Meng Tian and Meng Wei were shocked when they heard this.

"Elder Meng Kuo, if it’s out of China's territorial waters, then it would violate the ‘Treaty of the Gods’."

"Hmph! Isn't that kid also known as Majesty Pluto, but what can he do? And the gods? They are just a group of people who want to get fame and I suppose they ain’t any better. If there are strong ones among them, can’t the three of us run back to China?”

Although Meng Tian and Meng Wei were slightly startled in their hearts, they couldn’t lose their dignity in front of these Meng family descendants at this moment so they nodded in agreement.

None of them had experienced the battle between the gods and the ancient Chinese cultivators so they didn't know much about the gods, and they didn't think too deeply.

In a blink of an eye, the three elders flew out and disappeared toward the sky at the east.

The leaders of the Southern China Gang were dumbfounded as the elders had always been a god-like existence in their eyes. Unfortunately, except for those in the family who were considered rare and precious that could be specially trained, most of the descendants of the Meng family couldn’t reach their standards. If it weren’t for this family crisis, these elders would not have appeared.


Erebos, above the deck.

Yang Chen's ears were sensitive, and he heard what Meng Kaiyuan said on the phone.

This old guy didn't even want his granddaughter and had to hold onto Liu Qingshan and his wife, how frustrating!

He was waiting to give Liu Mingyu an answer!

"Damn you woman, are you really your father’s biological daughter?! Are you not known as the leader of the younger generation of the Meng family!? How the heck does he not even want you back?!" Yang Chen pointed at Meng Yue and couldn't help yelling.

Meng Yue kept her head down since she answered the phone as if a layer of ice was being wrapped around her delicate heart and ruthlessly shattered, with fiery blood pouring out.

She didn't know how she felt at the moment, it was like a kitten that was loved and hugged in the arms of her owner that got simply abandoned in the gloomy and dark alley because her owner was busy with work. 

The warm family affection she felt in her memories seemed to be illusory, as fragile as soap bubbles that could dissipate in the air with just a slight touch.

Hearing Yang Chen’s angry curses, Meng Yue finally couldn’t help but raise her head. Her pair of crying eyes were slightly reddened and swollen. She stretched out her hand and shouted with her mouth open, trying to catch Yang Chen who was pointing at her and was about to bite him!

Yang Chen was stunned. Why did this woman suddenly stretch out her teeth and claws like a lunatic, and seemed like she wanted to bite him?

“Are you mad?!”

Obviously, Yang Chen wouldn't let her catch him. He pushed her forehead hard making her roll over and fall immediately!

Falling on the icy cold deck, Meng Yue cried even more sadly. There seemed to be nothing else for her to be nostalgic about this world. She hated why she was born into such a family and why she fell into the hands of such a rough man.

Hannya looked at her contemptuously, and uttered a Japanese phrase, "Cowardly woman."

Although Meng Yue didn’t understand Japanese, she also knew that Hannya despised her, but there was nothing better to be bothered about at the moment. She lost her self-esteem, family affection, freedom, and there seemed to be nothing left in the world for her. 

A layer of lifelessness appeared in Meng Yue's eyes, and she was in deep sorrow.

Yang Chen could naturally see that this woman was just a waste of time but he had no pity toward her. Given that he felt no affection for her despite her beautiful appearance since the beginning, why would he even care?

Yang Chen took his cell phone and dialed a number, "Makedon, have you done your work?" Yang Chen asked.

The head of the agent was very proud, "Your Majesty Pluto, although I am not young anymore, I have not reached the extent that I am unable to do anything. Everything was done long ago.”

"Very well, send the things you found to the family immediately, you know what I mean.”

"Hehe, understood. That... Your Majesty, is my grandson Brewster okay?” Makedon cautiously asked.

Yang Chen smiled slightly, "Not bad, Brewster is doing things quite reliably."

"In this case, I suppose I am good to go. Your Majesty Pluto, just educate him as you wish if anything goes wrong,” Makedon felt quite settled. After all, he was aging, if his grandson could always serve as the commander in chief of the Ghost Fleet, then there was nothing to worry about.

He knew very well the power of this fleet. It was carefully crafted by Jane. It seemed to be no different from the weapons of other navies, but the internal equipment was completely trans-era.

Yang Chen probably guessed what Makedon was thinking. Although the Ghost Fleet was the strongest naval force under his own hands, it was all in the past. Now that he knew, restoring his cultivation base, and seeking a higher level of cultivation would be more powerful to him. Other than that, it wasn’t important. 

Makedon had worked for himself for a long time, and it was not unreasonable for his grandson to command this fleet all the time.

