Yang Chen didn’t tarry, nor did he dare to look at Lin Ruoxi. He wasn’t sure how to face her.

At least for now, Yang Chen felt that the two women beside him needed him more. Lin Ruoxi’s coldness made him doubt his eyes and even if he was still puzzled about all this, anger was building up in him.

She changed so abruptly, quicker before he could even react.

On the other hand, the spectators inside the meeting room were dumbfounded and it drove their imagination wild.

They never imagined the chairman’s husband to have an ambiguous relationship with the two female executives.

In their heart, they wondered if this originated from a personal grudge but no one dared to look at Lin Ruoxi with judging eyes, fear of being beaten up by her.

Zhao Hongyan looked at Lin Ruoxi helplessly. She couldn’t understand it, why must she push so far? She was being too cruel to herself and others.

Plus, Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu were extremely familiar with the company’s affairs, and with the power held by them, losing them would be a major blow to Yu Lei.

Just as Mo Qianni said, she and Liu Mingyu would surely receive better offers and treatments at another company. They didn’t have to spend all their time in Yu Lei.

Besides, why should she humiliate them when they were all Yang Chen’s lovers? Was she really planning on breaking up with Yang Chen?

Regardless of the thoughts that were running in Zhao Hongyan’s mind, Lin Ruoxi proceeded to give her commands.

After leaving the company, Yang Chen drove Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu to Sister Xiang’s restaurant. There weren’t a lot of customers during the festive period, which made it a good place for them to hang out.

Sister Xiang didn’t ask anything even when she saw Mo Qianni’s crestfallen expression. An older woman like her knew better than probing for answers.

Instead, she served them some snacks and Kaoliang liquor, smiling as she said to them, “Darling, have some warm food with it. Drinking on an empty stomach is bad for your health.”

Her advice was ignored by them. Mo Qianni poured liquor right into her cup and soon, she had already downed one hundred milliliters of Kaoliang liquor.

Yang Chen poured them liquor and joined them in for a few rounds.

There was nothing to talk about since he decided to bring them here instead of staying at the company.

Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu had strong alcohol tolerance from working as public relations officers. Now that they had started cultivating, technically, they couldn’t get drunk anymore. 

However, they didn’t bother to detoxify the alcohol in their body with their internal energy, choosing to let alcohol take over their body.

It was the quietest lunch Yang Chen had ever had with them. They were sobbing while drinking to the point that strangers would have thought they were nuts.

After drinking three liters of Kaoliang liquor, Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu could barely sit straight, mumbling incoherent words under their breath.

Liu Mingyu was normally more composed but Mo Qianni affected her, causing her to feel depressed about leaving Yu Lei after all the time and effort they had spent in the company.

Once lunch was over, Yang Chen brought them back to the car.

Just when he was planning to send them home, Mo Qianni grabbed his arm while muttering, “Hubby…I don’t want to go home…”

“You don’t want to go home? Where do you want to go then?” Yang Chen smiled bitterly.

“I don’t want to go home…bring us anywhere you want…”

“Don’t throw a tantrum. You’re drunk.”

Before Yang Chen could get a reply from her, Liu Mingyu who was seated at the front passenger seat threw herself at Yang Chen to kiss him.

The smell of alcohol and her sweet scent stimulated his senses. 

It was rare for Liu Mingyu to kiss him passionately. 

She was so soft, burying herself into his arms. Her chase was pushed against Yang Chen and he could see her bust spilling out of her clothes.

Liu Mingyu separated from him for a second and nibbled his lips, “You pushed yourself onto every time I said no…why are you so slow when I’m asking you to be more proactive…”

Yang Chen understood her immediately and he patted her butt before stepping onto the gas pedal to drive toward the beach.

They were trying to use sex to get rid of the depressing emotions within them. Yang Chen could never say no to their requests.

