This shocking change made Meng Tian and Meng Wei fluster, but they still reacted quickly, urging the flying sword to wind around in an arc so that they wouldn’t get hurt.

Yang Chen noticed the changes in the space around him, and after a while, he suddenly realized.

“The space of mirrors?”

This was the use of extremely advanced space laws. It can reflect the enemy's attack and can be done through delicate spatial cutting and splicing.

The one who could use this space law in the current world and the one who would appear here was only...


Yang Chen's divine sense weakened, and it was only at this moment that he noticed that a woman in a black dress appeared floating in the sky.

A pair of bare snow feet caught the people’s eyes under the sun, and as the silk black dress danced in the wind, one could vaguely see the white and slender legs inside. Above the woman’s beautiful neck, the extremely beautiful appearance was still the same as before, nothing had changed.

Athena's eyes were full of arrogance. Looking at Meng Kuo and the rest below, the extremely contemptuous look drove the three of them crazy.

The three men felt as if a strong enemy had appeared. The oppression this woman gave them was incredibly powerful, how could they not have noticed anyone coming over before this!?

Yang Chen heaved a sigh of relief. Although he felt depressed and felt like relying on this goddess to survive, he couldn't bother anymore at this point. It was not the first time Athena made a move anyway. He couldn’t risk being swallowed by the Chaos just because of these three men here, that would be such a shame!

It's just that why did this woman appear instead of the other gods?

Could it be because of her Prophecy Spell that she could know his current situation? Yang Chen could only assume that way.

"Who are you?!" Meng Kuo stood with the other two elders and looked at Athena in the distance.

They couldn't understand how Athena could turn the flying sword back in an instant.

"Didn’t your ancestors teach you the consequences of violating the Treaty of the Gods?" Athena said indifferently and there was already murderous intent between her words.

Mengkuo and others felt chills on their backs and they didn't know why it was so unbearable.

"Are you also one of the gods?" Mengkuo tentatively asked.

Athena was too lazy to answer, and said coldly, "You are not worthy enough for me to kill you, since you have violated the treaty, just end yourselves.”

Hearing this, the Meng Kuo trio began to rage no matter how cautious they were.

"Haha! Are you kidding!? You’re just a woman that gets along with this bastard, do you think I will be afraid of you just because you’re high on your horse?! Do you know where we’re from?! If you dare to fight us, come on!!"

The long sword in Meng Kuo's hand once again condensed into a ten feet long light blade. Meng Tian and Meng Wei also pushed their flying swords towards Athena. The blinding light was caused by the radiance emitted from the massive concentration of True Yuan.

Athena suddenly ignored the three of them and looked down at Yang Chen, "Hades, you are too dull. Even if you inherit the divinity of the Old Hades, your understanding of the space laws is still too simple.”

The corners of Yang Chen's mouth twitched, he felt a little aggrieved when Athena called him dull as he used to be quite confident in terms of cultivation.

"The cultivation of the Chinese practices is not the same as the comprehension of the space laws. Until now, you still don't understand what space is," Athena seemed to be able to understand everything Yang Chen thought.

Yang Chen smirked, and pointed to the Meng Kuo trio, "Sister, there is plenty of other time for you to lecture me, they are about to attack you?"

Athena snorted contemptuously, "Them? They’re already dead..."

These words came out in such an arrogant way. The three of them were preparing to make a move, but they were already deemed dead?

"How frustrating! I hate fighting women, but this woman is just too much! Take this!”

Meng Kuo yelled, and he swung the long knife in his hand fiercely. Because of the massive concentration of that abundant True Yuan, it was fiercer than any of the previous stabs towards Yang Chen.

Yang Chen would also avoid taking in such an attack, even if he didn’t die, half of his vitality would’ve been gone by then. Yet, Athena stood still in the air, as if nothing had happened.


The broad blade light disappeared ten meters in front of Athena!

It seemed that it had broken into another space, the blade light didn’t appear in the space where Athena was present but was absorbed by another space!

Immediately afterward, Meng Kuo, Meng Tian, and Meng Wei felt that there was an endless suction under them which began to drag the three of them down!

Standing in the distance, Yang Chen could see clearly and could feel that the space where the three people were located was constantly collapsing. It was obvious that the space was constantly falling, but the three of them at the same time!

Yang Chen had never seen such a space law, it was like a black hole in the sea that could swallow anything, but in fact, the hole was constructed through countless parallel spaces.

The three of them were panicking, realizing that the situation was not good that they frantically bombarded the surrounding parallel space with their True Yuan. The True Yuan of the three of the Tribulation Passing Stage exploded at the same time, which was definitely strong.

But no matter how they tried to destroy the parallel space around them, the speed at which they fell didn’t weaken at all. When they reached the surface of the sea, waterspouts began to form and the sea was raging, but after more than ten seconds, it just disappeared, and the entire sea returned to its original tranquilness as though nothing had happened.

But Yang Chen discovered that the three elders of the Meng family had disappeared!?

"Ignorant cultivators. They have been swallowed by the parallel space. With their cultivation base, they cannot withstand the pressure of the space of such thickness, they’re probably already crushed and scattered," Athena spoke lightly.

Yang Chen could imagine how terrified the three men were when they fell inside that thing. This kind of method, with just one move of the space laws, she managed to kill all three of the Tribulation Passing Stage cultivators, how terrifying.

"Don't be surprised," Athena looked back at Yang Chen and said, "Their strength is still too low compared to the truly powerful Chinese cultivators. This kind of trick was useful against them, but if their True Yuan was strong enough, this wouldn’t have worked so easily.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly, “You didn’t use any power at all. Even if they were several times stronger, I’m afraid they’re still not worthy to be your opponent.”

“This is the power brought by the space laws that you have never practiced much," Athena said proudly, "Hades, your situation is in my expectation. Do you still think that your path is correct?"

"It's just like how you have been insisting on walking your path. I also have my persistence and I will not regret it," Yang Chen said confidently.

Athena didn't persuade him either. Hearing Yang Chen's words, she gave him a cold look and planned to leave.

But Yang Chen stopped her immediately, and couldn't help asking, "I'm curious, how did your space law have such a strong attraction just now? What is the force that drags them down?"

Athena spoke with her back facing him, and sighed faintly, "As I said before, you don't understand what space is at all… Do you really think that there is a so-called ‘force' in this universe?"

Yang Chen was taken aback for a moment. He had no idea what this woman was talking about.

But Athena didn't mean to say much, and in a blink of an eye, she was gone.

Yang Chen pondered for a long time but was still puzzled. Force? Isn’t that something that a physicist would study?

Yang Chen wondered if he should ask Jane about this question, maybe the woman had more ideas than himself.

No matter what, at least he managed to escape from this. The Meng family lost three elders of the Tribulation Passing Stage and they probably would not send any masters out of China to make trouble for themselves, at least not now. Yang Chen was also relieved.

Back on the yacht, Hannya and Old Fanny were all in joy, which made Yang Chen a little embarrassed. Honestly, it was Athena that helped him survive.

“Your Majesty Pluto, there’s a phone call for you from China," Sheryl came out of the cabin at this time and took the mobile phone with Yang Chen's private number. There were not many people who knew this number.

After Yang Chen got the news from Meng Yue, he probably guessed who was calling, and when he took it, it was as expected.