Yang Chen almost fell off the table from shock. He wanted to doubt his ears but Meng Yue’s blushing face told him otherwise. 

Her reaction reminded him of her attitude towards him and it led him to believe that she knew about all this beforehand.

“Uh...forget about the first option. As for the second option, I’m already married so forget about it too!” Yang Chen waved his hands. He couldn’t even bring himself to appear ferocious.

“Why not? Aren’t things over between you and Lin Ruoxi? She left the Yang clan mansion on Chinese New Year Eve. Most of the major clans know about this, not just Beijing. You two are getting a divorce soon, the divorce papers just haven’t been filed yet. We can take care of the annulment immediately.” 

Meng Yue tossed a question to him.

“Marriage isn’t just about the certificate. Our relationship has nothing to do with him.” Yang Chen replied with a frown.

“Don’t think of me as a fool. I know she couldn’t stand your other lovers. It’s hilarious, she couldn’t keep an eye on her husband, and yet she started a fuss. Does she even deserve to be part of the Yang clan?” Meng Yue snickered.

“Shut up!” Yang Chen widened his eyes in fury and raised his voice, “This has nothing to do with you, stop spouting nonsense!”

Meng Yue scoffed, “Why are you being so agitated? I’m just stating the facts. I’m a woman and I know women better than you. Why are you yelling at me for speaking the truth, why don’t you yell at Lin Ruoxi?”

Yang Chen wasn’t sure how he should react to her boldness, “Sis, do you really want to marry me that badly?”

“I’m not your sister, we’re the same age…” Meng Yue’s expression changed. Her cheeks were still flushed with her chest puffed, showing no intention of backing down.

Her gaze was so amorous that it dazzled Yang Chen for a second.

If this had happened in the past, he wouldn’t have rejected a beautiful woman like her. Sadly, with the ongoing conflict with Lin Ruoxi, he didn’t have the time and energy to deal with her.

Besides, marriage is so different compared to just a fling.

Meng Yue was not to be played with. Things would enter another level if anything were to actually happen between them.

The Meng clan made it clear that they were fighting for a spot beside him for Meng Yue. This showed that they wanted to put the Meng and Yang clan in the same boat.

“My granddaughter is exceptional, regardless of appearance, intelligence, or background. I doubt you can find anyone like her in the rest of China,” Meng Kaiyuan said calmly, “You should know better, you’re lucky that she’s willing to marry you. Lin Ruoxi may be the daughter of the Ning clan, but she’s only an illegitimate child. We can offer more help to you compared to her. If you marry Yue’er, the Yang clan will be the biggest clan in Beijing and we can make up for your loss of status in the political and corporate world.”

Yang Chen couldn’t read his mind. Even if he ended up getting a divorce, he wasn’t planning on marrying another woman.

“That’s enough. You don’t need to compliment your granddaughter anymore. I’m not interested in her.” Yang Chen cut him off.

The Meng clan members were indignant. They valued Meng Yue the most and it wasn’t just because she was the leader of the Red Flower and the president of Huazhong Industrial Group, she was the heir with the greatest potential of being the next leader of the Southern China Gang!

Meng Yue bit her lips, feeling humiliated. She never thought that a man would ever reject her, especially by a promiscuous man.

Was she no better than that cold Lin Ruoxi?!

“Did you hear yourself?! Yue’er has the greatest potential of being the next leader of the Southern China Gang. You can’t be that much of a fool to jor get this!” Meng Kaiyuan slammed the table with fury. 

The rest of the gang members were bewildered. It was their first time hearing him talking about the heir openly.

Even though she was a woman, Meng Yue still managed to win her grandfather’s trust with her abilities.

Yang Chen wasn’t interested in the Southern China Gang, he had more than enough mafia members. Even the largest mafia organization, the Yamaguchi Group was under his control. What good would the Southern China Gang bring him?

“Isn’t there a third option? What is it?” Yang Chen chose to get straight to the point.

By asking this, it was definitive that he had rejected the marriage proposal, which angered the Meng clan members.

“Fine…as expected of youngsters to be reckless,” Meng Kaiyuan’s eyes twitched, “The third option is fairly simple. We never hold back when dealing with our enemies. The Liu couple will be taken care of and you’ll be held captive in the Meng clan. We will abolish your cultivation and interrogate you until you hand in our treasure, kowtow and admit your mistake in front of our ancestors!”

Yang Chen clicked his tongue twice, impressed by their boldness in coming up with his option.

“Don’t underestimate us, the Yang clan is nowhere near a threat to us! The army troops may not listen to your clan’s commands. Besides, we can wipe out your clan by sending out our elders but we won’t go to such great lengths yet.” Meng Kaiyuan looked at Yang Chen out of the corner of his eyes.

Yang Chen wouldn’t believe him. He would’ve been the emperor ages ago if he had the guts to do so, instead of staying in the central plains. 

However, their plan of keeping him captive might work as they sent over three masters today.

Worse yet, he wouldn’t be able to be at peace with himself if anything happened to the Liu couple. After all, he got Liu Qingshan involved with this. He didn’t benefit from this and now his life was being threatened.

“I’ll give you three minutes. Think about it carefully. This has to end by today.” Meng Kaiyuan seemed smug as he didn’t think Yang Chen would have a way out of this.

Yang Chen chuckled instead of answering. Reaching his hands into his pockets, Yang Chen pulled out his phone and pressed some numbers.

Everyone was confused, why was he making a phone call at this moment?

Yang Chen’s actions were quite the contrary. He wasn’t making a phone call, sending a text message instead.

“Yang Chen, don’t pull any…”

The moment Meng Kaiyuan spoke, a thundering rumbling sound from a mountain cut him off!

Flocks of birds were frightened from the explosion and they scattered out of the forest!

On the other hand, the Southern China Gang members turned ghastly pale from the deafening noise!

The sound didn’t end there, continuing in a series of explosions!

Flames rose into the air, sending rocks and dirt flying across the ground. A large number of trees were also uprooted from the force!

The asphalt roads surrounding the hotel were blasted into pieces as the building started to crumble. The flying rocks crashed into the parked cars. Simultaneously, the oil tanks were ignited which caused another series of explosions!

The mountain started to rock, causing those in the hotel to lose their balance!

“Sh*t! He was sending the signal!! He buried explosives in the mountain!!!”

Someone yelled in realization and was dying to wrap his hands around Yang Chen’s throat!

Right when the explosions began, Yang Chen pulled Meng Yue to him!

Meng Yue’s cultivation was nothing compared to Yang Chen and whilst she was still in shock, Yang Chen wrapped his fingers around her neck and knocked her unconscious!

He tossed her over his shoulders and cackled, “You shameless old man! I can’t believe you even dared to challenge me! I’ve ordered my men to bury the mountain with C4 explosives. Go to hell, all of you!”

“Moron!!” Meng Kaiyuan punched a piece of the falling ceiling away, “Do you want us to die together? Have you lost your mind?!”

“You wish! I’m not even afraid of a nuclear bomb, let alone this! I’ll be taking your granddaughter away! Let go of my in-laws if you want her to live! Or else I’ll feed her to the sharks and kill your clan members!”

Yang Chen guffawed and rushed outward. He didn’t even care if there was a wall ahead, shattering them with his body!

Suddenly, the black robe elder who had been keeping his eyes closed appeared in front of Yang Chen!