"Minister Li, you really got me in trouble this time," Yang Chen's tone was somewhat dissatisfied. The other party was Li Moshen. If it weren't for Li Dun's friendship with him, he would’ve cursed at him.

Li Moshen smiled and said, "You don't seem to be surprised by the call I made."

It was the old man who told you how to get through this number, wasn’t it? Things have been messy enough, just get to the point. The old man in my house has to avoid any suspicion and Chief No.1 will obviously not want to lower his status, so you are the best candidate to speak to me,” Yang Chen said.

"Since you have said so, you probably know a lot then. I shall not deny it, yes, this time we are indeed suspected of using you, but you should also admit that if you were not determined to fight the Meng family, things will not fall into this field," Li Moshen said calmly.

Yang Chen smiled relaxedly, "Do you think I'm in a bad situation right now?”

“Aren’t you? The forces behind the Meng family are not what you can imagine. They have already dispatched three elders and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Do you think you can return to China by yourself?" Li Moshen said jokingly.

Yang Chen secretly laughed, so you wanted to use the Meng family to suppress me huh. He deliberately expressed regret and said, "I was about to ask someone to help me tell the news to the Meng family. The three elders of the Meng family, Mengkuo and Meng Tian and Meng Wei have disappeared forever."

"What did you say!?" Li Moshen was slightly gagged, and he kept quiet for a moment then said in disbelief, "You killed them?"

"Not me,” Yang Chen said pretentiously, "They came to the public waters to chase me, and violated the ‘Treaty of Gods’. This happened to be Athena again. Don't you know that she’s a violent lady? She smashed the three old guys into space with a single move, and nothing was left. Tsk tsk, if I had that kind of skill, the Meng family would have been wiped out by me now!"

Li Moshen listened and couldn’t help but have a headache and said, "This is a big deal, and the Meng family will not let it go. Yang Chen, listen to my advice, if you still want to set foot on the land of China, don’t expand this matter anymore. Push the responsibility to the gods as much as possible, the Meng family is not something you can simply shake."

"Bullshit!" Yang Chen directly rejected: "What do you mean by pushing it to the gods? Since I have accepted the divinity of the former Hades, I can’t ignore the affairs of the gods, not to mention that Athena saved me this time."

"Why are you so dull! It’s just a matter of speech,  I am not making you fall out with the gods! You used to be quite smart back then, what happened....”

"Okay! I may not be a gentleman, but I occasionally still have to talk about loyalty when I am out here," Yang Chen felt that Christine and her brother Stern were more cordial than those old men in China.

Li Moshen sighed as if he didn't know what to say.

"In fact, I have always wanted to know, what is the power behind the Meng family that you have been talking about?" Yang Chen asked earlier.

Li Moshen didn’t answer directly, but said mysteriously, "I am afraid that no one knows this very well except for Chief No.1, and I only know some general info. But what I can tell you is that the forces behind the Meng Family are huge enough to fight against the entire Hongmeng…”

Yang Chen nearly thought that he was hearing the wrong thing, but after returning to his senses, it seemed that only this explanation was reasonable. Why else would Hongmeng remain stagnant and neutral in this matter?

There was only one reason, Hongmeng encountered a cultivating organization that they couldn’t interfere with randomly.

But if you think about it carefully, it was not difficult to understand, how could Hongmeng be able to master all casual cultivators? Was there no other casual cultivator who was dissatisfied with Hongmeng and wanted to establish a new one?

It's just that like Hongmeng, most cultivators didn’t have much interest in the current world. Even if they were organized, they wouldn't show up easily.

The Meng family was probably the "bridgehead" of that organization, just like the Tang family at the time, specifically responsible for some secular things.

Li Moshen listened to Yang Chen’s silence. He assumed that Yang Chen had a heart of fear. He then smiled and said, "Don't panic, since I called you, naturally I would have the idea of ​​helping you."

"Help me?" Yang Chen smiled and said, "I'm afraid there are conditions."

"Obviously, there are no such things as free lunch in the world," Li Moshen said slowly, "Chief No.1 had mentioned, if you are willing to contribute to the country and return the Meng Family’s spiritual treasures, he can order the Meng family to release Liu Qingshan and his wife. As for the news of the death of the three elders, we can find a way to help you settle it. You have to believe that No.1 has that ability."

Yang Chen raised his eyebrows and said, "Lin Zhiguo asked me to help him train a mad dragon unit before. Is it possible that this time he wants me to train another unit?”

