Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu couldn’t believe their ears, even Yang Chen who was standing by the door thought he misheard it.

South Africa? Argentina?!

Yang Chen never doubted Yu Lei’s potential in globalizing their business, especially with their capital and experience in the field. It wasn’t surprising for Yu Lei to have affiliated companies in these two countries, but why must she send Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu there?

Well, their authority and remunerations would only be greater than before but sending two young women to a foreign country for a long time was no different from banishment.

Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu seemed to sense something and they looked at Lin Ruoxi in disbelief but Lin Ruoxi didn’t even turn to face them.

“Chairman, all of us are aware of Vice President Mo and Vice President Liu’s exceptional work performance and they are naturally qualified to be the director at the affiliated companies but wouldn’t they work better if they stayed at the headquarters since they are highly experienced?” Xue Minghe made a logical comment.

Lin Ruoxi replied flatly, “They should lead by example as highly experienced employees. I won’t feel at ease if I send someone else over. Besides, they can gain more experience there. Why? Do you want to go there yourself, President Xue?”

This made Xue Minghe shut his mouth.

Wu Yue, who worked as Lin Ruoxi’s assistant for years, was familiar with her senior’s personality, so she signaled her husband to keep quiet by making a face at him. Lin Ruoxi was doing this on purpose!

Everyone knew that Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu would excel at the job but it wouldn’t be easy since they had to go to South America and Africa!

Yang Chen, who was still standing by the door, snapped out of it and his tightened fists were trembling.

The contract…

A year passed and was she doing this to seek revenge on him?

Not only was she ignoring him, but now she was forcefully sending his women to other countries?!

Undoubtedly, as the spiritual leader and the greatest shareholder of Yu Lei, she was an autocrat most of the time. Considering how she commanded Zhao Hongyan to read this proposal out, there was no way she would change her decision.

“If there’s no objection from the Vice Presidents, we can proceed with the voting process. Raise your hand if you approve of this proposal.” Lin Ruoxi ignored Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu’s pale faces and started the voting process.

Most of the shareholders exchanged gazes with one another before raising their hands without any hesitation.

It felt as if they rehearsed this beforehand, so synchronized that it was almost too painful to watch.

Zhao Hongyan stood up to count the votes but Lin Ruoxi cut her off.

“No need to count the votes, we already have 80 percent of the vote before I give my vote. Looks like the majority is in favor of the proposal. Vice President Mo and Vice President Liu, the affiliated companies in Africa and South America are less than a year old. I’m relying on both of you.” Lin Ruoxi said flatly.

Compared to Liu Mingyu who was silently biting her lips, Mo Qianni was more agitated. Her eyes were red and teary.

Mo Qianni snickered and stood up to stare straight into Lin Ruoxi’s eyes, “Do you have to do this? You’ve already asked the shareholders to play along so that they will vote for us to leave the country and be far from here. Does it make you happy?”

There was a pin drop silence and no one dared to utter a single word as if they could feel a huge storm coming up.

It was true that everyone could tell that Lin Ruoxi was doing this on purpose.

She didn’t even bother to hide it, humiliating them right in front of everyone! 

She threw their pride and face to the ground and stepped on it!

Even so, no one dared to oppose Lin Ruoxi, no matter how confused they were. Opposing Lin Ruoxi wouldn’t end well.

However, as the only foreigner in the room, Chris didn’t vote. He has his eyes closed as though he didn’t want to watch the brewing tension.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.” Lin Ruoxi replied to her calmly.

“Lin Ruoxi! Drop the act! You disgust me!” Mo Qianni’s face was flushed and she was trembling with fury.

“You are welcome to leave Yu Lei if you are unable to accept the decision made by the board of directors.” Lin Ruoxi was unfazed.

Mo Qianni sneered, “Do you think I wouldn’t dare to do so?”

“Of course not, I know plenty of companies are hoping to have you,” Lin Ruoxi replied nonchalantly and she turned to Zhao Hongyan, “Miss Zhao, take care of this, if Vice President Mo chooses to resign, I’d like to buy all of her shares with a price that's double of the market value.”

Zhao Hongyan thought about this ahead of time and she nodded calmly before casting an apologetic look to her ex-boss.

Mo Qianni laughed from the fury, “Lin Ruoxi, do you think I said this because I cared about the shares? Do you think I would be happy if you gave me money?”

“Your happiness has nothing to do with me. Thank you for all your contributions to the company. I won’t mistreat you if you choose to resign.”

Mo Qianni pressed her hands against the meeting table while giving an indignant look to Lin Ruoxi.

Liu Mingyu stood up and patted Mo Qianni’s back calmly, “It’s fine, Qianni. Chairman Lin made this decision. We can’t go that far for work so we can only resign.”

“What do you mean we can’t?!” Mo Qianni yelled, “Mingyu, don’t act dumb! That’s not the problem, the problem is that she didn’t discuss it with us. She’s treating us like rubbish, tossing us anywhere she likes! I chose to work here not because I have nowhere else to go. I don’t care about my position and I don’t need the high wages and shares too. I have my principles and dignity!”

Liu Mingyu’s face darkened. She knew about this too but it was impossible to draw a line between work and personal life anymore.

At the thought of this, Liu Mingyu turned to look at Yang Chen only to realize that he was deep in thought with his head down. Maybe he didn’t hear them at all.

Mo Qianni took a deep breath and looked at Lin Ruoxi with a determined gaze, “Lin Ruoxi, from the moment I joined this company, I’ve never thought of getting anything from here! Your grandmother, the old president made me into everything I am now and I’ll forever be grateful to her! If things can be measured with money, the profit I’ve made for this company has far surpassed the amount I owe to the old president! If you weren’t the chairman of this company, I wouldn’t have stayed around till now! I didn’t give up on a brighter future and work so hard because of this company! I didn’t do this for anyone else, I did it all for you! It’s all because of you, Lin Ruoxi! I admit that I’ve wronged you personally but how dare you humiliate me at work! I don’t care what others think but as a woman, I despise you!”

Yang Chen looked up and his expression changed slightly when he looked at Mo Qianni who had just berated Lin Ruoxi. Her expression was so confident and proud that it reminded him of a warrior.

Lin Ruoxi’s expression didn’t change as though she didn’t hear her at all. Instead, she calmly spoke to the rest, “If Vice President Mo and Vice President Liu choose to resign, their remaining tasks at hand will be taken over by Zhao Hongyan and Chris. I’d like everyone to choose good candidates to take over their jobs by this week or I’ll make the arrangements myself…” 

Her cold demeanor made the executives shudder with fear. 

How did she remain unaffected by Mo Qianni’s outburst?!

Mo Qianni looked at Lin Ruoxi forlornly for one last time before walking towards the door. It felt like she wasted time at this company for her. 

Liu Mingyu sighed. Her gentle personality prevented her from feeling angry and agitated, feeling more worried and helpless instead.

When the two of them walked to the door, Mo Qianni looked up and beamed at Yang Chen, “Hubby, are you going to stay here or join us for lunch?”

Yang Chen’s heart wrenched at her tear-stricken face. They would be devastated if he showed any sign of hesitation.

With a gentle smile, Yang Chen held their hands.

“Let’s go, do you want to eat at Sister Xiang’s stall? Shall we drink some soju?”

Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu’s hands trembled in his grip and they nodded gently.