Looking at Meng Yue on the deck that was already lying motionless, Yang Chen frowned and said to Hannya, "Bring her back and keep her alive. Putting her on the deck like a corpse affects my mood.”

Hannya felt that it would be better to throw her down to feed the sharks, but still carried Meng Yue and went into the cabin obediently.

Yang Chen looked at the time and estimated that it would not be long before the Meng family call arrived. He then found a lounge chair on the deck, called for a cocktail, and started sunbathing.

But just as he took a sip of the rich fermented wine, there was a huge sense of oppression in the sky, and three black figures appeared!

Yang Chen's heart was awe-inspiring, he got up and looked at the three old men, thinking he had underestimated them!

The three elders, Meng Kuo, Meng Tian, and Meng Wei, were here!

"Huh, it seems like you didn’t run far enough! Bastard, do you really think you can't be found  just because you escaped from China!?" Meng Kuo sneered playfully.

Facing the glares of three eyes, Yang Chen couldn't help his palms from sweating. Do they by all means really want to force him to use his cultivation!?

"Don't you know that you violated the Treaty of Gods!?" Yang Chen frowned.

"So what about the gods!? How are you and those accomplices worth being referred to as gods!?” Mengkuo laughed wildly, "How courageous of you! You are just a little beast who can only be immobilized under my sword! Today I shall have your bloodshed!”

That being said, the yellow light in Meng Kuo's hand flickered, and the great Qianjun Sword appeared again.

"Elder Meng Kuo, Meng Yue is still in his hands," Meng Tian reminded him.

"Huh, she’s just a woman from the younger generation, not even a stunning seed that can be raised, just let her be. If she’s still alive when I smash this ship, then it’s also her good fortune!" Meng Kuo said indifferently. 

Although Meng Tian and Meng Wei felt that he was a little cold-blooded, they also knew that Meng Kuo was really mad at Yang Chen, and he was greatly embarrassed last night.

As for Meng Yue’s cultivation, her cultivation appears to be pretty promising, but in their view, there would be no hope for her to enter the Soul Forming Stage, so her death wouldn’t make them stagger.

At this time, Hannya flew to the deck like a shadow, and saw the three old men in black robes in mid-air, then asked sternly, "Your Majesty Pluto, do you want to kill them with tracking missiles?"

Yang Chen shook his head, "It's useless. Tell everyone to stay in the cabin and don’t come out.”

Yang Chen knew that there was no such group of Meng family members who needed to be protected. Besides, these three cultivators who were in the Tribulation Passing Stage could easily avoid the missiles, and even if they blew up, it wouldn't hurt them.


Yang Chen still didn't dare to use his cultivation base, so he could only use his mental power and the space laws to rise into the air!

"Oh, are you thinking of resisting? Well then, I shall play with you as you wish!”

Meng Kuo signaled Meng Tian and Meng Wei to move away. He pointed his sword at Yang Chen, and a huge Kui Water Stage True Yuan began to quickly condense.

Although it was above the sea, the earth element spiritual aura could still be obtained. With the gathering of the spiritual aura, the long sword began to rattle, like a beast that was about to trample on the enemy.

However, Yang Chen didn’t perform any attacks but urged two parallel spaces, and created a line, pushing his yacht and the warships on both sides of the front and back a few nautical miles away!

Above the blue sea, a movie-like scene was screened as the yacht under Yang Chen appeared several nautical miles away in the blink of an eye, while the seawater collided irregularly, creating turbulence.

In this way, even if the battle starts, the True Yuan would not easily spread to destroy the ship.

"How pathetic! Your subordinates won’t be able to escape once you die!" In Meng Kuo's opinion, Yang Chen was just doing extra useless work.

“Take this!”

The Qianjun sword slashed down magnificently, and the majestic and heavy True Yuan had already caused the seawater under Yang Chen into a depression of hundreds of meters.

Yang Chen transported dozens of layers of parallel space. The top of the arc became a shield, trying to resist, but it was still quickly shattered into pieces by surprise!

The cultivator in the Kui Water Stage was too strong, so the parallel space could no longer be blocked, and the penetrating power was so full that it was directly crushed!

Yang Chen dodged the sword with an awkward speed, and moved towards Meng Kuo's body in an instant!

Even if there was no True Yuan, Yang Chen believed that their bodies were not as tough as his own. If he could penetrate their bodies, he would be able to oppose them.

“Dream on!”

A True Yuan shield stretched out instantly, and at the same time a layer of muddy mist-like body aroused around Meng Kuo’s body.

Yang Chen felt that his space laws were stagnant, as though he was trapped in the mud, making it difficult to move!