The nightlife had begun in Zhonghai. Along the bar street, neon lights stimulate people's nerves and the hormones of young men and women.

Under the colorful lights, the crowds were bustling with each other, and vendors selling tobacco, alcohol, and snacks were everywhere.

In a small and smoky bar, there were not as many guests as some other big bars on the street, but there were already several tables of guests who were toasting and drinking.

However, at this moment, the one direction that many customers and waiters in the bar frequently look at was a woman who looks extraordinarily quiet.

The woman was dressed in a light gray sweater, black silk scarf, and tight trousers, looking neat and elegant, as her dark, soft, and shiny hair hung down to her waist. The exquisite and beautiful outline of her face was alluring. 

Her temperament was admirable as if a fairy who was pure and holy appeared in this filthy venue.

The woman was sitting at the bar, and she ordered a glass of whiskey by herself, tasting it slowly. She seemed to be worried and she was drinking very slowly.

After about a few minutes, another figure who didn't suit this small bar walked in.

But this time, it was a woman who looked about thirty with the charm of a mature woman. Her hair was tied up nobly, and she wore a black-red winter dress made of luxurious materials. A discerning person would know that it was valuable at first glance.

Would such a stunning lady come to such a place? The regular customers of this little bar were a little surprised.

It seemed that because of the presence of these two women, a touch of beauty was added to the bar.

Soon, the woman found the long-haired lady sitting at the bar, showing a fascinating smile, quietly walked over and sat next to the lady. 

"Give me a glass of whiskey, the same as her, thank you."

The waiter was a young man who just started working here, facing the women in front with distinct grace, yet equally beautiful made him nervous. He then nodded, "Yes, Miss."

From the beginning to the end, the long-haired lady didn't look at the charming woman around her, as though she was immersed in her own world, and that nothing was related to her at all.

The beautiful woman drank half a glass of whiskey, pursed her plump red lips, turned her face to the side of the lady, and smiled curiously, "Lin Ruoxi, I never knew that you would be interested in coming to a place like this."

"How do you know that I am here?" Lin Ruoxi turned her face slightly at this moment and looked at Tang Wan with her watery eyes.

"Please... this is Zhonghai. I have been here for almost 20 years. Every street, alley, and building has been branded in my mind. In fact, when you were still growing up into an adult, I was already one of the top people in the city’s hierarchy. It’s easy for me to find someone here.”

Lin Ruoxi frowned. Tang Wan was saying that she was still too inexperienced, she couldn't help but said, "Your words are really annoying.”

"Anyway, you never think I am better. I have no reason to please you," Tang Wan asked jokingly, "What are you doing here? Because you quarreled with Yang Chen, so you came here to get drunk? You don't look like that kind of woman."

Lin Ruoxi was silent for a while, the nostalgic colors flashed through her eyes, which made her smile and depressed at the same time.

"Here... is the place where I first met him," Lin Ruoxi said lightly.

This bar was exactly the bar she accidentally entered when Lin Kun's affairs, company affairs, Xu Zhihong's affairs, and all kinds of troubles were mixed together in her mind that made her suffer.

She didn't leave much memory that night, because it was too awkward and painful.

She wanted to recall countless times how she chose this bar, but she couldn't think of the reason, she just felt like she was doomed.

She didn't know which bar here was good or bad, but fortunately, she didn't go to other bars at the beginning. Otherwise, maybe she had already embarked on a complete road of no return.

Tang Wan was stunned for a while and teased her deliberately, "I really thought that you were going to divorce him. I came here happily to tease you, but the divorce is probably just a joke since you came to this place. You miss him so much, and divorce seems to be hopeless."

Lin Ruoxi knew that Tang Wan was joking, so she wasn’t angry, "You guessed it wrong. I came here not because I miss him, but because I want to cut off the past with him. We got together because of this bar and this will be my last time here to say goodbye to him. I have no nostalgia for him, he is not suitable for me and I am not suitable for him. Our divorce is only a matter of legal process."

Tang Wan's smile froze on her face, and confusion could be seen through her eyes.

"I always feel that I can guess what you think, but this time, I don't seem to be able to see through you... Lin Ruoxi, are you really going to get a divorce?"

"Why not?" Lin Ruoxi asked back.

Tang Wan shook her head and sighed softly, "I always thought that you were a smart woman. You should know better than anyone else that you can’t monopolize ag Chen’s heart. It’s enough for us to be jealous that you are his only wife, why do you have to go to such an extent? Do you really think that you are the most special one? Don’t be stupid, if it wasn’t because Yang Chen’s favorite woman was you, do you think that the Yang family would make you, Ning Guangyao's daughter, their daughter-in-law? Do you think that in the eyes of Aunt Guo, you are really the most suitable candidate for a daughter-in-law? Maybe you don't care about this, but..."

"That’s it!" Lin Ruoxi interrupted Tang Wan's words with a chuckle and asked, "Don’t you always want me to move away from my seat? Now that I am divorcing him, don’t you have a better chance?"

Tang Wan was slightly irritated, "You don’t need to make fun of me. I used to not have any hope for feelings anymore, his appearance is already a miracle. I’m satisfied now and I don’t have any extra expectations. I just hope that the man I like can be happy instead of having painful regrets. If it was someone else in your position today, I’ll tell her the same words I did to you.”

Lin Ruoxi said sourly, "Hearing what you said, it seems that I am the least sensible one."

"Are you having any unspeakable reasons? I really can’t believe that you are unable to understand such simple logic. You are not such an impulsive woman," Tang Wan couldn't help asking.

Lin Ruoxi's face showed some complexity, and she smiled in relief, "You’re really wrong this time. I don't have any problems, but there is just something I can't bear."

“Is it because of Lanlan?”

Lin Ruoxi nodded, and said with teary eyes, "Not only Lanlan, if she was birthed to by anyone of you, I can accept it. However, she was given birth to by Seventeen. As long as I see Lanlan, it is as if I see that woman appearing in front of me. As if she’s telling me, even if she’s dead, Yang Chen will still love her the most in his heart. As long as Lanlan is at home, he’ll never forget Seventeen. Do you know that his eyes were so gentle, so cherishing, and regretful when he looked at Lanlan? And because of that, my heart is bleeding tremendously…”

Tang Wan didn’t have much knowledge about Seventeen, but she also knew that she was the woman who made Yang Chen return to China in grief. 

"Lin Ruoxi, are you so willing to lose to a dead woman?" Tang Wan asked.

"Heh", Lin Ruoxi chuckled, revealing a hint of helplessness, "She died, but she lived forever in that man's heart. I lost thoroughly."

Tang Wan stared at the woman stiffly, as if she was looking at her for the first time, "I realized that I really can't see through you this time."

"So, I’ve won this time," Lin Ruoxi said coldly and raised her head. She chugged down all the whiskey in her glass, took a breath, put down a red banknote, turned, and walked out of the bar.

But at this moment, a tall man wearing a dark green fur collar coat, with two companions, stopped in front of Lin Ruoxi with a wicked smile.