It was not surprising that No.1 was eager to know about the specifics of the deal. After all, oil was the blood and industrial power needed for the operation of machines in this world.

Given that you were rich, oil was not something you could buy easily. There were only a few sourcing countries in the world, if you wanted to take food from the States and the European Union, you had to pay a price.

As the world's second-largest oil-importing country after the States, China had an even greater desire for oil. After all, China couldn’t afford to start a war for oil, but the States could.

This kind of secular competition and the tug-of-war between nations was what No.1 cared most about. As for the matter between the Chinese cultivators and the gods, it was another level of competition. No.1 himself was just a ‘spokesperson’ and he would not directly intervene.

Li Moshen didn’t know to laugh or cry at that moment, "Yang Chen said that one of his women named Li Jingjing wanted to get into politics. But it’ll be too slow to start from the bottom. He hoped that you could help out a little so that Li Jingjing would be able to reach the upper level and have real power."

Not only was No.1 slightly surprised, but Ning Guangyao also felt incredible.

"That’s it?" Chief No.1 asked in an inconceivable voice.

Li Moshen nodded, "He said that nothing else is required."

"The descendants of the Yang family have very hard backbones, so he’s unwilling to compromise huh," No.1 showed a smile and looked exceptionally amiable. 

"Chief, I’ve checked on the girl Li Jingjing, nothing special, and her family background used to be very poor. When Yang Chen was still selling mutton skewers in the vegetable market, they met each other and started to develop feelings," As the head of intelligence Li Moshen could easily retrieve all this information. 

Chief No. 1 nodded approvingly and smiled, "Nowadays, a young girl that’ll fall for a mutton skewers vendor, shows that this girl has a simple heart and there will be no problem with her character. Let’s do it this way, I’ll personally prepare her appointment letter and will directly help her get a diplomatic resume, just say that she is from the embassy of a certain European country. In this way, she will enter the News Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a returned young official. Isn't the Director of the News Department a lesbian now? Yang Chen will probably feel more relieved, right? After she’s trained, she can try to be a spokesperson... She can be a supervisor for now...what do you think?”

Li Moshen naturally agreed, "The Chief's arrangement is very detailed and I don’t think Yang Chen will have any objections. Besides… In the case of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Li Jingjing can also be asked to discuss things with Yang Chen in the future. Letting his woman talk to him about issues, he must be embarrassed to refuse."

In fact, with the escort of No.1, everyone should be smart enough to know that they shouldn’t touch Li Jingjing.

No.1 smiled and patted the old man’s shoulder, "Hey you, don’t expose me.”

It could be seen that No.1 was in a good mood and was quite content. If he could use Li Jingjing to take more advantage of Yang Chen, it’s basically killing two birds with one stone.

At this moment, Ning Guangyao's face was a bit stiff. Meng Kaiyuan asked him to help, but now No.1 was obviously tempted by the benefits Yang Chen had given him, and there was absolutely no reason not to help Yang Chen.

Getting his teeth, Ning Guangyao grinned stiffly. "Chief, is Yang Chen just boasting? Five consecutive years of half-priced crude oil, not to mention that the price is astronomical, but it also means a lot to the country. It is hard to guarantee that there is a lot of pressure on the United Nations and international public opinion..." 

That being said, the face of No.1, who was still smiling just now, changed. He lowered his head without a smile and took a light sip of his tea. 

"Premier Ning, the young people are willing to serve their country and contribute to the motherland is a good thing. Besides, he’s also from a military family, we should support and encourage them, no?”

When No.1 looked up, there was a faint touch of icy sorrow in his eyes. 

Ning Guangyao was startled, as it was the first time seeing No.1 looking at himself with such an expression. He was also a dignified premier, but he was so crushed that he didn’t dare breathe.

The chief with a generous look and kind smile was completely gone at this time. He looked like a great sage who stood up from a high mountain and shocked himself with irresistible power.

It wasn’t related to any cultivation power, but the majesty of sitting in this position as the number one leader of a country!

Ning Guangyao had a strong hunch, No.1 must have known for a long time that he had a close cooperative relationship with the Meng family!

It's just that No.1's mindset for the overall situation would not be broken until the critical juncture.

This time, the benefits Yang Chen could bring to the country far exceeded the "small money" of the Meng family, so No.1 was unwilling to interfere by himself.

