“You’re stubborn as a mule! Time for the Yang clan to suffer a blow!” Meng Kuo felt insulted and once again, he channeled another group of earth's spiritual power into the Mo Dao!

A full-blown attack from a cultivator in the Kui Water-stage onto a single target would be equivalent to the combined forces of three to five cultivators in the Samadhi Fire stage. 

Even if Yang Chen’s body wouldn’t be sliced into halves, he still wouldn’t be able to withstand his attack. Having a hostage with him would only worsen things.

However, just when Meng Kuo was prepared to release his attack, a sense of foreboding arose in his mind!

He turned back abruptly and stared into the night sky.

The other elders, Meng Qi, Meng Tian, and Meng Wei too, sensed something, and they looked towards the sky with a puzzled expression. 

The Meng clan members were puzzled and weirded out by their actions when they heard a mumble from Meng Kuo, “What is that?” 

Before they could even react, a rumbling sound was heard from the sky.

Within the next second, sparks appeared from the dark clouds and they moved across the sky in graceful trajectories, like shooting stars.

Somehow, they were landing in the same spot!

Some of the Meng clan members once worked in the army, hence they were more familiar with modern firearms.

“Oh no! Those are missiles!”

“Sh*t! How is this possible?!”

Some bodyguards shrieked in disbelief.

Meng Kaiyuan turned ashen.

Missiles? Wasn’t this exclusive to the army?!

Meng Kuo, Meng Tian, and Meng Tian had been living in isolation for more than a century, thus they knew nothing about missiles. Even though Meng Qi was younger than them, he was nowhere better.

Even so, they could tell that missiles were dangerous. As for the clan members who were unable to fly, the missiles would kill them!

All this happened in the blink of an eye, and before they knew it, dozens of missiles were already one foot away from them!

With burning flames, the missiles were fired towards the mountain!

There was no doubt that these high-precision missiles would not miss their target any further than 30 meters and the resulting explosions could crumble the mountain!

Sensing the incoming missiles, the elders immediately thought of protecting the clan members.

With Meng Kuo in the lead, they channeled their True Yuan into forming a thick barrier around them. 

Even if they couldn’t care less about their safety, losing that many clan members would be a tremendous blow to them and the Southern China Gang. 

After all, they were their descendants and if they failed to protect them, they could never face the other clan members anymore.

They could also choose to knock the missiles away, but the missiles moved too fast. Missing any of the missiles would still kill the clan members!

Besides, the elders might not be able to withstand the explosive power of the missiles since they didn’t have Yang Chen’s physique. It was too risky!

The missiles landed onto the barriers the moment they were formed and some also landed on various sites of the mountain!

Deafening rumbling sounds were heard, and the mountain crumbled with boulders falling off from all sides.

The Meng clan members were petrified and their senses of hearing were lost. It startled even Meng Kuo!

Their internal organs were in pain as blood rushed to their faces!

Although their True Yuan worked as protection, there was a limit to it!

The missiles crashed and exploded into their barriers like hammers, and they felt as if their bones were being shattered into pieces! 

They could barely think straight from their first encounter with modern thermal weapons!

What kind of sorcery was this? How could it be so powerful?!

Meng Qi, who had the lowest cultivation amongst the elders, spat out blood from the internal bleeding.

Just when they thought they could take a breather, the ground beneath them sank as the mountain crumbled. 

“Elder Meng Kuo! The mountain is collapsing! We have to move them away from here now!!” Meng Wei yelled. 

They were anxious about the clan members’ safety compared to their safety since they needed the young ones to manage the clan and to pass on the bloodline. Without them, the clan would decline for real!

Meng Kuo glared at the crater where Yang Chen was in. Because of the explosion, the crater was filled up, but Meng Kuo didn’t have time to check on Yang Chen with his divine sense. Instead, he waved his sleeves, prepared to lift the clan members into the air. 

To their dismay, this wasn’t the end!

Another wave of missiles came down from the sky!

“Damn you, Yang Chen!! I’ll kill you!!”

Meng Kuo bellowed, but he was out of wits. Having witnessed the fearsome power of the missiles, Meng Kuo didn’t dare to take on the missiles with their bodies.  

The elders reformed another barrier to take on the missiles.

They knew fully that even if their bodies were refined with True Fire or Kui Water, they still couldn’t withstand the power of the missiles!

At this moment, they envied Yang Chen’s body. It was the dream body for cultivators!

Some of the Meng clan members had fainted from fear. Zhang Ling and Meng Zhexin were filled with regret. Why did they cross this Satan?!

The explosions went on and the elders protected the clan members whilst transferring to a safer spot.

A total of 40 missiles landed in the same area.

They turned the mountains into a land of craters!

Most of the clan members had suffered injuries when they arrived at a safer spot. Some were coughing out blood from the impact and some who failed to move into the barrier in time were burned to ashes.

As for the core members of the clan, such as Meng Kaiyuan, they were still alive, but their appearances were a mess. To them, it was a humiliation.

At this moment, they felt shamed, indignant at being toyed as fools!

The elders were exhausted from using True Yuan to defend against the missiles. It practically drained their True Yuan.

After confirming that there were no more missiles directed towards them, Meng Kuo let out a breath in relief, but in the next second, he lifted his head in anger.

“Yang Chen… where is that bastard?!” Meng Kuo’s eyes were red with fury. His black robe was filled with debris as he stood on the mountaintop to look for Yang Chen.

But Yang Chen was nowhere to be seen.

“Elder, can he be exploded into pieces?” Meng Wei asked.

Meng Kaiyuan and Meng Que were crestfallen. Wouldn’t Meng Yue be dead, too?

Meng Kuo balled up his fists whilst shaking his head. 

“No… he planned all this, so I’m sure he prepared an escape route. Even if he was bombed, his body would still be intact.”

Meng Kaiyuan wasn’t sure how to react. Meng Yue would live if Yang Chen was still alive, but him being alive meant that this was not yet over.

How did he bury so many explosives on this mountain without them knowing, and where did he even get the missiles?

Was the border protection there for show? How did he manage to fire the missiles?!

Plenty of areas in Zhonghai heard the commotion, and it also alerted the military zone in Jiangnan.

In less than half an hour, news about Psycho Yang bombing the Meng clan with dozens of missiles were spread to the political leaders, and it shocked them!