The sea was raging as the cool draught of air whipped over the waves, bringing up a chilly and briny taste of the sea. 

If one were to take a hard sniff, they might catch a hint of smoke.

On the calm yet raging sea, a giant beast was seen floating on it. 

It was more than a hundred meters long and as it sailed closer to view, an iron submarine was revealed.

Standing on top of the deck of the submarine was an Asian woman. Her busty figure was wrapped in a tight black leather, with her silky black hair tied into a long ponytail.

Standing next to her was a Caucasian man who was dressed in a Navy uniform.

He was looking to the west side with a relaxed smile.

A troop of soldiers stood behind them. They were all dressed in Navy uniforms but there were no insignia or patches on their uniforms. Instead, a striking and terrifying skull logo was sketched across their chest with silver lines.

The Caucasian man noticed her worry, and he smiled, speaking with a British accent, “Madam Hannya, you don’t need to worry. We still have plenty of time. It’ll take at least thirty minutes for the Jiangnan Navy to catch up with us.”

Hannya was expressionless. 

“Colonel Brewster, I don’t care about the Navy. All I care about is His Majesty Pluto’s safety.”

The Caucasian man was Brewster, grandson of Makedon. He changed little from when he was in The Forgotten Realms, other than gaining some weight. 

Now that he was reinstated as the colonel, Brewster lost some humor and became more reserved.

“Madam Hannya, you buried the explosives with Jounin of the Yamata Sect. I’m sure you’re well aware of the power of those explosives. It won’t be a threat to His Majesty Pluto. As for the missiles, His Majesty Pluto requested this himself, so I’m sure he’s aware of the consequences. He wouldn’t do anything that will bring him harm,” replied Brewster.

Hannya lowered her gaze for a second before turning around to look at the soldiers. 

Other than the nuclear submarine they were on, there were also two more frigates and one destroyer.

They were all equipped with the latest equipment.  Some modifications were even made, thus they were more advanced than combat ships from the United States Navy and Russian Navy!

Hundreds of trained soldiers were under Brewster’s command, and they had fired dozens of Tomahawks to the coordinates sent by Yang Chen!

Once the commands were carried out, the frigates and the destroyer sailed to the international waters, whereas the nuclear submarine remained here, waiting for Yang Chen’s arrival.

Hannya couldn’t fathom the current situation. How did Yang Chen form such an advanced fleet? How did he even bring them into China with no one knowing?!

This couldn’t be done with just money. He would need potent power and influence to achieve this.

It would be easy to ambush the States with these combat ships because they wouldn't be able to track this fleet until it was too late!

If Yang Chen hadn’t let her take part in this mission, she wouldn’t have known about Yang Chen’s powers.

“Colonel, can you tell me the name of your fleet? I’ve never heard of a large-scale mercenary group like this.” Hannya couldn’t suppress her curiosity.

Brewster narrowed his eyes and smiled. “Madam Hannya, I can tell you this because you’re one of us…but I have to correct something. This isn’t my fleet. It’s His Majesty Pluto’s fleet. I’m just the commander of ‘Ghost Fleet’. His Majesty Pluto appointed me because of my father-in-law Sauron. We’re not a mercenary group as we’re established according to the standards of a regular navy. Other than participating in combat for His Majesty, we also defend the territories. This is just one of the units, as we don’t intend to trouble the local government.”

Hannya widened her eyes in disbelief. Just one of the units?

She hadn’t been working for Yang Chen for a long time and although she had been in contact with other subordinates, the things that she knew were still the tip of an iceberg.

Unbeknownst to her, Yang Chen took over the forces left behind by the former Pluto so he spent little effort to build his force. Or else it would’ve taken him years to expand his force worldwide.

It took some time for Hannya to recover from her admiration towards Yang Chen and when she did; she sensed something odd in the sea by using the sharp senses of a Jinnin!