"Hehe, you don't need to train any unit," Li Moshen said, "We just want to know how your fleet entered China’s territorial waters silently. Also, how did you sneakily attack the Wangcheng Hotel and escape without being traced.”

Yang Chen looked solemn and said without hesitation, "Impossible, the technological facilities that my fleet is equipped with are technologies capable of subverting the entire world’s pattern. If they were given to China, the national defense of the other countries will be in vain. Although I don’t intend to help other countries, I can’t reverse the destiny of all mankind just because of my interest. This violates the "Treaty of the Gods", even so, as a god, we cannot take the initiative to participate in human wars."

"You...you stubborn little donkey, even if you give us that technology to China, we will not invade others!" Li Moshen said in depression.

"Huh, bullying the weak is the nature of human beings. Maybe you won't, but you can’t guarantee that other people in power won’t. If it weren't for the cultivators of China to be restrained by the gods abroad, I'm afraid there would be no so-called escaping from reality kind of life, they would’ve conquered the world long ago," Yang Chen sneered.

Li Moshen was annoyed and said angrily, "Well, that being said, I will see what you have that you refuse our help.”

"We’ll see,” Yang Chen smiled confidently.

The call was hung up and Yang Chen sighed. He was not sure about the direction of the matter, but it was impossible to hand over the technology of the Ghost Fleet.

Hannya on the side was somewhat incomprehensible and said, "Your Majesty Pluto, China is your homeland, why can't you give China its technology? In fact, even if China has the latest technology, it may not threaten other international forces. After all, the United States and the European Union also have their hidden military power."

Yang Chen smiled bitterly: "Do you know why my fleet is called "Ghost"?"

Hannya shook her head. She thought it was just to meet the name of "Pluto", but now there seemed to be another reason.

Yang Chen somewhat recalled, "Back then, when I asked Sauron to help me build this fleet, to avoid the stalking of the world’s major navies, he specially asked Jane to create an unprecedented set of "stealth system" for the fleet. This not only includes a series of functions such as the Aegis system of the United States, such as missile cruise and anti-missile, but also it can avoid all the detection methods in the world. This took Jane nearly half a year to make it. It was a very difficult invention for her, and its final name was ‘Cunei’.

Hannya frowned for a moment and said, "This is… The artifact of Hades, the name of the invisible helmet?"

"Yes, it is the invisible helmet, Cunei. This artifact disappeared thousands of years ago. Jane named this invisible system Cunei as a retribute to it. And because of the existence of Cunei, my fleet can be unimpeded all over the world, just like ghosts that no one can see, that’s why it’s called the ghost fleet..."

Yang Chen laughed and said, "Jane is well aware of the destructive power that this system can bring. It can sneak attacks on any current military stronghold in the world because this technology has been leading the world in science and technology for nearly 30 years. Therefore, she wanted me to promise her that I absolutely would not give this technology to any other forces and countries... I swear to keep the promise, and I must do what I say."

Hannya showed an envious face, "Princess Jane must be very pleased that the master remembers the promise to her so clearly."

Yang Chen shrugged, for a woman who had given in so much for himself, was there any reason to forget her promise?

"However, the Meng family of China must have hated the master, and I am afraid it will be difficult to go back now," Hannya said worriedly.

Yang Chen smiled playfully, "Counting the time, the Meng family should have received my gift. Bring the phone to Meng Yue and ask her to dial another one to Meng Kaiyuan."

Meng Yue was dragged out ruthlessly again. At this moment, the woman was already blank, with a dull expression, as if she was immersed in an inextricable pain, and she looked numb.

After being slapped two consecutive slaps by Hannya, she then heard clearly what Hannya was telling her to do. There was a touch of resistance in her eyes, but she couldn’t bear Hannya’s means and could only make the call.

As soon as it was connected, she heard the roar of Meng Kaiyuan's anger over there!

"Beast!! Yang Chen! Are you still a human!? You are inferior to a pig and a dog!! Do you think that my Meng family will be afraid of you this way!?"

"Grandpa...It's me..." Meng Yue bit her lip and was about to cry.

When Meng Kaiyuan heard this, he gasped heavily and said, "Yue'Er? Give the phone to Yang Chen! Let him listen!!"

Meng Yue almost dropped the phone on the deck as if she was struck by lightning, she was on the verge of breaking down. Her heart seemed to have shattered into countless grains of sand.