On their way there, Yang Chen called Tang Wan. Tang Wan had returned to Zhonghai for work and she didn’t even ask any questions upon hearing Yang Chen’s request. Yang Chen wanted her to book a Presidential Suite in her hotel for him and she made the arrangements immediately.

Once they arrived at the hotel’s underground parking lot, they took the elevator up to the top floor where the manager awaited them.

The manager was in charge of servicing VIPs and his eyes widened from seeing Yang Chen hugging two beautiful women in his arms.

In the manager’s mind, Yang Chen was living the dream.

After ushering the manager to leave, Yang Chen brought them into the room and threw them onto the bed. He took his clothes off quickly and pounced onto them!

It was their first time to do this together but they didn’t feel bashful, being under the influence of alcohol and the depressing emotions. They were so open, letting Yang Chen put them into different postures.

Throughout the whole afternoon, pleasured moans were heard in the room.

Once Yang Chen was satisfied, Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu hugged each other to sleep with tear-stricken faces.

It pained Yang Chen to watch them like this.

After a hot shower, Yang Chen got dressed and covered them with a blanket.

He sighed, hoping that they managed to let out some steam.

Yang Chen himself was frustrated too. The conflict was supposed to be between him and Lin Ruoxi but now more people were getting involved.

Yang Chen didn’t choose to stay in the hotel. He wanted to return home and talk to Lin Ruoxi. After calming down, the whole thing felt odd to him. It wasn’t something that Lin Ruoxi would do.

Due to the traffic, it took Yang Chen an hour to reach home, and just when he arrived at the door, Lin Ruoxi too arrived home at the same time.

Yang Chen was even surprised to see Lanlan standing by the door waiting for Lin Ruoxi!

Wang Ma stood beside Lanlan and she was astonished to see them arrive at the same time. 

Lin Ruoxi saw him but she got out of the car and walked to the door as though she never saw him.

“Ruoxi!” Yang Chen called her but Lin Ruoxi didn’t turn around to look at him.

Lanlan smiled brightly at the sight of Lin Ruoxi and she ran to her, calling her mommy with a sweet voice.

Lin Ruoxi furrowed her brows and replied to her coldly, “You called the wrong person, I’m not your mother.”

Her words pulled them apart as if an ice wall was built between them.

The bright smile on Lanlan’s face was replaced with a pitiful and puzzled expression. She pouted and lowered her eyes, not daring to look up at Lin Ruoxi. Tears were forming in her eyes but she forced herself to hold them in.

Yang Chen wanted to ask something but anger took over his mind when he saw this!

Lanlan must have asked Wang Ma about Lin Ruoxi’s return so she waited here for her.

She was so excited to finally see Lin Ruoxi but Lin Ruoxi’s reaction hit her like a bucket of cold water!

She could be cold to him but how could she be so heartless to a child, a child whom she used to call daughter?!

There was a limit to Yang Chen’s patience. He wasn’t offended by the cold shoulder but he couldn’t let her mistreat his daughter!

“Lin Ruoxi, you’ve crossed the line!”

Yang Chen yelled and carried Lanlan into her arms, pressing her head against his chest. Soon, the tears from Lanlan drenched Yang Chen’s shirt.

Lanlan sobbed in his arms, “Mommy doesn’t want Lanlan again…mommy doesn’t like me anymore…”

Her cries broke Wang Ma’s heart and she glared at Lin Ruoxi.

“Miss, what are you doing?! You can’t lash out on a child because of a conflict between the both of you!”

Having said so, Wang Ma rushed to console Lanlan but it was difficult. Lanlan couldn’t handle the blow, feeling as though she was abandoned twice.

Lin Ruoxi sneered and she had his back against them, “Wang Ma, I have nothing to do with them anymore. It’s his child. Our divorce just hasn’t been filed yet.”

Yang Chen was trembling with anger from his daughter’s cries. He was losing control of himself, “Lin Ruoxi…you can hate me for all you want and I have no complaints about that. But you hurt my daughter, I want to kill you for that…”