“No.1 is intelligent and skilled, but your Meng Family seemed to be more resourceful than him to be able to steal information from him?”

Meng Yue was afraid that Yang Chen wouldn't believe her, but she didn't know what to say so she could only debate, "There aren't any secrets in the political industry. Every long-lasting family has its techniques to acquire information.  I am not the patriarch of the family yet so I have no idea how we got all these, but I have no reason to lie to you.”

Yang Chen had believed most of her words, thinking about it carefully, he seemed to have been used as a weapon. Now that this was clarified, he had gained more knowledge about that Chief No. 1.  

A man who seemed to be kind and nice on TV was actually a murderer behind the scenes.

Of course, the Li Family had played a part in this. Although Li Dun had a good relationship with himself, when it comes to these matters, he would probably choose the country’s benefit first.

Yang Chen had suffered such trouble and he didn’t know what to say at that point. He paced back and forth for a while, and said with sharp eyes, "Now that you are in my hands, tell your family to let my father and  mother-in-law go, then I’ll send you back.”

A slight movement flashed through her eyes, she didn’t want to stay on the ship for even one second.

"You give me the tool to contact and I will tell my grandfather."

Hannya threw a mobile phone at her. This mobile phone was specially made by Jane, and the level of science and technology in any country couldn’t be monitored.

Zhonghai, in a private manor that covered an extremely large area bought by the Meng family.

Many of the core figures of the Meng family had already arrived in the manor, including some of the patriarchs of the Meng family's collateral families, who had all been summoned.

The four elders, Meng Kuo, Meng Tian, Meng Wei, and Meng Qi, sat high in the top positions. They just listened silently from the side and didn’t bother to discuss anything with these younger generations.

Down there, Meng Kaiyuan and dozens of representatives of collateral tribes, as well as the main senior level of the Southern China Gang, were discussing how to deal with this crisis.

Yang Chen could unexpectedly break through the defenses of the Chinese Navy and attack the Tomahawk missiles to the location of the Meng family. If it weren't for Meng Kuo and other elders’ presence, the Meng family would have no leader at this time!

Yang Chen's vicious and powerful methods made the Meng family shudder!

However, what made the Meng family worry even more was that if the dispute between him and the family was not resolved, Chief No.1 wouldn’t let this go easily.

Over the years, the Meng family had continued to secretly expand their contacts and teamed up with the Ning family. Whether in business or politics, they had gradually penetrated many corners.

Chief No. 1 didn't care before, because if he touched them it would greatly hurt the country's vitality.

But this time was different. With Yang Chen, a factor of instability as a pawn, Chief No. 1 was likely to push the boat along the way. In fact, it would require a lot of effort to pressure Yang Chen, as well as to suppress the Meng Family. The easiest way was just to see whoever would provide a greater benefit to the country after being vanished and that would be their target. 

"Yang Chen is nowhere to be found now, none of us here is safe. Who knows when he will pop out again?” A sideline patriarch said.

"I don't think that he’ll be daring enough to come back. There are several elders here and he is not their opponent at all. This time he had angered the upper management. As long as he returns to China, No.1 will catch him. Otherwise, wouldn't China lose their reputation?”

Bai He, the master of the White Horse Hall, shook his head and said, "Not necessarily. Even if No.1 wants to arrest Yang Chen, he must be waiting for him to fight with our Southern China Gang until the max. By that time, even if Yang Chen is arrested, our hard work for years would also be ruined!”

“In my view, let’s go and arrest everyone around Yang Chen! Doesn't he have a daughter in Zhonghai? If she is caught, he won’t be daring to oppose us again!”

“Are you nuts!?” Zhang Xian, the new master of the Golden Jade Hall scolded, "Originally, the Yang Family didn’t take any action this time because they said Yang Chen’s grievances are not related to the family. But if Yang Chen’s daughter was taken, wouldn’t it be implicated in the Yang family’s bloodline inheritance? When the time comes, the soldiers of the Jiangnan Military Region will encircle us directly, and even if they didn’t hurt our foundation, we’ll still suffer a certain amount of loss.”

"Correct, it’s better to not touch the people around him and No.1 is the most unhappy when it comes to disturbing the people. Liu Qingshan and his wife were caught because he was not a good person, so they left them alone. Some of Yang Chen’s women were individuals with status. I heard that two of the more ordinary ones have left the country this morning. We do not know what other means he has planted in the country. If we provoke him too quickly, he might send assassins to kill our people, wouldn't it be worth the candle?”

