"Deputy Premier Li, you sound quite arrogant," Yang Chen said with a little sullenness, "I am not a soft character that can be easily bullied. Even if the background of No.1 is extraordinary, I suppose he doesn’t have an optimum plan to defeat me, that’s why I am still able to sunbathe here in peace?”

Li Moshen said, "Yang Chen, first, I am advising you as an elder... Uncle Li has always liked you, let alone you having a good relationship with my grandson and saving that little bastard’s life. Secondly, our generation is getting old, and there are too few capable young people in China. You will be our hope… I advise you not to look at your ego too heavily, you don’t have the right to think that you are invincible yet. Showing your sincerity to No.1 is not a big deal, he isn’t some unreasonable being. Think about it, you’ve sent a warship to bomb Zhonghai and even publicized the Meng family's affairs, yet No.1 didn't do anything directly to you. He’s been very tolerant toward you up to this point, you shouldn't be too domineering. What is the difference between you and those evil, rich kids if you continue being this way?”

That being said, Yang Chen felt slightly embarrassed. Indeed, what he did was a little too much. Not just because he wasn’t willing to take a step back, he even dragged the image of China's military and government into this fight.

As far as No.1 was concerned, this country was under his protection, and he would definitely feel ashamed after being shot by a few missiles. 

If it weren't for the concern that he was indeed very powerful overseas, No.1 would probably not be able to bear him until now.

Li Moshen continued, "He will definitely not touch those officials in the list. Meng Kaiyuan even made up his mind to consolidate his position. Even his son Meng Qin, his grandson Meng Zhexin and the woman named Zhang Ling were all shot to death! Think about it, the old man, who could kill even his own son and grandson, how can he be shaken so easily? You are still holding the Meng Family’s spiritual treasures, which you’ve already got more than you need for your revenge, so you should stop now.”

Yang Chen was taken aback. He didn't expect Meng Kaiyuan to be so decisive.

"Uncle Li, you also said that this matter has already affected the image of No.1, and must be explained. Besides, the Meng family will not let me go back to China as I will, and will most likely send someone to trouble me. Even if I wish to return to China and continue my humble life, it wouldn’t be easy…” Yang Chen felt helpless.

To be honest, being able to live a good life in Zhonghai, spend more time with the women, and watch the growth of his baby girl was exactly what Yang Chen longed for.

Li Moshen heard that Yang Chen had a change of mind, he smiled and said, "I heard Old Yang said before that you are clever and clever in practice, but you are foolish when you do some things. It's true."

"Stop beating around the bush, why do you sound like the old man from my house as well? Also, what did he mean about enlightening me previously?" Yang Chen was still worrying about Yang Gongming's words.

Li Moshen smiled mysteriously, "Actually...it's simple to say. If you want to go back to China, and you don't want to be disturbed by the Meng Family, as long as No.1 is willing to come forward, it will be solved..."


Southern Zhonghai, inside Chief No.1’s office.

The minimally decorated office occupied a huge area, but there were not many furnishings. Every piece of semi-worked equipment had quite some history, and there were more than a few antiques that had been touched by the leaders of the past generations.

In front of the wide red sandalwood desk, Ning Guangyao, dressed in a straight suit, was standing there with an awe-inspiring smile, facing the graciously smiling Chief No.1.

"Many heads from the South are complaining and the military side is also being pressured. They all believe that Yang Chen has gone too far this time and it’s degrading our national prestige. If we don’t explain soon, I am afraid things will affect our unity within the party."

No.1 smiled calmly and said, "I know and I am letting Minister Li to talk to Yang Chen. After all, China is a country of etiquette. Turning hatred into peace and ensuring the safety of the people is what we should be doing. It’ll take a lot of effort and money to touch Yang Chen.”

"But..." Ning Guangyao said in embarrassment, "Chief, Yang Chen dares to investigate so many important officials of ours just to defeat the Meng Family. If he continues to be so rebellious, he will take revenge and act on these officials at all costs. This will probably cause social unrest in our country."

