Just as he had predicted, this elder would be the trickiest to deal with. His speed and aura completely surpassed Meng Qi. 

But Yang Chen also knew that he had no other way out. Facing him straight on was the only way and he would have to rely on his physique.

“Where are you running off to?!” The elder waved his black sleeves and his seemingly cloudy eyes gleamed as a surge of True Yuan rose within his body.

In the next second, his hands glowed in yellow and a five feet long ancient-looking Mo Dao appeared in his hand!

Yang Chen was astonished to see an artifact in this form for the same time and at the same time, it kept his guard up. 

Although the explosives that were buried in the mountain were still being set off, the rumbling sound didn’t seem to affect the elder at all as he swung the Mo Dao to create a ten feet wide True Yuan barrier around the Meng clan members!

With this, the explosives were unable to inflict any harm upon them, nor would the crumbling building fall upon them.

“Stay in the barrier and you’ll be safe! Do not move!”

The Meng clan members were relieved and they felt fortunate to have the elder with them or else they would’ve died from the explosions or the collapsing building!

Meng Qi and the two other elders, Meng Tian and Meng Wei opened up their protective barrier as they surrounded Yang Chen.

“Bold of you to use tricks to aid your escape. You’ve overestimated your capabilities! Have a taste of my ‘Thirty Thousand Pounds!”

The elder scoffed and raised his Mo Dao to throw an overhand cut towards Yang Chen!

Yang Chen cursed internally when he realized the elder couldn’t care less about Meng Yue’s safety. The elder knew he wouldn’t kill Meng Yue since the Liu couple was still being held hostage!

On the other hand, the Meng clan members were frightened. It would be a challenge to find another suitable heir from the rest of the descendants if Meng Yue were to die! 

Even though they feared for Meng Yue, they had no right to stop the elder, especially since he had a higher rank than Meng Qi. Not even Meng Kaiyuan dared to stop him.

As the yellow True Yuan got closer to Yang Chen, he wanted to push Meng Yue in front of him as his human shield but he still needed her. The thought of dodging came to him but his speed was lacking. Left with no choice, Yang Chen extended one hand to receive the Mo Dao!


A heavy loud sound was heard accompanied by flying debris amidst the explosions.

From where Yang Chen was standing, a two-meter deep crater was formed and the remaining part of the hotel behind him was split into halves! 

This wasn’t the most shocking part yet.

Yang Chen stood still in the sunken ground and his hand was holding onto the tip of the Mo Dao?!

Even the elder who was holding onto the grip was astonished. He couldn’t understand the scene that was unfolding in front of him. Was this man’s body made out of heavy iron?!

No, heavy iron couldn’t bear the strength of ‘Thirty Thousand Pounds’!

Yang Chen’s hand was in pain and he could feel his skin and flesh being torn apart. Even so, he was never afraid of pain, being used to it ever since he was young!

The elder sensed this too. Although Yang Chen managed to catch his Mo Dao barehanded, his hand was trembling and a trail of blood was dripping from his arm.

“Hmph, I don’t know where you cultivated such wicked technique to get such a tough physique but it’s not enough to stop my ‘Thirty Thousand Pounds’!”

The elder sneered and summoned his True Yuan to channel another yellow light onto the Mo Dao!

Right at that moment, Yang Chen could feel the artifact getting a hundred times heavier!

The ground beneath him continued to sink and Yang Chen felt as if his tendons and bones were cracking. The pressure caused his veins to pop!

“Brat, hand Meng Yue over. You can’t last any longer with one hand.”

Meng Qi arrived right outside the crater and snickered, “You’re facing Elder Meng Kuo who has reached the Kui Water-stage in the Six Frost Water tribulation. He can kill you with the blink of an eye.”

Six Frost Water?

Yang Chen gasped internally. He had fallen for their trick. Had he known that the Meng clan had so many masters hidden, he wouldn’t have burned their ancestral hall!

What kind of background did they have? How did they manage to keep so many masters hidden in the dark? 

Could it be that there are other hidden forces in the world?

Yang Chen could kill them within minutes if he chose to use his cultivation, but that would also give Chaos a chance to take control of his body. He wouldn’t dare to take the risk.

“Hey, are you still going to hold up? Your right arm will break if this goes on.” Meng Qi sneered.

Technically, Yang Chen wouldn’t be able to resist if they rushed down to take Meng Yue away from him but Meng Qi still held a grudge against Yang Chen for the previous humiliation. He’d rather watch Yang Chen lose his arm!

Yang Chen saw right through him and he cackled, “It’s not the end yet.”

“Heh, you’re stubborn,” Meng Qi smirked, “Elder Meng Kuo’s Mo Dao can gather the earth’s spiritual power from the cosmic orbit and the weight you’re holding is just a small part of it. Do you really think you’d stand a chance against us?!”

Meng Kuo was losing his patience. Though he didn’t wish to hurt Meng Yue, her life really wasn’t important to him. As one of the ancestors, losing a few descendants wouldn’t hurt as long as their bloodline was passed on.

“I’ll ask you one last time! Will you return our treasure?!” Meng Kuo raised his voice.

Yang Chen’s face was beet red. He could feel the earth’s spiritual power gathering in the Mo Dao again. The pressure on his hand was building and it felt as though he was lifting a small hill!

“Kill me...if you can!”

Meng Kuo’s expression changed and his eyes glinted ferociously, “Such a stubborn young man, as expected of the descendant of a military clan. Sadly, you’re too tactless!”

Having said so, the Mo Dao in his hands seemed to have grown and the tip became thicker and heavier as more earth spiritual power was channeled into it via his True Yuan. The tip of the Mo Dao was glowing gold! 

“Thirty Thousand Pounds Giant Dao, Fall of Mountain Tai!”

Meng Kuo roared. The Mo Dao shook and just like a giant beast, it pressed Yang Chen’s body deep into the ground!

Yang Chen’s right hand lost grip of the Mo Dao and it pressed right onto his arm and shoulder, keeping him firmly rooted to the ground!

Yang Chen hurled from the pain. He would’ve been sliced into halves if it wasn’t for his impenetrable physique.

The ground could no longer withstand the force, collapsing with a rumbling sound. The granite layer also cracked, deepening the crater for another ten meters!

The explosives were fully ignited and the tattered hotel stood tall on top of the now bare mountain.

The three elders furrowed their eyebrows at Yang Chen who was underground. It was unimaginable that Yang Chen was still alive after that immense force.

The rest of the Meng clan members were scared witless, worried about Meng Yue.

After all, to them, Meng Yue’s life was worth more than the Liu couple.

“Father, he’s already underground. Will Yue’er be fine?” Meng Que asked with a worried expression.

“Calm down. Look at the elders’ expressions. The bastard is still alive. He’s using Yue’er as a hostage and if anything happens to Yue’er, the Liu couple will die too. He knows that well. So he would actually protect Yue’er.” Meng Kaiyuan analyzed the situation.

“But will she get hurt?”

“Shut up! The elders know what they are doing!” Meng Kaiyuan reprimanded him.

Bai He was amazed, “What kind of cultivation technique does he have? His physique is inhumane.”

Meng Kuo’s face was dark as he looked into the crater. His sight wasn’t clear but by controlling the Thirty Thousand Pounds with his True Yuan, he could feel that Yang Chen was still trying his best to resist it.

This displeased him. Why wasn’t this young man dead yet? He didn’t even have any cultivation!