"Did you think that by relying solely on the space laws and other tricks with brute force, you can beat the old man's exquisite Chinese spells? This 'Sand Sinking Spell' was taken from ancient Taoism, and it is exactly against your space laws. Is your body feeling as if you are being drenched by True Yuan and are unable to move?”

Meng Kuo smiled triumphantly, watching Yang Chen struggling in the air, and was extremely proud.

Yang Chen was irritated. If he had his original cultivation base, with Heaven and Earth Energy, the adhesion of the earth element could be broken in an instant as the opponent was only in the Kui Water stage. Sadly, his own space laws' fundamentals were too weak, and was unable to resist these True Yuan. 

Meng Kuo gave a cunning laugh and raised the sword in his hand. This time, the heavy blade slashed straight at Yang Chen's body, which was unavoidable!

Relying on his brute force, Yang Chen leaned sideways but he was still chopped on the shoulder by the sword!


The sword slashing on Yang Chen's shoulder was as if it had been slicing on a tough piece of metal; the True Yuan flowed violently and shone vibrantly. 

As if being thunderstruck, Yang Chen's body fell straight into the sea like a human-shaped cannonball.


A towering spray of water appeared on the sea, and Yang Chen felt a strong pain in his shoulder, and his body rushed straight into the sea for hundreds of meters before decelerating. 

Given the depth of the sea, ordinary people would have long been unable to endure such pressure without any special equipment or armor. However, Yang Chen only felt that the muscles and veins of his shoulders were rapidly recovering.

His space laws could be used again, and after continuously transposing space, Yang Chen rushed out of the sea.

Seeing this scene, Meng Kuo and the others were a little startled. Yang Chen’s body recovered!?

It was obvious that his body had been chopped into pieces by the Qianjun Sword, but only in the blink of an eye, only his shirt was torn and his body that was exposed in the air didn’t seem to have suffered any injuries at all!

"I see that you can endure it huh? However, do you think this old man can't kill you? I shall chop you off as I please! We’ll see how you can recover after I chop off your head!”

Meng Kuo waved the Qianjun Sword and rushed to Yang Chen again. He constantly performed the Sand Sinking Spell, like a sandstorm tornado moving rapidly in the air, as long as Yang Chen got enveloped in it, he would have difficulties in moving. 

Yang Chen tried to dodge using the Space Laws, but because of the scattering True Yuan, the parallel space around him was completely disrupted, and he was completely unable to move freely.

Continuously evading, in exchange, the earth element True Yuan kept on sticking onto him and he got controlled by Meng Kuo.

Fortunately, Meng Kuo's Qianjun Sword was only a mid-rank magic weapon, and it was not based on sharpness, instead, it relied on calmness and weight. If it was a top-grade magic weapon with extreme sharpness, then Yang Chen wouldn't be able to withstand it a few times.

Amidst a piece of earth-yellow True Yuan, Yang Chen's chest, back, legs, and even the vicinity of the dangerous neck were all attacked!

The sword brought up the bloodline flying around Yang Chen's body. Up in the air, Yang Chen was like a fish being slaughtered, constantly tumbling.

“I’ll chop you to death!!!”

Meng Kuo was too lazy to use any special spells to enhance the power of the knife. Yang Chen's space laws had been completely shattered, and he was controlled by his spells, without any ability to resist.

He was just annoyed that Yang Chen always used small movements to prevent him from attacking the most deadly positions.

And every time Yang Chen was cut through a wound, no matter how deep it was, he could quickly recover.

This made him extremely annoyed, but he could also perceive that with his blood loss level, Yang Chen's vitality was gradually weakening. As long as he chopped more than a hundred times in this way, Yang Chen would still die because of excessive blood loss.

As long as there was no cultivation base and no spiritual aura from heaven and earth being introduced, then Yang Chen was nothing more than a powerful human body.

Meng Tian and Meng Wei on the side were a little dumbfounded when they saw that Yang Chen was still able to persist even under the weight of Meng Kuo's tyrannical slashing.

They had no choice but to admire Yang Chen's vitality. Then again, he would collapse sooner or later. 

Yang Chen had long forgotten what pain was. He kept avoiding and taking in attacks, but no matter how much blood was flowing, he tried to get close to Meng Kuo.

