At the same time that the Yang family and the Li family received the message from the No.1 chief, Ning Guangyao, as the Premier, also received this message and rushed to Southern Zhonghai.

The black Audi A8 was driving in the middle of the night in Beijing City, and the lights outside the window were dazzling.

Ning Guangyao was sitting in the back seat, thinking about the points involved in the upcoming conversation, but a phone call interrupted his thinking.

Only a handful of important people could get through his private phone. He took it out and glanced at it. With a smirk at the corner of his mouth, he picked up the call.

"Old Meng, how are you calling me at this time? Shouldn't you be resting now? Your Meng family was shocked this time.”

It was Meng Kaiyuan who called!

"Premier Ning, don’t make fun of the old man now. Our Meng family descendants are all bold and strong, there ain’t no scumbags here. As for the reason for my call, does Premier Ning still want to hide it from the old man?"

"Of course not," Ning Guangyao said, "The Meng family has all sorts of methods, you must know that Chief No. 1 asked me to participate in the emergency meeting."

Meng Kaiyuan was quite complacent. "Premier Ning, the cooperation between the Ning family and my Meng family over the years has become increasingly stable. The red envelopes and gifts that should be given have not decreased at all. At this critical juncture, Premier Ning should be aware of what to do.”

"Rest assured, Old Meng," Ning Guangyao said in a relieved tone, "You probably knew that Yang Chen had crossed the line of China this time. He sent an army to blow off the land of our country and humiliated our forces. No matter how much the Yang family is concerned, Chief No. 1 will not sit idly by. The Meng Family has the advantage currently, so don’t worry about it, Old Meng.”

“Hehe," Meng Kaiyuan sneered, “ Premier Ning, don’t think that this old man didn’t know that your daughter Lin Ruoxi was Yang Chen’s legal wife. Although recently it was said that they fought, the relationship would still be there. I suppose Yang Chen also had a close relationship with you, the old man is overly sensitive and I am afraid of being backstabbed.” 

Ning Guangyao coldly snorted, "Rest assured Boss Meng, that kid treated my daughter badly, and I was about to take this opportunity to lecture him, why would I favor him?"

“That’ll be best,” Meng Kaiyuan sneered, "You and I are on the same boat, no matter how bad the Meng family is, there are still ancestors blessing us. For the sake of Premier Ning, please do your best in this matter, otherwise... we can’t get along well.”

Ning Guangyao showed an irritating grin and there was a hint of resentment in his eyes, but he still spoke calmly, "Definitely, please be at ease Old Meng.”

After hanging up the phone, Ning Guangyao fling the phone fiercely and cursed, " Old fool...... how dare you to threaten me, do you think that I’ll be afraid of you… hmph!”

The car entered Southern Zhonghai not long after.

Under the gaze of a large number of black-clothed military guards, Ning Guangyao entered the Southern Zhonghai Emergency Meeting Room alone.

The lighting was dim and the meeting room was filled with soothing incense, along with the neatly arranged antique tables and chairs.

In the meeting room, Yang Gongming and Li Moshen, both in military uniforms, sat there firmly from the beginning.

Only the three Patriarchs and Chief No.1 were involved in this meeting, the other so-called high-ranking officials were not required to be here.

"You two came early," Ning Guangyao said hello with a smile, and took a seat calmly after adjusting his suit.

"Premier Ning has a lot of valuable personnel, we two old men are idle, obviously we can travel as we wish," Li Moshen laughed and said.

Although there were a lot of issues in each other's hearts, they still look harmonious on the surface. 

After a few chats, the door of the meeting room opened again. Two elite bodyguards with stern faces like steel entered first, nodding their heads to ask the chief to enter.

The three people present also stood up with solemn expressions, holding their breath, even the most qualified Yang Gongming did not dare to neglect.

Soon, a middle-aged man wearing a white suit, a black-gray round-neck sweater, and black trousers, and a somewhat plump figure walked in with a gentle smile.

The man was slightly bald, but he covered it up with his greasy hair. His earlobes were round, his nose was high, his crescent eyes squinted and he looked a little silly.

No matter how you look at it, this middle-aged man with a beer belly and walking slowly was no different from a small company owner who goes home from work to take out the trash on the street.

However, Yang Gongming and the other three people bowed their heads in unison and shouted in salute, "Greetings chief.”

The middle-aged man showed a kind smile, which gave a warm feeling to the rest.

He waved his hand and motioned for the three to sit down.

"Come sit down. I haven't seen you for a while and Old Yang, you are still so polite."

"I should be," Yang Gongming said with a smile.

Chief No.1 sat down with a smile, and the three of them followed.

"How is Marshall Yang's health lately? You look good," No.1 asked kindly.

