The second stage of the Three Yang Fire? Wouldn’t that be the Samadhi True Fire tribulation?

Even Yang Chen was astonished. According to Xiao Zhiqing, those who could enter this stage were equivalent to Hongmeng cultivators in the Xuan stage. Cultivators like them were scarce, different from those in the Soul Forming stage.

What exactly was their background? How did they manage to summon these two elders within such short notice? Was the Meng clan truly related to Hongmeng?

“Stop standing there. Yue’er, bring him in.” Meng Qi sneered and walked into the hotel first with his hands behind his back.

Meng Yue gestured to Yang Chen while smiling mysteriously.

Yang Chen didn’t care about it and strolled into the hotel. While they were walking, Yang Chen asked Meng Yue, “Your clan doesn’t rule with strength?”

Meng Yue was slightly taken aback, “Why did you say so?”

“Meng Tian and Meng Wei have higher cultivation than Meng Qi but they still listen to his commands.” Yang Chen was puzzled by this.

Meng Yue understood his question and she chuckled, “Mister Yang, you’re really belittling our clan. I’ll be frank, those two elders are from the collateral branches so, in terms of the hierarchy, they’re inferior to Elder Meng Qi. We have plenty of masters in our clan, far more than those in the collateral branches. I don’t think even my grandfather has an idea of the number of elders who are still alive, let alone for a little girl like me.” 

“Are you guys trying to frighten me? If that’s true, you guys should rule the country.” Yang Chen smiled lopsidedly.

Meng Yue shook her head, “We don’t need to intimidate you because we have the power to subdue you. As for our clan, we’ve never intruded with the other clans’ business, nor do we intend to assert supremacy.”

Yang Chen almost snorted at her confidence. So ignorant. 

At the same time, Yang Chen was impressed with their family’s honor.

As they walked past the grandeur corridors, Yang Chen could see bodyguards standing guard around the area.

To Yang Chen, it was fascinating to know that the Meng clan had been expanding their force systematically.

These bodyguards had achieved an impressive level of cultivation and some were already in the Houtian stage at a young age. Perhaps in a few more years, they would ascend into the Xiantian stage.

It seemed like the Meng clan had put in a significant amount of effort to deal with him.

Upon entering a meeting hall, Yang Chen finally met the Southern China Gang once again.

Meng Kaiyuan was seated at the front whereas Elder Meng Qi and another elder in a black robe seated on the left.


The elder looked far older than Meng Qi and he had his eyes closed, not even batting an eyelash at Yang Chen’s arrival.

Yang Chen noticed that no one other than Meng Qi dared to stay close to the elder. Somehow, he could sense that the elder was the biggest threat on site.

“Yang descendant, we meet again.” Meng Kaiyuan sounded calm.

“So many people are here to welcome me. Why are we in the meeting hall instead of having dinner?” Yang Chen smiled.

“Hmph, stop being pretentious when you’re close to dying.” Meng Zhelong said in disdain.

Yang Chen didn’t respond, rushing over to land a kick on Meng Zhelong!

Tables and chairs toppled over and Meng Zhelong was knocked onto the ground! 

The rest of them were shocked and their jaws almost dropped.

Was he on drugs?! Why did he attack out of nowhere?!

No one saw this coming so the thought of stopping him didn’t occur to them.

The elder opened his eyes at the ruckus and he glanced at Yang Chen.

Meng Kaiyuan’s face darkened and he looked at the elder anxiously before yelling at Yang Chen, “What are you doing?! Do you really think we’re afraid of you?!”

“Nothing. Your grandson has a nasty mouth. You know me, if I wanted to kill him, he would be a pile of meat by now.” Yang Chen said flatly. 

Meng Zhelong’s bones were aching and he glared at Yang Chen. Before he could even say anything to him, Meng Kaiyuan cut him off.

“Zhelong! Get out of here!”

Meng Zhelong looked at his grandfather with frustration, but he was still forced to leave the hall.

Once it was silent, Meng Kaiyuan spoke, “Yang Chen, we’re not doing anything to you now because we wish to have a proper discussion with you. Behave yourself.” 

“What’s there to talk about? Return your treasure? I didn’t take anything and don’t even think about asking for an apology.” Yang Chen jumped and sat on the table. 

It was obvious that Yang Chen was a rogue and there was no use to reason with him.

Meng Kaiyuan’s eyes twitched and he motioned to Meng Que.

Soon, Zhang Ling and Meng Zhexin were brought into the hall. Fear was still visible in their eyes when they saw Yang Chen.

“It didn’t educate my daughter-in-law well and my grandson provoked you first. You might hold grudges against them. I can have them apologize to you and I promise that we’ll never seek revenge anymore,” Meng Kaiyuan’s eyes crinkled, “How is it? I’m being very sincere here.”

Yang Chen raised his eyebrows, “I don’t care about their apologies because I’ve already lashed out by burning down your ancestral hall.”

Meng Kaiyuan’s facial expression changed, “Fine. If that’s the case, it’s our turn now.”

With his commands, Meng Que ushered others to turn on the projector.

Very quickly, a video was played on the screen.

Yang Chen took a closer look at it and his eyebrows were furrowed when he realized what the video was about.

Liu Qingshan and his wife were being held at gunpoint in their villa?!

They were tied up by ropes and their mouths were stuffed with cloth but they didn’t dare to move because of the guns pointed at them!

Liu Mingyu and Liu Minghao were lucky enough to get away from this!

With her Houtian cultivation, Liu Mingyu wouldn’t have lasted against the bullets and masters from the Meng clan.

“From what we know, Liu Qingshan from the Green Dragon Society provided you with the explosives and he’s one of your fathers-in-law. Did I get it wrong?” Meng Kaiyuan enjoyed seeing Yang Chen’s current expression.

Yang Chen took out his handphone and dialed Jiang Xiaobai’s number. 

The moment the call got through, Jiang Xiaobai’s voice was heard, “Mister Yang, I know about the current situation.”

“You know?! Didn’t you tell me that they wouldn’t dare to harm other people?!” Yang Chen’s voice deepened.

“Mister Yang, I didn’t know you have a father-in-law who works in the underworld. Liu Qingshan is involved in many illegal activities, and him being captured doesn’t really affect the safety of our society.”

“Bullcrap! Even if he has to be captured, the police should do it, not them!”

“I…” Jiang Xiaobai hesitated, “We didn’t receive any orders from the higher-ups, so we’re not allowed to intervene with this matter.”

Yang Chen cursed and hung up the phone, feeling irritated by him.

They must be watching to see how things would unfold. As long as their foundation wasn’t being threatened, they would allow anything to happen between him and the Meng clan.

Without his cultivation, he couldn’t teleport to save them. How could he ever face Liu Mingyu if anything were to happen to her parents?

The Meng clan were delighted to watch him suffer as they enjoyed being in control of things.

“How do you feel? You’re too reckless. No one is truly alone in this world. Everyone has their weaknesses, the same goes for you,” Meng Kaiyuan went on, “If you would cooperate with us, we’ll ignore the fact that Liu Qingshan helped you but if you insist on being stubborn, Liu Qingshan will have to pay the price too…”

Yang Chen contemplated for some time before asking, “How would you like me to cooperate?”

They smiled at his question, thinking that Yang Chen was prepared to surrender. 

“We’re giving you three options and you’ll choose one of them.” Meng Kaiyuan said.


“The first option, return our treasure, rebuild our ancestral hall and apologize to our ancestors. You should’ve heard about this before. As for the second option…” Meng Kaiyuan glanced at his granddaughter and a smile tugged on his lips, “Marry my granddaughter, Meng Yue and be our in-law!”