Minister of State Security as Old Li? As expected of the man who burned down the Meng clan’s ancestral hall by himself. He didn’t have a filter on his mouth.

“The Minister wanted me to relay his message. The Meng clan and Yang clan are both very important to the nation and Old Marshall Yang had declared that this had nothing to do with the Yang clan and that Mister Yang was to hold full responsibility for this. We have to discuss this matter with you…”

“Just get straight to the point.” Yang Chen was annoyed.

Meng Yue interjected, “Let me say this…Mister Yang Chen, I’m here to claim justice for my clan.”


“Return the treasure, rebuild the ancestral hall for us and kowtow in front of our ancestors’ spirit tablets.” Meng Yue smiled. 

Yang Chen sneered, “Firstly, I don’t have the treasure and secondly, what makes you think that I would kowtow? I wouldn’t have burned the place down if I was that kind of person!”

“Young Master Yang, Zhang Ling and Meng Zhexin have caused suffering to your lover but you could’ve taken it out on them or demanded something from our clan. But you chose to burn our ancestral hall down and stole our treasure. Our clan has been residing in the center plains and we stood aloof from worldly affairs. We don’t want to make matters worse, it won’t benefit anyone. No matter how powerful you are, you won’t be able to handle the wrath of our clan. So, I hope that you’ll think it through. We promise that we will forget about the past and we will keep a good relationship with the Yang clan if you agree to our conditions.”

“You can leave now if you’re done talking.” Yang Chen stood up and pointed to the door.

Meng Yue stood up and smiled while getting close to him, “Mister Yang, I’ll be hosting a business party at Wangcheng Hotel on Monday night. My guests are business partners of Huazhong Industries Group. Would you be daring enough to attend the party?”

“Why should I?”

“Because…I’ll give you a reason that you can’t refuse. I’m sure you’ll be willing to accept our conditions after that party.”

“What if I don’t want to go?” Yang Chen squinted his eyes.

Meng Yue shrugged, “I’m sure that a brave man like you would hate to be regarded as a coward who’s afraid of the Meng clan. Besides, I’m just a frail woman…alright, that’s settled. I’ll be picking you up on that day.”

Having said so, Meng Yue winked at Yang Chen before walking towards the door gracefully while swinging her hips.

Yang Chen sighed. She really piqued his curiosity.

He turned to face Jiang Xiaobai and asked, “Did you guys stop the Meng clan from choosing some violent way to seek revenge?”

Jiang Xiaobai smiled bitterly, “We can’t do anything to them. I’m just carrying out orders. I think there’s a power that’s restricting them. But, I’ll be frank, Mister Yang, no matter what, the Meng clan won’t keep quiet about this. They’re just gauging your attitude. If you refuse to take a step back, I’m afraid the higher-ups stay silent as well.”

“Old man said that I'm the only one who should be held responsible for, so does it mean that my women and child would be unharmed?” Yang Chen asked. 

Jiang Xiaobai hesitated for a second, “That should be the case since most of your women have high statuses. They don’t want this to affect ordinary citizens so…if the Meng clan wants to do anything outrageous and harm your family, we will stop them.”

Yang Chen grinned, “I’m relieved to hear this. They are after me anyway, so I’ll play along with this game.”