Clenching his teeth, Yang Chen kept quiet and continued fighting. As long as he could resist, he would not choose to use his cultivation base, because then he would lose to the Chaos! He might not even be able to transform back into himself!

In the distance, whether Hannya on the yacht or the commanders on the three other ships, they all watched this scene with naked eyes or telescopes.

Hannya’s eyes were flushed with anger when she saw that Yang Chen was being slashed violently by the black robe old man. She wanted to go up and help, but she didn't know how to fly into the air.

She knew that her strength was inferior to an ant at this moment, but she couldn’t bear to sit back and watch.

“Captain Fanny! Why don't you launch a missile!? His Majesty Pluto will die if he is attacked like this!" Hannya shouted anxiously.

Old Fanny frowned and said solemnly, "Lady Hannya, the purpose of His Majesty Pluto sending us away is for us to avoid getting into the fight, our attacks will only make him difficult."


“We must believe in the choice of His Majesty Pluto!" Old Fanny raised his voice.

In midair, Meng Kuo was shaking with anger when he noticed that Yang Chen was trying to approach him and attack him.

"Naughty animal! We shall see how long you can survive!" Mengkuo roared, “Qianjun Lightning Slash!”

The long sword carried an electric current, although it was just the power of an ordinary thunder, its extremely high temperature and destructive power still made it extraordinary.

The long sword entwined with electric current slashed on Yang Chen's chest once again, and at the same time it brought a cut and a half-foot-long scar, it scorched Yang Chen’s muscle and skin!


Yang Chen couldn’t help but let out a scream, and his body was hit into the sea again, rolling up a huge wave.

"Elder, this kid is about to die. Why don't the three of us attack him together and smash him into pieces? Let us brothers play a part too!” Meng Tian  stepped forward and said with a sneer.

Meng Kuo's face was gloomy, he glanced at the two, nodded, and said, "Alright, you were so stricken by him last night, I shall let you two stab him a few times later on.”

Meng Tian and Meng Wei were both in joy, they summoned their flying swords, both of which were inferior magic weapons, but it was more than enough to deal with Yang Chen right now.

"When this kid dies, we shall retrieve our Meng Family treasure, and then all his subordinates will be wiped out. With that, our mundane affairs of standing out this time will be almost over," Meng Kuo was extremely triumphant. 

During the conversation, Yang Chen in the sea had recovered from his physical wounds and floated up again.

It was impossible to escape at this moment. Not only would it be difficult, but he also can’t abandon his subordinates and old friends.

But to defeat these three cultivators of the Tribulation Passing Stage, Yang Chen felt that it was impossible to not use his cultivation base. Was he really going to risk his life by trying to use his cultivation?

His body was getting weaker and weaker. If it weren't for his body's abnormality, any other cultivators in the Tribulation Passing Stage would have died dozens of times but he would probably start to lose consciousness if he took in a few more attacks.

Yang Chen was a little upset. He was too careless and should’ve let the ship go deeper into the Pacific Ocean. They were currently too near to China, the nearest god, Poseidon, was in Hawaii. He probably had already noticed the fight here, but perhaps he was concerned about the cultivators in China, and there was nothing related to him, that’s why he didn’t appear.

Yang Chen had indeed guessed most of it correctly. The use of the space laws would naturally alarm other gods, but they were aware of Yang Chen's abilities. Besides, they wouldn’t know the fact that he couldn’t use his cultivation base.

Naturally, if there was a battle that Yang Chen couldn't handle, it would be no use for them to go, let alone being around China, there would still be no need to cause disputes.

When Yang Chen smiled bitterly at the thought of having no choice but to use his cultivation, the two brothers Meng Tian and Meng Wei had already used their swords and pierced toward him from both sides!

Yang Chen couldn't raise his speed at all at this moment, shrouded by the True Yuan of the three people, the space laws moved extremely slowly.

Seeing that two more bloody wounds were to be drawn again, the two flying swords suddenly turned back tens of meters away from Yang Chen in an extremely distorted manner!

As if hitting the reflecting wall, the two flying swords stabbed toward Meng Tian and Meng Wei ruthlessly!