No.1 lowered his head and looked at the photocopied list on the desktop, and under that list were the details of the corruption of many officials.

If these materials were leaked out, it would indeed be enough to cause turmoil in the whole country.

Ning Guangyao was secretly happy, thinking that Yang Chen was indeed inexperienced, and lacked some careful thoughts...

How would he dare to investigate and bring up this kind of information related to the stability of the country and he thought it would be enough to defeat the Meng Family? Who would’ve known that this actually helped them.

He really thought that no one could overcome him? Although Ning Guangyao himself didn’t know what kind of character was behind No.1, based on family sources, he still knew that it was definitely not any random force that Yang Chen could resist!

"By the way, Chief," Ning Guangyao intended to continue administering the drug. "I just received a call from Meng Kaiyuan personally. He said that the Meng family will bear the loss this time. He will also donate 20% of the expenditure amount for the Jiangnan Military District. The Meng family does not want their family’s conflict with Yang Chen to cause difficulties for the military and the government. They are still very considerate of our work.”

No.1 smiled, “Oh, Old Meng is indeed a patriot, respectable and commendable."

"Haih, it's just that Yang Chen really doesn't know the limits. You’ve tolerated him again and again,yet he continues being reckless..." Ning Guangyao looked regretful, " Old Meng said that the Meng family is very worried about what happened to Meng Yue, who fell in Yang Chen’s hands and is willing to exchange Liu Qingshan and his wife with Meng Yue. As for the Meng family’s spiritual treasure, it was also snatched by Yang Chen. If you can have Yang Chen return the spiritual treasures, they will also donate for the construction of five large airports for the four provinces of China." 

More and more benefits were thrown out by Ning Guangyao, but obviously these were all asked by Meng Kaiyuan.

Originally, it wasn’t a good idea for Meng Kaiyuan to mention all these as he would be suspected of using the power of No.1. But this time, Yang Chen's approach had caused dissatisfaction with No.1, so he might as well give it a little push and make No.1 believe that the Meng Family would be more reliable than Yang Chen. 

No.1 frowned, it's not that he couldn’t understand the ideas behind this, but as the supreme leader, he didn’t have to consider using anyone or whoever was right or wrong.

Based on the current situation, it seemed that standing up for the Meng family was indeed better for the country as he had gradually lost patience with Yang Chen...

At that moment, Li Moshen, who had been talking to Yang Chen outside, knocked on the office door and came in. 

Patriarch Li had a joyful and satisfied expression, with an unknown smile on his face, he gave Ning Guangyao a very interesting look.

“Chief, I have finished talking to Yang Chen," Li Moshen stood with Ning Guangyao respectfully.

No.1 quietly asked, “Does he feel guilty?”

Li Moshen slightly nodded, then shook his head, "He was unrepentant, but he did mention that… he wanted to make a deal with you.”

As soon as the words came out, Ning Guangyao frowned, obviously very puzzled.

"Oh? Interesting", Chief No.1 chuckled, "I have worked in the department since I was young and have never done business. What does he mean? He promised to hand over the stealth technology of the fleet?"

Li Moshen sorted out his thoughts and then said leisurely, "Yang Chen still refuses to hand over the stealth technology. But, he is willing to use his influence abroad, in the next five years, from the Middle East and Central Asia, and increase China’s petroleum import by 60 million tonnes, with a 50% reduction of crude oil prices.”


Not only the expression of No.1 changed, but Ning Guangyao on the side opened his mouth in surprise.

"Impossible! Isn't this... Isn't this importing one-fifth of the oil every year at half the price!? Counting on a five-year basis, is it equivalent to buying an extra year of oil at half the price?!" Ning Guangyao exclaimed.

The people present were all big figures who knew the lifeblood of the country's economy and energy very well. Given China’s current annual oil import volume of less than 3 billion tons, no one knew better than them what 60 million tons of half-price oil represented!

At this moment, No.1's eyes showed a bit of enthusiasm, and he became excited for the first time, "Tell me, what are his trading conditions?"