Meng Kaiyuan sounded like a loud bell shouting as he stared at the three with sharp eyes.

“I, Meng Kaiyuan, didn't discipline my people well. I raised such idiots... I have failed the Meng Family and damaged our reputation! Today, I will not be worthy enough to be the leader of the Southern China Gang without giving everyone a proper conclusion! Now, in the presence of the group of brothers and relatives and elders of other tribes, I shall personally slaughter these three evil beings. I shall righteously remove their existence and serve everyone justice!”

That being said, Meng Kaiyuan suddenly took a loaded Browning pistol from the waist of the guard next to him, and aimed at his second son Meng Qin!

Everyone was horrified, and no one thought that Meng Kaiyuan could be so crazy that he could kill his son and grandson to consolidate his position and calm the anger of the elders.

Meng Que, who was on the side, grabbed his father's arm immediately, and persuaded with emotion, "Father, this is Yang Chen's trick to let us kill each other, don't be fooled!"

Meng Kaiyuan swung his hand away, "Even if it weren't for Yang Chen, I, Meng Kaiyuan wouldn’t allow my descendants to be inferior to pigs and dogs!"

“Bang! Bang bang!!”

Three consecutive gunshots sounded, the smell of gunpowder irritated the nerves of everyone present and they were all stunned.

Meng Que and Meng Zhelong on the side didn't expect Meng Kaiyuan to shoot as he mentioned he would and they didn't even have time to stop them.

The faces of Meng Qin, Meng Zhexin, and Zhang Ling were fixed with unbelievable and unwilling expressions. On their foreheads, bloody holes were pierced by bullets...

As the three warm bodies collapsed, Meng Kaiyuan's eyes flashed with a touch of pain which was quickly covered by a touch of hideousness.

The old man’s cruelty was the main factor that allowed him to sit in the position of the gang leader for decades. Even if he was forced to kill his children and grandchildren, he wouldn’t hesitate!

All the people present wanted to ridicule them, but at this moment they dared not speak further anymore. Horror was covering their hearts and they were submissive to Meng Kaiyuan.

Meng Kaiyuan's shots not only killed three scums of the Meng family but also eliminated many people's thoughts of coaxing them to seize power!

Probably because of the sound of the gunfire, Meng Qi, who had gone out previously, returned to the conference hall with an indifferent face.

Meng Kaiyuan bowed and said, "Elder, the three wicked animals have been shot to death, in retribution to the family!" 

Meng Qi nodded with satisfaction, "Good. If you can't handle this matter properly, you don’t have to be the family’s patriarch anymore, and I already have plans to ask one of the elders in the clan to replace you. The old man is very satisfied with your handling, but the matter is not over yet. That bastard Yang Chen is still having our dirt, what are you planning to do with that?”

"Rest assured, elder. The list brought by Yang Chen is not very threatening. I will call Premier Ning of the Ning family and I believe I can fight back!"

"That's great," Meng Qi didn't ask further. These mundane affairs should be left to Meng Kaiyuan. He only cared about whether the family’s spiritual treasure could be retrieved, and he turned around and left the chamber again in his black robe.

He left earlier due to anger issues at the same time he went to find out whether the Meng Kuo trio came back.

As a result, it seemed that the Meng Kuo three had not yet returned, which made him wonder. It was reasonable to say that they would be able to circle the Pacific Ocean by now, could anything happen to them?

After all, Yang Chen was still on the phone safe and sound and the Meng Kuo trio should be able to Yang Chen.


On the Pacific Ocean, the sea was azure and the sea breeze gusted. 

On the deck of the Erebos, Yang Chen was sunbathing casually. Hannya on the side had already changed into a bikini earlier, kneeling beside Yang Chen, doing her best to serve the owner while eating and drinking, while giving a massage.

The female ninja's proud upper circumference was surging like waves, and depression in a certain part could be seen faintly down at her pink thong. Her sexiness overloaded when her fair and plump buttocks were exposed as if she was wearing nothing.

Yang Chen knew that this woman had been unable to feel safe because he hadn't gotten to her, but he really didn't want to get into any more romantic debts.

Although a woman like Hannya was purely offering herself as a "sacrifice" and didn’t need him to be responsible for her, he still felt guilty toward Lin Ruoxi...

More than half an hour had passed, and Yang Chen had been waiting for the news, wondering what the Meng family was up to now.

Finally, the news came in as his cell phone rang.

Hannya was a very professional "secretary”. She put his mobile phone in a position where he was comfortable to answer the call and pressed the connect button.

"Yang Chen, you have pitted yourself this time," Li Moshen was the one who called.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Yang Chen asked.

"Did you use espionage channels to investigate all officials implicated in the Meng family, their corruption backgrounds, and their unseen businesses, illegitimate children, especially overseas assets?”

Yang Chen suddenly smiled, "Oh? So you knew about this? Your sources are pretty quick. Yes, I did investigate a little in this as it’s not difficult for me to check. I have the most powerful hacker in the world and agent in the world. I only handed over the list of officials related to the Meng family to Meng Kaiyuan, and the specific evidence is in my hands. You should also want these things right? No.1 will like to know whoever to kill under him, no?”

Two days ago, Yang Chen instructed Makedon to search the information of these officials related to the Meng family and waited for a head-on attack at this moment.

If the Meng family loses the network of relationships that they have managed for so many years, the loss would be even greater.

"Have you lost your mind!" Li Moshen said, "You are too naive! Do you think that the Chief won’t know about what you are doing? If you can find all of these abroad, obviously we can as well. It’s not that we are unaware about these people being related to the Meng family, but even if they do have corruption and perform shameful deeds, we can’t simply move or touch them!”

Yang Chen wondered, "What do you mean, is it possible that they still honored the money to No.1?"

Yang Chen never participated in politics, just like how he didn’t get himself involved in the business world, which was why whatever he knew about the industry was only at the surface level.

Li Moshen smiled bitterly, "Do you think that corrupt officials can be eliminated once and for all? As the saying goes, it is human nature to fight for themselves by all means. Officials are an occupation that does not produce social labor. To put it bluntly, this kind of administrative work is destined to be continued by exploitation and privilege. You may think I am shameless when I say this, but if an official is not greedy, can he really serve the people? Could he/she sacrifice themself for the people? How many do you think in this society could do that?"

Yang Chen was stunned, sacrificing himself and perfecting others, probably only Buddha could do it. 

"In this world, officials in no country are truly incorruptible. Maybe there are, but it’s just a small number of them. It’s inevitable because it’s human nature. The world often hates corrupt officials because they have no chance to be an official. If they could be one, would they be an upright official? Not necessarily, right? As for Chief No.1, he considers whether this official has achieved any results and if a replacement came in, will they be better? Even if he or she is a corrupted official, it won’t necessarily mean he or she will be replaced immediately. Governing the country is not about being arrogant and there’s more than just black and white. If you can't bear any dirt in your eyes, you are an angry youth, not a scholar."

Li Moshen’s words finally enlightened Yang Chen.

"Although I don't agree with you completely, I understand..." Yang Chen smiled helplessly, "It seems that even if the Meng family confessed to this group of people, you would not deal with it.

“That's inevitable. Many of these officials are department-level or even ministerial-level cadres. They all have their connections, and many people will be affected. We will inevitably suppress your list, and you should stop thinking about anything else, the Meng Family is not easy to touch. Moreover, your behavior has already made No.1 very dissatisfied... Yang Chen, the Meng family may worry about the No.1 chief and worry about the Yang family that they dare not arrest your women and daughter at will. But, if No.1 decides to ignore it, let alone taking away your women and daughter, he can even kill them without giving you a chance to resist!”