That being said, the rest also felt that it wasn’t a good idea as well. After all, the Meng family's roots were luxuriant, and they had so many relatives. They were still in the bright spot, it was easy to be caught by Yang Chen.

Meng Kaiyuan listened to their opinions here and there and got even more annoyed. What was depressing now was that even Yang Chen couldn’t be found anywhere. The kid's fleet was coming and going without a trace, and there was no radar to be detected.

God knows where they could be in the vast ocean?

"Boss! It’s a call from the eldest lady!"

A guard came up with Meng Kaiyuan's cell phone.

"What!? Yue'Er!?"

All the Meng family members regained their energy. Did Meng Yue manage to escape?

"Quickly track this phone signal!" Bai He reacted immediately and ordered the Southern China Gang technicians who were connected to the Internet not far away.

Meng Kaiyuan trembled slightly, took the phone, and asked gently, "Is this Yue’Er? It’s grandpa.”

Meng Yue breathed a sigh of relief, it seemed that her grandpa was fine. She immediately said, "Grandpa, I'm on Yang Chen's yacht now. He said that as long as we let Liu Qingshan and his wife go, he would let me go back."

"Oh?" Meng Kaiyuan frowned, "Yue'Er, wait for a while. I'm having a meeting with your uncles. I'll discuss with them."

Her heart sank as she heard these words, but was also full of sourness and helplessness.

The elders in ordinary families who knew that they could exchange hostages after their child was kidnapped would never hesitate to do so, what kind of discussion was needed at that point?

But the children of the Meng family couldn’t choose your life or death.

However, thinking about how her grandpa loved her the most in the family, Meng Yue firmly believed that he would agree to exchange the hostages to get her back.

After Meng Kaiyuan talked about Meng Yue's situation, everyone at the scene was silent for a while. Most of them were not very optimistic about the current deal, would Yang Chen just let it go so easily?

After a long time, one of the Hall Protectors, Meng Qi, who had been sitting there, said, "That kid Yang Chen is cunning and vicious. Yesterday, he said that he went to the meeting alone, but he placed missiles and explosives there and waited for us to jump into the fire pit. I’ll not believe his words.”

These words were also the thoughts of many members of the gang. But, why couldn’t they think of who was the one who invited Yang Chen to the banquet?

Seeing everyone's expression, Meng Kaiyuan kept quiet for a moment. Although he was unwilling, it was impossible to go against everyone's meaning, not to mention the elders had objected to the idea.

“Father! Yue'Er's contribution to the Southern China Gang is not insignificant!" Meng Que couldn't help it. This biological father cared about his daughter the most.

"Huh! Meng Que, you have to take care of the overall situation. Now the card that we can use to control Yang Chen is Liu Qingshan and his wife. If we let them go, Yang Chen can frantically retaliate secretly and we won’t be able to find him. What should we do by then!?" A member of the Meng family rebuked.

Meng Que’s face was flushed and slowly turned pale, he then kept quiet instead.

Meng Kaiyuan sighed deeply, and said to Meng Yue who had been waiting on the phone, "I'm sorry, Yue'Er...it’s not that grandpa..."

“I get it, grandpa... Needless to say..." Meng Yue's voice trembled slightly, but she still smiled reluctantly, "I'm fine now, don't worry about me, I believe grandpa can save me back..."

The phone was hung up right after, and it seemed that Yang Chen was shouting and cursing next to her.

Meng Kaiyuan's heart ached, after all, she was the granddaughter he watched since birth, how could he not understand her sadness?

"Idiot! Did you find the location of the signal!?" Meng Kaiyuan shouted at the group of technicians.

A man in charge of the technical team got up and said in a cold sweat, "Boss, the other party's technology is too advanced, and we can't pinpoint it accurately. We can only...we can only roughly know that it is on the public waters in the east."

“Public waters? That’s like the entire Pacific Ocean, are you f**king kidding me!?" Meng Que also got up and yelled.

Suddenly, Meng Kuo, who had been silent, stood up, and glanced across the people below like a torch, and said, "Knowing that it’s n the east is enough. Meng Tian, Meng Wei, you two will go to the sea with me to find the evil animal and kill him!”