Sharks were known for their sensitivity towards blood. There were a large number of great blue sharks in this sea area, and Yang Chen was well aware of this. 

This kind of shark would be deadly to any ordinary person, but Meng Yue, who had good internal energy and had been trained in martial arts would probably be able to resist for a while. 

Meng Yue's breathing was extremely rapid and seeing a great blue shark approaching herself, she hurriedly grabbed the rope and climbed up a few steps.

The shark was very interested in her bloody ankle, and went straight above the surface of the waters, opening its bloody basin-like mouth to the white and tender calf!

Meng Yue didn't care about the fear in her heart, she kicked the shark's nose and a muffled noise came through. At least she didn’t lose any part of herself!

Meng Yue’s wet hair was already stuck to her pale cheeks as she sobbed in embarrassment. She had no idea why she had to suffer such mental and physical torture!

With the increasing number of sharks, there had been seven or eight of them continuously jumping up under the water trying to bite her.

She dared not let go of the rope and continuously kicked these sharks, which also caused her to be physically and mentally exhausted.

Seeing more and more sharks coming against her, she didn’t bother anymore and frantically tried to climb onto the boat along the ropes!

Hannya who was guarding there obviously wouldn’t let her succeed. The leader of the Yamata Sect was looking at her happily, hoping that this woman would be eaten by those sharks.

Before Meng Yue managed to reach the railing, Hannya kicked her chest once again!


Meng Yue initially had two broken ribs at the same spot and was in great pain. Now that she got heavily injured once again, she couldn’t bear the pain anymore and fell into the sea!

The group of sharks saw the delicious food unexpectedly falling into the sea herself, and rushed over frantically!

Meng Yue instinctively used the remaining internal energy, slapped and kicked the sharks in the sea continuously. Surprisingly, she hit two sharks to death, and the scarlet blood dispersed and stained the waters!

Seeing that their companions were dead, several sharks immediately opened their mouths and began to devour the corpses of the sharks that recently died. This gave Meng Yue a chance to breathe, and once again grabbed the rope and hung up in the air.

"Your skills are not bad, but you seem to be quite exhausted," Hannya said in a cold voice without any expression.

Meng Yue discovered that this woman was also a complete devil! She wanted to see her get bloody eaten and decomposed by the sharks after being drained of her energy!

As a child of the Meng family, she was not afraid of death, but she couldn’t accept that her beautiful carcass would be bitten into bloody flesh by a group of creatures in the sea. Just imagine her internal organs flying around and being devoured by them!

The thought of this made her shiver, coupled with the hunger and cold, the stench of seawater, and the pain of the broken ribs in her chest, it gave a mental breakdown!

Meng Yue let out a hysterical cry, "Let me go up! I’ll speak!!”

"You still have to confess and kowtow to my master, can you do it? Young lady of the Meng family?" Hannya said in sarcasm as she was actually reluctant for this woman to surrender. 

Meng Yue didn’t bother anymore, she needed to survive. She was already aware that Yang Chen didn’t treat her as a person at all, let alone being the young lady of the Meng Family!

"I'm willing... I'm willing... let me go up, hurry..." Meng Yue was already weak, continuously wrestling with the sharks had exhausted her strength.

Hannya snorted coldly, pulled the rope up, and threw Meng Yue onto the deck, and gave her a heavy shake once again!

The bones of Meng Yue's whole body were about to collapse, and the dress on her body was torn and rotten due to the battle with the sharks, leaving only some residue on her chest and neckline.

Her ivory white skin was covered with bright red scars around her entire body. Only a black-red bra and a pair of sexy underwear of the same style were left.

If you exclude her embarrassment and bloodstains at the moment, it was as if a jade-like body was lying on the deck, what scenery.

Knowing that she was temporarily safe, tears started streaming down, and she never wanted to go into the sea again. The group of sharks made her feel as if she was dead more than a hundred times, and every second was long and dreadful!

After all, she used to be a pampered eldest lady in the family. Even if she was resourceful and intelligent in the business world and the gang, surviving the test of life and death was never easy.

