Wang Ma was freaked out. She might be extremely upset with Lin Ruoxi but she couldn’t accept letting Yang Chen hurt her!

“No! Sir! You can’t be impulsive! She’s just acting up!!” 

Wang Ma tried to calm him down but she didn’t know that Yang Chen was on the brink of an explosion!

Not only was he disappointed and confused with Lin Ruoxi’s lack of empathy, but Lanlan’s cries were also another stab right to his heart. The two most important people in his life gave him a huge blow to his mental health!

It felt as if nothing could ever heal the gaping hole in his heart!

At this moment, his mind was the most vulnerable. Chaos, who was residing in his dantian, took advantage of this moment and it tried to engulf Yang Chen’s mind!

Yang Chen’s self-control was consumed by anger, causing him to blurt out those words!

Chaos’s motive was obvious. It knew that provoking Yang Chen and making him kill Lin Ruoxi would give him a mental breakdown!

When that happened, it could take control over Yang Chen’s body and steal Yang Chen’s cultivation. Not only could it restore its power, but it could also emerge with new life!

Once Yang Chen caught on to this, Yang Chen clenched his jaw to restrain Chaos.

He wasn’t fighting with Lin Ruoxi but with himself!

Lin Ruoxi knew nothing about this and his threat made her tremble. Still, her facial expression didn’t change, biting her red lips and sneering, “You think I’m afraid of dying? I wouldn’t have asked for a divorce if I was afraid.”


Yang Chen was already struggling to regain self-control and her words made him lose it. Although he wouldn’t kill her, he couldn’t hold back from wanting to slap her!

Before he could get closer to her, Lanlan shrieked, “Daddy, don’t hit mommy! Don’t hit her!!”

Yang Chen’s mind was cleansed by Lanlan. Her voice was like a mantra, capable of subduing Chaos.

The bond between a father and daughter was so strong. Yang Chen’s heart was softened immediately. How could he hit Lin Ruoxi when Lanlan was watching her with a tearful gaze.

He couldn’t let Chaos take over his body when he still had a daughter to take care of!

“Lanlan wasn’t a good kid…Lanlan won’t look for mommy anymore…” Lanlan sobbed and looked at Lin Ruoxi for the one last time before turning away from her.

Yang Chen’s heart wrenched and he stroked her head silently.

Lin Ruoxi tightened her grip on her handbag and spoke with an expressionless face, “I’m heading inside to rest if you have nothing else to talk about. I’m busy.”

Having said so, she turned around hurriedly to leave.


Yang Chen couldn’t let her go that easily. He was so busy subduing Chaos that he hadn’t had the chance to ask her questions.

“Ruoxi, do you have a reason…I don’t believe that you’re a heartless person. If you have a reason, why can’t you just tell me? We’ve been through so many hardships together. Don’t you believe in my capabilities? Shouldn’t we work this out together as husband and wife?” Yang Chen asked with an expectant gaze.

Wang Ma thought the same too and she also looked at Lin Ruoxi with a hopeful gaze, waiting for her answer.

Lin Ruoxi snickered, glancing at Yang Chen in disdain.

“Don’t you find this funny? Our contract has ended and I’m just doing what I wanted to do.”

“I don’t believe it. You changed too abruptly!” 

Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath and her eyes glinted coldly, “Fine, you asked for it and I’ll tell you the truth…” Lin Ruoxi pointed at Lanlan who was in Yang Chen’s arms, “Only one of us can stay. You either want me or her!”

Yang Chen and Wang Ma were dumbfounded. They couldn’t believe their ears. Could Lin Ruoxi be this cruel, demanding Yang Chen to choose between her and Lanlan?!

Yang Chen tightened his arms around Lanlan and shook his head, “No, she’s Shi Qi’s only child. She’s my daughter. How can I give up on her?”

“Case closed then,” Lin Ruoxi gave a mocking grin, “I can accept your lovers because they’re not on par with me. I have the confidence. But I can’t accept that dead woman to have anything to do with you, including the daughter whom she gave birth to…every time I think of Lanlan, it feels like I can still see her around you. Even if you say that I’m not a replacement for her, I still think you sound like a hypocrite. Seeing her in front of me feels like an insult! As though our marriage was a joke! It gives me the greatest pain that I’ve ever felt! As long as she’s around, you’ll never forget her and you’ll never love me more than her! Because she’s your true love, the only woman who has ever birthed a child for you!”

Everything she said tore him apart.

Could he really love Lin Ruoxi more than Shi Qi?

Even if he could, how would he convince her?

To Lin Ruoxi, every time she saw Lanlan might feel like torture.

Yang Chen couldn’t understand it. Was he wrong for acknowledging Lanlan as his daughter?

No, his child should be able to live openly. She shouldn’t be identified as an illegitimate child.

With this in mind, Yang Chen lowered his head and smiled bitterly, “It seems like I was being too greedy. You’re right, I don’t know if I love you more than Shi Qi but I do know that I can’t lose my daughter.”

“I’m glad you know that.” Lin Ruoxi replied coldly and she stopped the conversation by walking into the house.

Wang Ma sighed and she walked towards Yang Chen, “Sir, isn’t there anything else you can do?”

Yang Chen looked up and smiled at her, “Wang Ma, I know you only want the best for us but you don’t have to be so upset. Shouldn’t you be happy for your daughter?”

“How can I be that heartless?! Qing’er wouldn’t be happy with the divorce either!” Wang Ma wasn’t pleased to hear this. 

Yang Chen was determined, “It’s time to let her go. It’s wrong for me to stay here and bother her. Our marriage began with a lot of uncertainties. Just like when you learn how to ride a bicycle, you’re taught to turn towards the direction you’re falling in, not the other side. All I can do is go with the flow, instead of being stubborn to change the flow. Ruoxi might despise me for choosing my daughter and giving up on her. She might not feel comfortable but I can’t see it. She doesn’t have any close friends so if she talks to you about us, listen to her closely, no matter what she says. If she cries, hand her tissues until she stops crying. Don’t pity her, she’s willful. She doesn't want others to see her weak side. If she bad-mouths me, let her say whatever she wants. You can join her too, bad mouth me for being fickle, a rogue, unfaithful, whatever you want. If she asks if I’ve said anything to you, tell her I’m sorry, I’m sorry for too many things…”

Wang Ma was crying so hard and she choked with sobs, “Miss is being so immature. The most important thing for a couple to be together is love. It’s not worthwhile to overthink and be affected by so many things!”

“Every person is different.” Yang Chen shrugged and just when he wanted to say something else, he noticed a Bentley driving towards him. That must be Meng Yue.

Yang Chen squinted his eyes and put Lanlan into Wang Ma’s arms.

“Wang Ma, I need to go out and run some errands. Can you bring Lanlan home for me and tell Min Juan that Qianni might not come home today so she can bring Lanlan out for dinner. Let Lanlan eat whatever she wants.”

Wang Ma nodded and it pained her to see Lanlan’s depressed expression.

At this moment, Meng Yue’s car arrived next to Yang Chen. She was dressed in a red evening gown matched with a short black fur coat. Her hair was up and her makeup was so elegant and seductive.

Once she got out of the car, Meng Yue glanced at the tear stains on Wang Ma and Lanlan’s faces before looking at the villa. Her eyes glinted for a second and all of a sudden, she smiled brightly and ran into Yang Chen’s arms. Her movement was so natural as if she had done this before!