After gulping, Ning Guang smiled forcefully and nodded, "Yeah, I’m probably overthinking.”

No.1 returned to smiling again, as if nothing happened just now, and said, "You are indeed overthinking. The kid can even break into the CIA of the States all the way, and even change their Director, can those countries in the Middle East do so? As long as he is willing to do it, he will not boast. It’s just that he needed the same level of benefits in return.”

"Chief, Yang Chen only made this one request, then the Meng family..." Li Moshen hesitated, not knowing how to say it.

No. 1 waved his hand and said, "I’ll still take care of it without him saying. We shouldn’t disappoint the young kid who’s willing to contribute to the country right? Tell Meng Kaiyuan to stop making trouble and just rest. Well, he is old and he should take care of his health instead. Let him release the hostages and exchange them with the hostage in Yang Chen's hands. Their family dirt shouldn’t be exposed as well. As for the spiritual treasure matter, he has to give real evidence and use legal means to solve it. No matter how much trouble he dares, he will deal with it according to the law!"

"But...the forces behind the Meng family..."

"As I said, it’s a lawful society now. The forces behind the Meng family must also abide by the law!" No.1 tapped his fingers on the desk.

Li Moshen smiled secretly. The "handled in accordance to the law" mentioned by No.1 was nothing more than a warning to the Meng family—Yang Chen’s retention is of great use to the country, and whoever dares to touch him will harm the country’s interests and he’ll not stay out of it.

As for how No.1 would restrict the forces behind the Meng family, that would be up to his own abilities.

That being said, No.1 also specifically mentioned a few things about the Yang family. Yang Pojun retired from the Jiangnan Military Region Commander and became a professor at the military academy. No.1 thought that would be a waste of his talents and made him the commander once again and the current commander was withdrawn.

Guo Xuehua raised money all year round to open orphanages in various places, and a series of medals should also be awarded. Although there have been before, for such honors, the more the merrier

As the top spot in the military and political circles, it would only require a few words from him to make all these happen.

Of course, the prerequisite for all this was that Yang Chen must implement the oil contract within three days, and promise not to take the initiative to make trouble with the Meng Family after returning to China, and live his life obediently.

No.1 readily agreed, but Yang Chen didn't feel surprised.

3 billion tonnes of oil in five years, whoever didn’t agree would be such a fool!

Although Yang Chen had a good grasp of the sky in the foreign countries, after all, most of these networks came from saving some high-ranking officials, or from some people seeking protection, as well as those who knew the previous Pluto.

He wasn’t too close with these people, although they were willing to help him, there would be limits.

To send oil to China, Yang Chen also had to subsidize some of the oil oligarchs in the Middle East. Although it was affordable to Yang Chen, it was also worth tens of billions of dollars. It would be self-deception to say that it doesn't hurt.

Hannya knew that the crisis this time had been offset by Yang Chen's use of oil, and while admiring him for being so generous, she also felt bad for him.

“Master, the Chief of China is too stingy. You’ve paid such a high price, if it were leaders of other countries, he would have helped you dispose of that crap! How could he pretend that he doesn't understand anything, and forgive the Meng Family easily, what a waste!”

Yang Chen just finished the phone call to Liu Mingyu and reported the safety of Liu Qingshan and his wife. At this moment, he ordered old Fanny to drive the yacht to the port of Zhonghai. He then spoke to Hannya, "You are wrong, this is exactly what I want to see. I don't want anyone to deal with the Meng family for me."

Hannya was taken aback, and then surprised, "Could it be… Master wishes to continue the war with the Meng Family after returning?”

"Not now", Yang Chen's eyes were surging, "When I regain my strength, I will be strong enough, and I will wash away today's shame by myself...Being beaten like a dead dog, I will be like a mad dog and bite them back. The people of the Meng family have placed a fence in my heart and hindered my "Dao". If I can't personally break the shadow cast by the Meng family, it will be difficult to reach the peak that I wish for in my entire life.”

Hannya looked at Yang Chen blankly. Obviously, for Japanese ninjas, the "Dao" was too vague and completely incomprehensible.

Yang Chen saw the woman looking like a goose head and felt funny. He subconsciously scratched her forehead, messed up her bangs, and turned and walked out of the cabin with a smile.

Such an unintentional move caused Hannya to lower her head shyly without a moment, and a little girl's joy in her was revealed in her watery and beautiful eyes.