"What is it? Have you finally decided to kowtow and admit your mistake to me?" Yang Chen took a white towel and wiped his mouth after eating, and walked to the deck leisurely.

The muscles of Meng Yue's whole body were sore and feeble, and her pair of originally charming eyes staring blankly at Yang Chen at this moment, as if she was already numb.

Yang Chen glanced at the woman's body exposed in the air with interest. Her body was indeed amazing, what a valuable asset. 

"My master is asking you something!" Hannya kicked Meng Yue's thigh without mercy.

Meng Yue screamed and rolled on the deck a few times, gritted her teeth and cried.

"Didn’t your Meng Family keep telling me to kneel and kowtow? Today, I shall let you taste your own medicine. I’ll count to three and if  you don't do it, I’ll proceed to throw you to feed the sharks again," That being said, he started to count, "One...two…"


Meng Yue squeezed out her remaining strength and turned over with a pale face and knelt down toward Yang Chen with unwillingness.

It was as if her bones were being broken in pieces, amid difficulties, Meng Yue bent over and knocked her forehead heavily on the deck.

"I'm sorry... I was wrong... I was wrong..."

Meng Yue felt that her dignity was like a tile surviving the drastic weather, peeling off layer by layer, drifting away with the sea breeze, and could never be found again.

"Do you know why you are wrong?”

Yang Chen walked to the woman, stepped right in front of the woman's head, and asked condescendingly.

Meng Yue sobbed, "We...we shouldn't deceive you..."

"It seems that you still don't understand," Yang Chen stretched out his hand and pointed to the group of sharks in the sea that were still not willing to go away, and said, "Do you know what’s the biggest difference between sharks compared to other fishes?”

Meng Yue looked up and shook her head unknowingly.

"They don't have fish maw," Yang Chen said.

"Fish maw?" Meng Yue became more puzzled and confused, not knowing what Yang Chen meant.

Yang Chen said firmly, "Yes, sharks have no fish maw. From the moment they are born, to survive and not sink under the sea, they must constantly use their bodies to sway without stopping. Sharks have never stopped fighting for their own lives from the moment they were born. Therefore, whoever can survive is the strongest in the sea. I am like a shark, I understand that I’ll have to rely on myself to fight, gain and kill, no family or other forms of power can override me. And you, huh, you are just a group of people who rely on the shadow of your ancestors and act arrogantly in front of the people. You are all foolish idiots sitting behind the walls thinking that you are better than everyone else. You may accidentally suppress me for the time being, but you cannot defeat me! Because I am the king!” 

Meng Yue showed an ugly expression and complex emotions flashed through her eyes and she was startled.

Hannya on the side looked at the man she was following with passion, but she didn’t dare to express too much.

After a long silence, Yang Chen asked again, "Why do you want to marry me suddenly? Tell me the truth and you’ll be safe for now.”

The last line of defense had collapsed in her mind. Perhaps she realized that she could not defeat the man in front of her or maybe she had chosen to surrender.

"It's because of the pressure from Chief No.1.”

"No.1?" Yang Chen frowned, "What do you mean?”

Meng Yue wiped the seawater and tears on her face and said with her chapped lips, "I am not too sure about the details, but our Meng family has spies in the central government, so we can get to the core decision fast. Because of this conflict between you and our Meng family, Chief No. 1 met with the patriarch of the Li family. He has the idea to use you to suppress the development of our Meng family. Otherwise, Jiang Xiaobai would not dare to let you deal with us in such a way. The power behind Chief No.1 is not our Meng family's ability to contend. That’s why grandpa plans to let you marry me. In this way, they can let the Yang family and you be on the same line as us, at the same time resolving the family treasure issue. The most important thing is that if you become a part of us, Chief No.1 will no longer have any thoughts of disposing of the Meng family. No.1 is the person who considers the overall situation of the country the most. He will not have personal emotional factors. He will only contribute to the stability of the country and the people and consider safety."