Dawn has arrived and the morning sun rose upon the waters on the east.

Somewhere on the public waters, in a single room inside the Erebos yacht, Meng Yue, who had awakened, looked at everything around her with hatred.

She couldn’t remember what happened afterward last night. The only thing she knew was that she got knocked out after the explosion, but there was no doubt that Yang Chen brought her here. That being said, the family had lost the battle against Yang Chen once again. 

As for her, she had probably become the hostage!

Her mobile phone was no longer there, and she couldn’t even contact her family.

She didn't dare to go out hastily, because it was an endless sea out there, and there was even a frigate sailing side by side of the yacht. At that point, she already knew that it was almost impossible to escape.

The door was pushed open, and a white woman in a water blue maid costume walked in. She looked like she was in her fifties and had many wrinkles on her face.

"Miss Meng, you are awake. Welcome to Erebos, I am Sheryl, who is in charge of your meals."

Chubby Sheryl smiled kindly, she pushed the breakfast cart to the table and put the exquisite western breakfast on the table.

Meng Yue asked in English, "This is Yang Chen's site?"

Sheryl replied without evasiveness, "His Majesty Pluto's Chinese name is indeed Yang Chen."

"He asked you to take care of me?" Meng Yue looked at the breakfast which didn’t look like it was for hostages.

Sheryl smiled and said, "Don’t panic, the crew has no idea about what happened between Miss Meng and His Majesty Pluto, our only job is to serve the guests on the yacht. Since His Majesty Pluto did not give special instructions other than letting you stay on the boat, all of us will treat you as a guest.”

Meng Yue wouldn’t believe that the stubborn and overbearing man would have any kindness. When she first woke up, she realized that she was taking some muscles in her body. Waiting for sour and weak drugs.

Fortunately, her internal strength was still above average. After more than half an hour of detoxification, she had already restored her combating ability. 

Perhaps, there might be some other toxins in this breakfast for the sake of making her obedient. 

Meng Yue looked at Sheryl's chubby figure, she seemed to be quite insensitive and not defensive at all. A cold light flashed through Meng Yue’s beautiful eyes and she came up with a plan.

“Sheryl, what good food did you bring to me?" Meng Yue showed a gentle smile and walked to Sheryl.

"Oh, I think you will like it. There is apple pie and toast made by our chef Old Fanny…”

Halfway through her speech, Sheryl’s neck tightened as she was being grabbed by Meng Yue!

An expensive silver dinner knife was picked up right after and placed right by Sheryl's throat!

"Don't move! Get me out of here or I will slit your throat!" Meng Yue was excited in her heart as she had completed the first step of her escape plan by catching a hostage.

Sheryl showed a look of helplessness, yet she didn't panic. 

"Miss Meng, why are you doing this? This is the Erebos, you can't escape," Sheryl felt a little regretful.

"Don't sputter nonsense to me! Get me out! I want to get my phone back, and order someone to send me back to China's territorial waters!" Meng Yue's incision was even tighter against Sheryl's skin.

Sheryl sighed slightly, "My child, you will regret this..."

That being said, Sheryl's elbow hit backward like a cannonball and shook Meng Yue’s hand which was holding the knife!

Meng Yue only felt a violent pain in her arm, and before she could react, she was brought down by a hook on her foot!

Sheryl's fat body turned into a nuclear-powered super-fighting mecha in an instant!

Meng Yue exclaimed. Sheryl actually sat on her waist and used her fat body, pressing her on the carpet!

She patted her hands and glanced at Meng Yue, who was crying shamefully under her buttocks and smiled, "Before I forget, Miss Meng, all of us on the Erebos have retired from ZERO. Although we are all old bones, it is still possible to deal with an ordinary martial arts learner.”

"You...you are an assassin!?" Meng Yue lost her voice for a while.

"Those days were over, I am now just a maid on this yacht," Sheryl smiled kindly.

Wearing a red and pink cherry blossom patterned kimono, the beautiful Hannya walked in from outside the door.

Looking at Meng Yue on the ground indifferently, Hannya said with disdain, "Who do you think you are to be able to escape from here? Everyone here once occupied the top fifty seats in the global assassin list, how wishful thinking of you."

Last night, Hannya had keenly noticed that the people on this ship were not as simple as they look. After asking Old Fanny, she knew that these maids were secretly very skilled.

Meng Yue had the desire to die right now. Who would have thought that a famous assassin from the underground world would be willing to come here to be a servant!?

"China has a saying that suits you very well, you’ll rather choose the hard way when there’s a better option. I shall show you the consequences of trying to escape, " After Hannya bowed respectfully to Sheryl, she grabbed Meng Yue!

Under the strength of Hannya, Meng Yue could not resist and was detained to death.

Seeing Hannya taking Meng Yue away, Sheryl shook her head helplessly and drew a cross on her chest to mourn for the child.

On the wide deck outside the yacht, Yang Chen was holding the mobile phone that the Old Fanny brought him to contact Liu Mingyu in China.

"My dear Mingyu, listen to me, your parents will be fine. I'm about to settle accounts with the old men in the Meng family. Their direct granddaughter is in my hands, so they won’t dare to hurt your parents… Don't be impulsive, you won’t be able to save your parents if you go, you will only mess things up, so listen to me okay? Didn’t you and Qianni just quit your job? I’ll send someone to take you to the Mediterranean, okay? Rose and Ning'er are also there...Hey, you, don't look like you are about to cry..."

