Jiang Xiaobai gulped, thinking that Yang Chen was really daring. Others would see this as a disaster but he thought of this as a game?!

“Mister Yang, forgive me for being blunt but you don’t have to worry about the Meng clan making a move on your women and child because they can’t afford to embarrass themselves.”


“The Meng clan is different from the other clans, they’re not a normal gang. The Southern China Gang is an organised group with set rules. Reputation means everything to them. They’ll be a laughing stock to other clans if they’re forced to lay a finger on your family cause this means that they lost to you.”

Yang Chen nodded in agreement. Only weaklings would threaten someone’s family.

This might be the downside of having a huge clan. If they didn’t care about reputation, they would’ve plenty of ways to deal with Yang Chen. But they needed to save their faces so they couldn’t go rogue.

Yang Chen was never one to be afraid of conflicts. He’d rather take them head on!

Now that he was done with his task, Jiang Xiaobai left with his subordinates and Yang Chen stayed downstairs for some time until Mo Qianni came to sit next to him.

She held his arm and asked, “Is the Meng clan tricky to deal with?”

Yang Chen smiled at her, “Kinda, I need to make some preparations.”

“Do you need my help?”


“What is it?” Mo Qianni’s eyes glinted with excitement.

Yang Chen took out his phone and waved, “My battery’s flat. Charge it for me and bring a laptop over. I need to contact someone online.”

Mo Qianni rolled her eyes for getting excited over nothing. She thought Yang Chen would let her participate since she had been training with combat and firearms just so she could help him.

Even if she was annoyed, Mo Qianni still brought over a laptop and sat next to him, curious to see what he was going to do.

“Can I watch you?” Mo Qianni asked carefully.

Yang Chen smiled, “Of course you can, you’re not an outsider.”

Yang Chen had nothing to hide from her. He was just going to gather his subordinates and some overseas friends for their help. 

While seated next to him, Mo Qianni watched her man entering a complicated passcode to gain access to a foreign website where he contacted all kinds of people.

Soon she realised that she couldn’t understand a single thing because Yang Chen was switching between different languages.

The only thing she understood was that they respected Yang Chen. They were actually surprised that Yang Chen talked to them.

Half an hour passed by the time Yang Chen was done.

“Hubby, you were so cool.” Mo Qianni seemed blissful.

Yang Chen didn’t understand where that came from, “Did you understand what I was saying?”

Mo Qianni shook her head, “I just find you cool!l

Yang Chen enjoyed the admiration.

“Is Lanlan asleep?” Yang Chen asked as he slid his arm around her waist.

“Yeah, she's sleeping soundly like a piglet.”

Yang Chen immediately moved his hand onto her chest and fondled her nipple.

“If that’s the case, let’s do it on the couch and we’ll take a bath together!”

With that being said, Yang Chen didn’t wait for her response, pressing her down onto the couch forcefully.

It was a heaty night for both of them.

It was Sunday the next day but Yang Chen wasn’t planning on bringing Lanlan out to play.

She had been having the best time of her life and she shouldn’t slack off on her cultivation so Yang Chen decided to help her train.

Because he couldn’t use his divine sense, Yang Chen had no way of checking Lanlan’s cultivation so he brought her to the hill and asked her to hit a boulder.

The weight of that boulder was around five tonnes and Lanlan broke it into pieces!

Yang Chen felt that her physique might be strong but she must have been in the stage of selflessness. Even better, she might be in the third stage - destiny!

Although Yang Chen did give her medicinal pills to boost her cultivation, her talent was a pleasant surprise to him!

As expected from my daughter! Yang Chen pecked her cheeks many times while chuckling but when Lanlan pouted for him to fly her around, his heart sank.

He realised that no matter how fast her cultivation improved, she would still be in danger without his protection. Yang Chen had to find a way to recover his cultivation and he wondered if Jane and Xiao Zhiqing had made some progress.

This reminded him about that black item and since he was free during the afternoon, Yang Chen decided to look for Jane and Xiao Zhiqing in Zhonghai University.

After lunch, he drove to the laboratory and he found Jane and Xiao Zhiqing who were going through books together.

“Did you girls find anything?” Yang Chen was straight to the point.

Jane had her hair tied into a ponytail and she seemed kind of haggard as if she hadn’t been resting well.

“According to Qing’er’s knowledge about the Chaos, there isn’t a form of energy that can subdue Chaos because it was born from chaos. It’s a Great Ancient Beast and if it’s body wasn’t destroyed in the past, it might’ve been the strongest beast in the world.”

Yang Chen’s jaw dropped, “My dear, I’m here for some good news. You’re frightening me.”

Jane was being serious, “I’m a scientist, not a motivator. I'm just talking about the facts. Things aren’t looking good for us.”

“Hubby, you don’t have to worry too much about it. Although Jane and I haven’t come up with a way to subdue Chaos, we might be able to subdue it based on its temperament.” Xiao Zhiqing said.


“That’s right,” Xiao Zhiqing replied, “Chaos is called a ferocious beast because his temperament is wicked and ferocious. An opposing characteristic would be an auspicious animal from the Great Ancient times. However, an auspicious animal may not be a match against Chaos since it can engulf everything. So, if we want to subdue Chaos, we have to start from your cultivation, convert your True Yuan to something that can oppress its ferociousness.”

It was too much for Yang Chen to take in, “You said a lot of things. Do you have a plan?”

Jane exchanged a look with Xiao Zhiqing before speaking, “We have different ideas. I was thinking that you could try to cultivate with a technique from Buddhism. I’ve researched about the major religions in the world, there’s Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism can cease suffering. From the perspective of religion, Chaos may be subdued by the holiness of Buddhism and be cleansed…”

Yang Chen’s face twitched, “Say…Jane, when did you learn about Buddhism?”

Jane seemed proud of herself, “I know more things than you. You don’t need to think too much about it, I’m a fast learner.”

Yang Chen nodded and asked Xiao Zhiqing, “Qing’er, what about you?”

“My thoughts are similar to Jane but I think it’s harder to look for Buddhism cultivation techniques. Taoism may be easier but you would need to find something for exorcism. Also, I’m worried that it might be too late and I can’t think of any cultivation technique that can subdue Chaos.”

Yang Chen chuckled at this, “So, in the end, we have a direction but not a plan.”

“Not really, instead of looking for a cultivation technique, I think we’ll have a higher success rate if we can find an artifact to subdue Chaos. From what I know, Busishm and Taoism have artifacts like this.”

Xiao Zhiqing’s words reminded him of the treasure and he quickly took out the red box, “I came here for something else too. Let me show you guys this thing. I stole it from the Meng clan but I don’t recognise it!”