"Thank you for your concern chief, the old man has been well," Yang Gongming said.

"The old marshal is a treasure of the national army, your health is a great blessing for the country, I am very pleased," No.1 grinned and asked, "How’s your family?”

That being said, all three of them muttered in their hearts, “Damn, that escalated quickly.”

Yang Gongming paused slightly this time before replying, "Except for one unscrupulous descendant, everything else is good."

No.1 looked a little confused, "Oh? Why would you say so?"

Yang Gongming smiled bitterly, "Chief, you probably knew what happened to my grandson, that's why you called me here. Why would you even bother to ask further?”

No.1 looked stunned, "Oh, hehe... Old Yang, you’ve misunderstood me. Your grandson, Yang Chen, indeed has done something violent and I want to talk to you. But I am asking about your family, family affairs and the state should be separated, no? Your grandson is patriotic and loyal to the country in my view, it just takes time to teach the young guy, right?”

Ning Guangyao and Li Moshen both listened with their ears upright. No.1’s words were considered to be very lenient toward Yang Gongming. He didn’t directly expose the matter but instead euphemistically brought out his dissatisfaction with Yang Chen. However, by the end of the day, the character of this matter would greatly depend on whether one was ‘patriotic and loyal to the country’.

Yang Gongming naturally responded in agreement and was very grateful.

"Since it is mentioned, I might as well ask the opinions of the other two present here," No.1 turned to look at Ning Guangyao again, and said, "I heard that the cause of this conflict was that Yang Chen had a dispute with the Meng family? The Meng family's ancestral hall was destroyed and their baby was stolen, Premier Ning, do you know?"

"Chief, I have heard a little bit. I have been busy with work recently and haven't paid too much attention to this matter. After all, it is not my own business," Ning Guangyao was implicit.

"You have worked hard too, but do pay more attention as I hope to hear opinions," No.1 said.

Ning Guangyao groaned slightly before saying, "I think Yang Chen's approach is indeed a little too much. This is detrimental to the reputation of our army and it shows that he doesn’t take his mother country seriously. If this continues, he may think that the world's great power will allow him to do whatever he wishes and the worst is yet to happen. I think we should still deal with it impartially and teach him some lessons. One is to provide justice to the Meng family as they have done a lot for the public in recent years. They have donated money to the disaster-stricken areas, and the Huazhong industry has also been the top among the rest, this shows a manifestation of patriotism and love for the people. Secondly, some of the forces that Yang Chen has developed abroad are ultimately mobs. In the future, they may cause hidden dangers worldwide. Besides, Yang Chen is a member of the Yang family and a member of China. In case of an accident, China will not be able to escape, and the influence won’t be good to the other nations.”

No.1 nodded, "I guess that’s reasonable, but what kind of punishments are you anticipating, Premier Ning?”

"This... Guangyao dare not simply say, the chief shall decide,” Ning Guangyao immediately passed the ball back to him. One was that it would be hard to say, and it would also mean an opposition against the Yang family, which wasn’t worthy.

"Hey, you..." No.1 smiled indifferently, then looked at Li Moshen, and said, "Minister Li, what do you think?"

Li Moshen said with a solemn expression, "Chief, previously when I came to see you, I'd mentioned the Meng family’s practice of planting their contacts in the political arena through unconscionable means in recent years. With their profound background, they are already quite triumphant and tend to cross the lines. In my perspective, Yang Chen is at fault, but if it isn’t because of the Meng family’s arrogance, things won’t end up like this. Therefore, if it is really necessary to punish, both sides should be punished together, and both sides will be responsible for what they’ve done."

This meant that he wouldn’t be siding either of them.

In fact, since No. 1 had not issued an order to stop Yang Chen, it was already obvious that he did have dissatisfaction toward the Meng Family. At this moment, Li Moshen was just helping the chief to mention it.

No.1 cast a satisfied look. Li Moshen's words guided him well, he then thought about it for a while, and said, "The Meng family's influence in China cannot be underestimated. Although it is now a country under the rule of law, stepping too far is not worth the loss. Yang Chen’s power abroad is indeed a headache as well. If it is not handled well, it may lead to international retaliatory behavior, which is also dangerous. Moreover, he is no longer in China, and it’s not good for us to send people to the public waters. I suppose it’s not appropriate to use ordinary punishing methods for this matter. Taking into account the interests of our Chinese people, it is better to get in touch with the Meng family, Yang Chen, so that both parties can resolve this peacefully and contribute to the country. What do you three think?”

No.1's eyes were filled with a gentle smile, but a faint, irresistible force made the three of them understand that this was already a decision.

Naturally, the three of them did not dare to have any objections. In other words, the Chief was only doing superficial work by talking to them and he had already made his decision long ago.