When she got closer, Yang Chen could smell her sweet fragrance, and the touch of her soft skin prevented him from dodging in time. He never expected her to run into his arms!

Just when Yang Chen decided to move away from her, Meng Yue chose to wrap her arms around his. She even rubbed her busty chest against his arm.

This puzzled Yang Chen. What was wrong with her? Why was she being so passionate all of a sudden?

“Hehe, Mister Yang, is this your daughter? She’s so cute.” Meng Yue looked at Lanlan fondly.

Wang Ma was at a loss from seeing a random woman running into Yang Chen’s arms and she raised an eyebrow at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen felt awkward and he wanted to explain himself. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find a good explanation for this so he could only pull his arms away from Meng Yue.

“I don’t think we’re that close.” Yang Chen didn’t bother to sugarcoat his words since he was in a bad mood.

Meng Yue seemed unaffected, leaning close to him, “Her name must be Yang Lanlan, am I right? That’s a cute name.”

Yang Chen furrowed his brow, “You did a pretty thorough check.”

“Well, I sure wish to know more about the man I admire.”

Meng Yue winked at her which made the atmosphere between them kind of flirty.

Unfortunately, Yang Chen wouldn’t believe her nonsense.

“Alright, bring me to the party.”

“Wait, there’s no need to rush,” Meng Yue smiled and took out a platinum bracelet embedded with jade. From the looks of it, it seemed like a high-quality imperial jade. With the number of jade stones embedded in the bracelet, it must be worthed millions.

Meng Yue held the beautiful bracelet in front of Lanlan while smiling at her gently, “Here, a small gift from me for our first meeting.”

Even if a child wouldn’t know the value of the bracelet, they wouldn’t say no to a gift, especially when it was made of sparkly jade stones.

Sadly, Meng Yue made a mistake, one she would have never expected.

Her gift might work on other little girls but it wouldn’t work on someone like Lanlan who was used to seeing jewelry, especially the pink diamond bracelet owned by Mo Qianni and the big gem that Yang Chen gave to Lin Ruoxi. 

Lanlan wasn’t happy with Meng Yue’s bribe, thinking that this aunt was stingy!

Besides, she wouldn’t want something inedible!

Lanlan was still sobbing at first and Meng Yue’s ‘gift’ halted her crying. She pouted and turned away from her, “It’s not tasty, I don’t want it!”

The smile on Meng Yue’s face froze. Lanlan’s reaction startled her and she became puzzled. 

Not tasty? But this wasn't food!

Was the psycho’s daughter a little psycho as well?!

Wang Ma was amused by Lanlan and she had to stifle a laugh by covering her mouth. Outsiders wouldn’t know that food beats everything in Lanlan’s mind.

Yang Chen didn’t dare to laugh out loud since he didn’t want to ruin his image. However, to praise Lanlan for being sensible, Yang Chen pretended to reach for something in his pocket but he was actually taking a sapphire out from his space ring. He had gotten it from the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.

“Eh, you’re using a little piece of trash to humor, my daughter. It seems like the Meng clan hasn’t been doing well.” 

Yang Chen said nonchalantly as he moved the large gemstone in front of Meng Yue in slow motion so that she could take a thorough look at it.

“Lanlan, here’s a big stone from daddy. Daddy’s going out today so be a good kid and stay at home. Aunt Minjuan will bring you out for dinner later.”

Lanlan turned around and she giggled at the sight of the big sapphire. It was smaller than the one mommy had but she liked the color.

Meng Yue couldn’t take her eyes off the sapphire and her eyes were glinting with envy.

Big stone? My goodness…the purity and size, it would’ve cost 50 million on the market and he just gave it to a kid as a toy?!

Meng Yue couldn’t believe that the Yang clan could be so wealthy as a military clan. The only plausible guess was that Yang Chen himself was the wealthy one!

Meng Yue bit her lips as her back started to break out in a cold sweat. It dawned on her that she might have misjudged Yang Chen!

His background was far more mysterious than she had initially thought and this made her love and hate Yang Chen at the same time.

For a woman in her position, she had no interest in ordinary men from wealthy clans, but she could never resist capable and mysterious men. Wealth and power were superficial things and only absolute power and charisma could charm her.

Well, she couldn’t be blamed since Meng Kaiyuan wasn’t familiar with Yang Chen’s history overseas.

After all, the Meng clan had never cared about the executives and corps in China or even the Gods in Western countries. They were fixated on being a lord in their territory.

In other words, the Meng clan had been disconnected from society. They were different from the Rothschild clan who were actively engaged in recent worldly matters. Instead, they trap themselves in a corner and become detached from the world just because they have a profound background. 

However, now that Yang Chen was officially on their bad side, Meng Yue wouldn’t belittle herself. No matter how powerful Yang Chen might be, he was alone. Besides, the Yang clan also stated clearly that it had nothing to do with them. Wouldn’t this mean that the Yang clan was afraid of them?

With this in mind, Meng Yue’s confidence was boosted. But she had forgotten about another possibility. Maybe Ygm refused to help Yang Chen because he assumed that Yang Chen could handle it himself without the help of the Yang clan.

“You’re generous. Excuse me for that. Shall we get going?” Meng Yue smiled and tried to wrap her arm around his.

Yang Chen swatted her hand away and he wondered if she was thirsty for men. 

After a goodbye wave to Lanlan, Yang Chen finally got into the car. 

Before getting into the car with him, Meng Yue looked at the villa for one last time with disdain.

Soon, the car drove out of the villa and towards Wang Cheng Grand Hotel which was located northeast of Zhonghai.

Unbeknown to Yang Chen, the curtains on the second floor moved slightly when the car left.

Wang Cheng Grand Hotel was built on a hill. Initially, the developer cleared up the area to build villas on it but the terrain was kind of dangerous so a hotel was built instead.

Although the hotel had a magnificent sea view, the east side of the hotel was surrounded by steep terrains and cliffs, posing a risk for accidents. Thus, the hotel was deserted. 

But in less than two years, another developer transformed this place into a five-star hotel that was not open to guests like other hotels. The hotel only organizes large-scale events such as dinner parties. They were easier to manage and less likely for accidents to occur.

Yang Chen stayed in Zhonghai for three days and today was the day he found out that the Meng clan owned this hotel. No wonder the government approved of this project regardless of the terrains.

The car drove up the tortuous asphalt road and a hotel built within the woods appeared in front of them.

Once the car was parked, Yang Chen got down and a smile formed on his lips as he looked around the parking lot.

There were hundreds of parking spots but only twenty of them were taken.

“That’s the number of guests at this party?”

Meng Yue smiled amorously, “It’s too late for you to regret. Are you touched that we organized a party for you?”

Yang Chen shrugged. He saw this coming since the matter to be discussed with the Meng clan couldn’t be done in public. He was prepared to face a Hongmen Banquet from the moment he decided to come.

Suddenly, two men dressed in black and gold robes emerged from two different directions. They seemed to be around 40 to 50 years old, with their hair tied into a topknot.

Their gazes were sharp and even without his divine sense, Yang Chen could tell that they were far stronger than Meng Qi! They might even be in the Tribulation Passing stage!

“Stop looking, you moron,” Meng Qi‘s cocky voice was heard as he walked out of the hotel. He waved his sleeves and raised his voice, “Elder Meng Tian and Elder Meng Wei are in the second stage of the Three Yang Fire. With them here to watch you, you wouldn’t be able to escape!”