Meng Kaiyuan was already furious, and he couldn’t care less of what Meng Yue was thinking. In this situation, the safety of his granddaughter was second, and the reputation of his family, the image of this old patriarch, came first.

Yang Chen took the phone from Meng Yue's hand and looked at the woman's desperate expression, without any hint of sympathy.

Being born in such a big family, their status depended on their ability. She should’ve known better. She could only be blamed for being too pampered by the family, until now she was still holding on to some kind of fantasy that she was extremely special and important in the eyes of her elders and that she was irreplaceable. 

"What is it, old man? Are you excited this time?" Yang Chen said with a chuckle.

On the other side of the phone, the Meng family was in the chamber of Zhonghai, and the family and the Southern China Gang had already exploded.

All this was because a few minutes ago, a servant passed in a box of CDs and a letterhead.

The two things had been firmly pressed under Meng Kaiyuan's palm right now.

"Are you threatening me? Do you think that I, Meng Kaiyuan, are so easy to deal with!?"

"I don't want to talk nonsense with you. The things have been delivered, they are only copies, and the originals are in my hands. If you want to keep your family's reputation, it is best to let my father and mother-in-law go back to where they came from, don't mess with me.”

That being said, Yang Chen hung up. 

Meng Kaiyuan was so angry that he groaned fiercely. After a twitch on his facial muscles, he smashed the phone to pieces!

On the high platform, the only remaining Elder, Meng Qi suppressed his anger and said in a low voice, "Meng Kaiyuan, you'd better solve this matter right away, how ridiculous!”

That being said, Meng Qi didn’t want to stay further and left the conference hall and disappeared.

Meng Kaiyuan’s eyes were flushed and once Meng Qi was gone, he yelled toward the guards of the chamber, "Go! Get Meng Qin, Meng Zhexin, and Zhang Ling here!!”

The people in the chamber were a little uneasy, some secretly gloated and looked forward to it.

As a direct line of the Meng family who was not serving in the Southern China Gang, Meng Qin and Meng Zhexin were not qualified to discuss matters here.

But Meng Que and Meng Zhelong, who were the hall master and deputy gang leader, were all present. Both of them had gloomy, fierce expressions, which were complex and unspeakable.

At the same time, in a luxurious guest room of the Meng family villa, an ambiguous and dreamy scene was being staged.

On the big bed in the center of the room, Meng Zhexin was naked, lingering with an enchanting woman who was also naked.

Meng Zhexin's hand was clasped on the towering mass of the woman's chest, pinching out various weird shapes. The tender flesh had traces of red marks as if being beaten.

His other hand held the woman's waist. Although there was some fat on the waist because of her age, it enhanced the charm of a mature woman.

The hidden parts below the two were constantly colliding at high speed, making the sound of "pop".

The woman with disheveled hair, sweet and sweaty, swayed her ivory body as if she was out of this world. Suddenly, she raised her head, let out a high-pitched cry, and began to convulse constantly!

This woman was surprisingly Meng Zhexin's stepmother, Zhang Ling!

Meng Zhexin didn't have any mercy on her. Despite Zhang Ling’s moaning, he kept going, the hand that originally held the snowballs on her chest had already grabbed her hair!

Just like driving a mare, Meng Zhexin groaned in a low voice, and finally gave it his all, and poured his essence into his "mother’s" body!

Zhang Ling took in the trace of warmth and rolled her eyes in excitement as if she was going to faint. But in the end, she showed a satisfied smile, turned around, and leaned into Meng Zhexin's arms lazily.

Meng Zhexin also vented his irritability, he slid one hand on Zhang Ling's back, while holding a cigarette in the other.

Amid the clouds, the "mother and son" were accustomed to the atmosphere.

"Dear Xinxin, you are great today," Zhang Ling smiled contentedly, "You are getting stronger and stronger, much better than your father’s little candle."

"Don't talk about my father in bed," Meng Zhexin said coldly.

"Huh, what are you afraid of? The majestic Director Meng is actually a soft little bug, haha, it must be laughable to say it out," Zhang Ling said disdainfully.

Meng Zhexin unceremoniously grabbed Zhang Ling's chest with one of his hands, twisted it, and made her let out a cry.

"I'm telling you, he's my father no matter what! I don't care if you like doing things with me, but don't talk such bullshit!" Meng Zhexin said coldly.

Zhang Ling looked at him aggrievedly, "Dear Xinxin, you know that I like you, I really love you. If it wasn't for my dad who wanted me to marry Meng Qin, I would rather not marry forever and wait for you......"