Liu Mingyu received a message from Yang Chen early in the morning and was exceptionally worried. After all, her biological parents were taken and she couldn’t return home either. On the other hand, Yang Chen was hiding overseas which made her feel as if half of the sky was about to collapse.

Yang Chen tried to persuade her for quite some time and finally managed to let the woman calm down. After letting him promise that there would be no accidents, she then accepted the suggestion to go to the Mediterranean for a temporary "vacation".

As for how to bring the two girls over, it was nothing difficult for Yang Chen. Besides, sending a private jet didn’t take much effort.

After the call, Yang Chen glanced at Meng Yue who was staring at him stubbornly, and asked Hannya, "What's wrong with her?"

"Master, she wants to take Ms.Sheryl as a hostage and run away," Hannya said truthfully.

Yang Chen was just being angry at that moment, he had to run to the public waters to avoid the circumstances and didn't dare to go back all because of that old man of the Meng Family!

Now that he couldn’t use his cultivation base and he couldn’t touch the old one, but this young lady dared to come and threaten to escape!?

Seeing Meng Yue's reluctant appearance on that enchanting and beautiful face, Yang Chen sneered a few times and said, "Why did the Meng family suddenly change their attitude and want you to marry me? You'd better answer me obediently as I’m not in a good mood right now."

"Bah! You are in a bad mood? Your lady here is worse! Yang Chen, what kind of a man are you to attack me secretly!? Do you feel more righteous to take a woman as a hostage? I suppose you are nothing more than that then...  Let me tell you this, kill me if you dare! I am waiting for Liu Qingshan and his wife to be buried with me!" Meng Yue mocked.

Yang Chen's face sank, this woman was bull-tempered indeed. If this was a woman he liked, it would be arrogance; but this was his enemy, how bold and courageous of her!

With a stride forward, Yang Chen grabbed Meng Yue and turned the woman around one hundred and eighty degrees!

Meng Yue's legs were held upside down by Yang Chen, and her body was hung up. She tried to attack his legs with the palm of her fist, but he relentlessly kicked her chest!


Meng Yue cried out in pain, and two of the ribs in her chest were broken. The pain made her cry aggrievedly!

Since young, she was the royal lady that was flattered and served by many people. But now, there was a man that was so unscrupulous and kicked her casually as if she was nothing!?

"Yang Chen, you shall go to hell!!" Meng Yue couldn't wait to eat this man!

"Whatever you say," Yang Chen walked to the front of the yacht as if grabbing a little chicken. He dropped a rope from the side, and fell into the sea, with one end tied to the hull.

Meng Yue felt two bursts of aching pain on her slender legs. Who would’ve known that it was caused by a few scratches Yang Chen made with his bare nails. Not long after, her scarlet blood started flowing out!


Without waiting for Meng Yue to say anything, Yang Chen let go and threw her into the sea!


The seawater was as cold as ice and gave her body chills. Although she had internal energy protection, even her gums were trembling from the cold!

The sluggish woman couldn't think much at all, and subconsciously grabbed the rope that fell from the yacht.

Since the yacht was not moving, she didn’t have to struggle to grab it.

But the wound on her calf was still bleeding. As soon as the sea salt touched her wounds, it was extremely painful.  Meng Yue trembled and looked up at Yang Chen with bitterness.

"What are you trying to do!?" An ominous premonition chilled Meng Yue.

Yang Chen said indifferently, "It's nothing, it's just that you, a hostage, are rather misbehaved. I think it's better to send some good buddies on the sea to look after you. It's more reliable..."

Good buddies?

Meng Yue was not stupid. Feeling the constant pain of the wound on her leg and the flow of blood, she couldn’t help but a chilling thought arises spontaneously!

“There are sharks here!!?" Meng Yue exclaimed.

Yang Chen shrugged, stretched out his hand to motion Hannya to come over, and said, "Watch her, if she wants to climb up, she must answer the question I just asked, and promise me to kowtow to admit her mistake, otherwise you shall just kick her down.”

Hannya felt inexplicably joyful, and quickly agreed, "Yes, master."

Yang Chen didn't care anymore and walked straight back into the cabin. He hadn't had time to eat breakfast. The breakfast that Old Fanny prepared especially had to be finished.

Meng Yue, who was holding the life-saving rope in the sea, was pale, but she would rather die than kowtow to Yang Chen. This was a matter of the dignity of the children of the Meng family!

If she was shot and killed, she would not be afraid, but when she thought of being bitten by a group of sharks, chills ran through her spine and it was even harder to accept it!

Hannya stood on the bow of the ship, looking at her coldly, with some expectations.

Meng Yue raised her head and tempted Hannya, "You and I are both women, why do you want to work for the devil? He is just using you to help him. Why don’t you help me escape and our Meng Family will not treat you poorly!?”

Hannya had no expression on her face, and her eyes were completely filled with disdain. If Yang Chen hadn't stopped Hannya, she would have killed the woman because of her disrespect to her master.

Meng Yue realized that she seemed unconvinced at all, and was anxious. She was thinking of a way to get out, but suddenly, she saw that blue-black dorsal fin appearing on the far sea!