After the nuclear submarine surfaced, the surrounding destroyer and two frigates gradually moved closer to the front and sides of the Erebos, forming an escort formation.

Although it was a starry night, on the deck of the warship, the soldiers of the Ghost Fleet, under the leadership of the officers, stood upright in the face of the fierce sea breeze, watching Yang Chen board the ship in the distance.

Standing on the deck of the submarine, Yang Chen waved to the soldiers and expressed satisfaction toward their actions.

When there were tens of meters left from the Erebos, Yang Chen was too lazy to wait. He jumped directly in a sprint, and after tracing an arc in the air, he landed on the deck of the yacht.

It cost Yang Chen nearly 400 million euros to build this luxury yacht, which was secretly built by the German company BlohmVoss.

The company once helped the Russian oligarch Abramovich to build the luxury yacht Eclipse, which is considered the world's number one, but in fact, Yang Chen’s Erebos was the largest, he just didn’t want to disclose it to the outside world, not to mention no media dared to report on it.

Due to a lack of a permanent home, such a mobile castle on the sea was what he needed.

Ever since Seventeen left him, he hadn’t boarded this yacht till now, because there were too many memories of the two on it. Stepping onto this yacht again, he felt much less resistance in his heart. 

Perhaps it was because he learned that Seventeen had truly left, or because as he matured, he felt nostalgic rather than sorrow.

Hannya took Meng Yue, who was still in a coma and aboard the ship after Yang Chen. As for Brewster, he boarded the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer and continued to lead the fleet.

On the yacht, all crew members in neat blue uniforms were mostly experienced middle-aged sailors, as well as some elderly maids.

These people didn't look eye-catching, and the one who led them to greet Yang Chen was an old chef with white-faced sideburns and a curly mustache, wearing a chef's hat.

“Your Majesty Pluto, I'm so happy to be back on the Erebos, we old guys miss you very much," the chef said with a smile.

“Old Fanny, you still have plenty of time before you meet God, you look great," Yang Chen smiled and patted Fanny on the shoulder. This was also his confidant who had known him for many years, and he was also a good friend of Ron.

Fanny smiled and said, "Thanks to you, life on the yacht is very comfortable, and I’ll stop at the port from time to time to purchase some supplies, the rest are just leisurely.”

Yang Chen nodded and looked at the other crew members on the boat. They all look pretty well, it seemed that these old guys were not too bored after all. 

"Is this Sheryl?" Yang Chen asked curiously when he saw a woman who looked like she was in her fifties and whose eyes were squinted as she smiled.

Sheryl smiled shyly, "Your Majesty Pluto, don't you know me?”

"Not in that way," Yang Chen couldn't help but chuckle, "You look a little different in the figure, but fortunately, I recognize your little eyes. "

The rest of the crew laughed kindly. Sheryl had been too comfortable for the past two years and she went out of shape, but the woman in her 50s didn't bother much.

Yang Chen pointed to Hannya next to him and said: "She is Hannya, the leader of the Yamata Sect, and she’ll be staying on the boat these days. Sheryl, arrange a luxurious single room for her. In addition, the woman she is holding is the hostage I took, and you should know how to manage it."

Sheryl and the others nodded. It was not the first time that they had taken care of hostages and prisoners, so they were very knowledgeable. As for whether Hannya was the leader of the Yamata Sect was not within their concern. 

Hannya, who had been observing the entire yacht since she stepped on, after seeing these old guys, she panted a little. She smelled a hint of danger from these seemingly amiable middle-aged and elderly men and women.

This made Hannya even more cautious as her experiences told her that the people around Yang Chen would never look so simple.

Yang Chen turned around and said to Hannya at this time "Give some medicine to keep Meng Yue from moving, then pass her to Sheryl. You have been busy these two days, and the task has been completed well, rest early tonight.”

Hannya nodded and said docilely, "Yes, master, do you need my accompaniment  tonight?" 

Yang Chen was about to enter the cabin and was stunned by Hannya's question. Her expression seemed as if it was meant by default, and she wasn’t shy at all.

Yang Chen had no choice but to laugh helplessly, "Nope, don't think too much about it."

"Alright..." Hannya replied obediently again, somewhat resentful.

Yang Chen's body was still drenched and stuck with seaweed and sea salt. He didn’t bother about other things and ran to his prestigious bedroom, planning to take a hot bath, and lie down until dawn.

As for tonight's disturbance, the shock to Huaxia, and the consequences, was none of his concern for now.