“Someone’s coming… it’s His Majesty Pluto!” Hannya looked at the sea surface in surprise.

She wouldn’t call Yang Chen master in front of outsiders.

Brewster noticed it too, and he let out a sigh of relief. It worried him at first when he couldn’t search for Yang Chen’s mobile phone signal.

Yang Chen was moving rapidly in the sea while lifting Meng Yue in the air single-handedly. 

His clothes were badly tattered and it was embarrassing that he had to swim to the submarine.

During the fight with Meng Kuo, he could’ve escaped using the laws of space but it wouldn't be effective. Not only could Meng Kuo block his way, he would also leave a trace. Besides, with Meng Yue with him, Yang Chen wasn’t fully sure he could escape swiftly.

Hence, he was forced to use the passage made by the Torpedoes.  

It wasn’t an arduous task, as he was good at swimming. With Meng Yue’s cultivation level, it made things easy for him.

As for the elders, they were busy transferring the clan members to safer areas whilst defending against the missiles. None of them even noticed Yang Chen’s departure.

Yang Chen was annoyed that his mobile phone burst from the immense force but fortunately for him, he memorized the coordinates.

After swimming at a constantly fast speed for some time, Yang Chen finally arrived at the submarine. He handed Meng Yue to Hannya and climbed onto the deck.

“Your Majesty Pluto, Chief Commander of the Ghost Fleet, Brewster reports!” Brewster saluted. 

Yang Chen was pulling seaweed off his body and he spat out salty water before waving his hands at Brewster, “Alright, Brewster. Leave out the salutes and move the submarine to the international waters before the navy comes after us.”

“Yes, sir! Please step into the submarine!”

Yang Chen nodded and told Hannya, “Hannya, watch over this woman. She has internal energy, so feed her something to incapacitate her. Don’t kill her. I still need to interrogate her.”

Hannya nodded, and she looked at Meng Yue who was lying in her arms. Although her wet hair covered most of her face, Hannya could still tell that she was a beautiful woman, and this discovery made Hannya squint her eyes.

Once they entered the submarine, the submarine dived into the sea and moved towards the international waters.

Yang Chen walked into the command center, leaving behind a trail of footprints. He was digging into his ear while listening to Brewster’s combat reports.

“Your Majesty Pluto, we’ve dispatched the third unit of the Ghost Fleet according to your command. Other than this Virginia-class nuclear submarine, there are two Bazán-class frigates and one Arleigh Burke-class destroyer. Your yacht, Erebos, is at international waters and with our current speed, we should leave China’s territorial sea in thirty minutes.”

“This carrier battle group is just right. Oh yeah, how many missiles did you fire?” Yang Chen asked.

“A total of forty-seven Tomahawks,” Brewster answered immediately.

Yang Chen paused in his tracks, raising his eyebrows as he asked, “How much does a Tomahawk cost?”

“The production cost is 600 thousand, and we bought it at around 700 thousand dollars. Why are you asking this?”

“What?! 700 hundred thousand dollars?!” Yang Chen raised his voice out of frustration. “Why did you fire so many missiles? You could’ve just fired the missiles in smaller batches! You fired four rounds, and that’s over 30 million dollars?! I thought your grandfather is good with numbers?! How did he raise a spendthrift like you?!” 

Brewster felt he was wronged, but he didn’t dare to refute. He was the one who asked him to cover all areas, and he mentioned nothing about saving money.

Yang Chen had a heartache from all the money that was spent. He may be rich but he had many mouths to feed. Besides, those missiles couldn’t kill those bastards. It was a waste of money.

Yang Chen wanted to groan, reminded of the group of masters in the Meng clan. He had to interrogate Meng Yue when she woke up to get things straight.

Thirty minutes passed and the Ghost Fleet unit came together. Together, they gathered around a brightly lit yacht with four floors. It was around 200 meters long with a white appearance. This luxurious yacht was Erebos, one of Yang Chen’s toys.