"Hey", Meng Zhexin sneered, "Cut your nonsense, please. How do you still have the courage to talk about love with me?”

A trace of sadness flashed through Zhang Ling's eyes. But fleeting, he giggled and said, "Yeah, I am a slut. I seduce my son and don’t deserve to talk about love... How about Li Jingjing? Isn’t she blatant to seduce a married man... "

“Shut up!" Meng Zhexin’s anger in his heart surged again as soon as he thought that Yang Chen was occupying Li Jingjing.

Zhang Ling was not afraid at all, and sneered, "We don't even know where that beast Yang Chen went this time. The fact that he took Meng Yue as a hostage helped us. As long as Meng Yue dies, Meng ZHonglong will be the most competitive in the competition between the family lineages. Not to mention, he is way easier to deal with than Meng Yue. When the time comes, we will..."

Halfway through her words, there was a knock on the door from the family guard.

"Young Master Zhexin, the gang leader invites you and the second lady to the chamber."

Both Zhang Ling and Meng Zhexin's expressions changed. It was not that they were afraid of being discovered, the door was locked, and it was not a big deal that a mother would appear in the son’s room.

"Why does he want us to go?" Zhang Ling asked strangely.

Meng Zhexin had already got up and started putting on clothes, "Yang Chen is no longer there anyway, what's there to be afraid of?  Maybe Meng Yue did get into trouble…”

Zhang Ling immediately beamed with joy, and immediately took some tissues to wipe off the sticky liquid on her body, sprayed on perfume, and was ready to go.

In less than ten minutes, Meng Zhexin and Zhang Ling rushed to the chamber, while Meng Qin had arrived at the scene one step earlier.

Almost everyone in the chamber looked at the eyes of these three people weirdly and the air was filled with a suffocating feeling.

Meng Kaiyuan looked at his grandson and daughter-in-law, with no love in his eyes, only ruthless indifference, and bitter hatred.

“Father, what's the matter for calling us?" Meng Qin sensed something was wrong and smiled forcefully. 

Meng Kaiyuan threw a CD-ROM in front of Meng Qin, "Go and play the video on the disk." 

As soon as these words came out, many people around looked at Meng Kaiyuan in surprise, as if there was something inside that shouldn't be released again. Meng Zhelong and Meng Que almost went up to stop them.

Although Meng Qin was puzzled, he didn't dare to hesitate. He then walked to the side of the projection equipment and put the disc in.

After clicking on a video file on the disk, the video image immediately appeared on the huge screening screen...

He saw that in a luxurious hotel suite, a man and a woman were about doing the most primitive sports aggressively!?

Meng Zhexin and Zhang Ling’s faces went straight pale and Meng Zhexin's legs softened and he fell directly to the ground!

"Why...this...this is..." Meng Qin's eyes were flushed and he turned around in disbelief, looking at his kneeling second son.

Zhang Ling murmured in disbelief, "Why... how could..."

This was a ridiculous thing she and Meng Zhexin did in the hotel back then. She couldn’t remember which day it was, where did this video come from?!

Immediately afterward, Zhang Ling seemed to have thought of something. She turned her head and screamed at the kneeling Meng Zhexin, "Meng Zhexin!! It's you!? How dare you record all these!?”

Zhang Ling didn't understand how the hotel she went to might have had a camera, but after thinking about it carefully, it was only possible that Meng Zhexin placed it there! If not, who would dare to play tricks under the eyes of his family?

She helped Meng Zhexin, but he didn't fully believe in herself. After filming the passionate video of the two, he kept it as a card to control her in the future!

Meng Zhexin's head was completely messed up right now. He hid this video in the safe of his private residence, how could it fall into Meng Kaiyuan's hands?

But no matter what, it's a done deal. Everyone present probably "accidentally" saw all this.

Meng Zhexin, who was sweating, was in grief immediately. Crying and lying on the ground, he said "Grandpa! Grandpa, you have to believe me! I was tricked by Zhang Ling, a bitch woman, to do such a rebellious thing! This is not my intention at all!"

Before Meng Kaiyuan could speak, Meng Qin rushed forward and kicked his youngest son!

"Shut up! Unfilial son! I shall kick you to death!!" 

The scene was chaotic, and the two men and the women became laughing stock.

As the older brothers, Meng Que and Meng Zhelong didn't understand why Meng Kaiyuan had to let the ugliness out again.

"Shut up, all of you! Kneel down!!"

Before they could understand, Meng Kaiyuan yelled and calmed the audience.

Meng Qin, Meng Zhexin, and Zhang Ling all blushed and fell to their knees in fear, not even daring to lift their heads.