At the same time, outside the Yang family compound in Beijing.

A black BMW 7 Series with two military jeeps stopped outside the gate.

With the car door opened, Li Moshen, wearing a military uniform, looking meticulous, took his son Li Yunpeng and several confidants of the security bureau and quickly walked into the compound.

Li Moshen's expression was a little ugly, and his subordinates all had an anxious look. If it weren't for the troubles of such a big night, they wouldn't need to come over to the Yang’s Residence right after work.

Entering the guest hall, the lights were brightly lit.

At this time daily, Yang Gongming would’ve been asleep already, but he was now woken up by a call from the Jiangnan Military Region, and when he received a call from Li Moshen who was about to rush over, he had to get up and come out.

Yang Pojun on the other hand heard the movement in the house and followed him to the living room. After learning about the incident from his father, he almost fell to the ground!

"Old Yang," after Li Moshen entered the house, he took a seat and asked without taking a sip of tea, "Do you know about this?"

Yang Gongming felt a little absurd, and smiled, "Old Li, you should know that I’ve been putting things aside for quite some time. Plus, you know that kid well, when will he even mention it before doing anything?”

Li Moshen slapped his thigh and clenched his teeth with anger, "What the hell is he even thinking!? Isn’t he provoking the Chinese Army by doing all these?! Infiltrating our territorial waters like a boss, and bombing them with missiles for four rounds!? If this spreads to the rest of the world, China will be ashamed!”

"I’d say you’re thinking too much about this matter," Yang Gongming said leisurely, "This kid has many things hidden behind him, I'm afraid other countries don't know where his fleet is. Even if they knew, they wouldn't spread it out openly, because after all, those are highly confidential military power. Let alone making the people panic, it’s not a good idea to provoke that kid anyway.”

Li Moshen nodded in agreement. The other countries most probably wouldn’t risk their assets to provoke Yang Chen, even he could deeply feel the madness in him.

Thinking of this, Li Moshen didn’t know to laugh or cry and sighed bitterly, "How did that kid do it!? His ships entered our waters, but the navy at Jiangnan did not receive a signal, and the escape route was unable to be detected. How creepy! As far as I know, even the U.S. military doesn’t have that technical skills!" 

Yang Gongming laughed and said, "This matter should be viewed in a good direction. Such good technology has not been snatched by other countries, doesn’t it allow our armies to move one step forward?”

Li Moshen’s eyes brightened. That’s why he came to the old man in the middle of the night to have a chat, why didn’t he think about this!

Since Yang Chen's fleet could sneak into our waters quietly, with such strong technology, if he were to equip it for the China Navy, They could easily surpass Russia and the States!

But as soon as he thought of something else, Li Moshen became depressed again, "I guess it’s fine to say it, I'm afraid you would have guessed it. I asked for instructions from No.1 before, and I planned to let Yang Chen make a fuss with the Meng family and kill their arrogance over the years to restrain them. No.1 also agreed with my opinion that they should cut off some of their outstretched claws. However, I didn’t expect Yang Chen to be so ruthless and went up to that extent. He burned the Meng family's ancestral shrine directly, and I heard that some of their family treasures were also robbed, which involved the non-secular power of the Meng family. This was not within the scope of our expectations… But fortunately, the Meng family invited some masters, otherwise, half of the family descendants will be gone and the world would be in chaos!"

"Even if the Meng family didn’t suffer any deaths, they won’t let it go easily this time. It was originally a banquet for the grand sect, but ‘Liu Bang’ gave them a feast. Not to mention suffering the loss of assets, it was such an embarrassing act. This little kid is good at cultivating and battling but when it comes to this kind of thing, he is still not mature enough," Yang Gongming smiled bitterly, "I’ve mentioned it to him earlier, but in the end, he still did something like that. It seems that it will take time for him to preside over this family."

Li Moshen sighed, "I don't know what No.1 thinks about it anymore. Now that the Meng family is the victim, it is unreasonable to touch them again. Provoking the forces behind the Meng family is not in the national interest. Yang Chen’s actions even allowed them to debate for themselves.”

Just as the two old men were talking, Li Yunpeng at the back received a message and his expression changed slightly. He then walked forward and said, "Father, a notice just came, Chief No.1 asked you to meet him immediately."

Almost at the same time, Yang Gongming's guard came to him, holding a mobile phone to report, "Marshal, Chief No.1 wants you to go to Southern Zhonghai..."