“Hey beautiful, leaving so soon? The night is still young, may I buy you another drink?” Asked a man with a buzzed haircut. 

Lin Ruoxi frowned and showed a touch of annoyance. She moved around and continued to leave. 

“Hey, why don’t you answer us? Are you looking down on us?” Another man reached out to block her way. 

“Don’t be rude,” the buzz head smiled and motioned his companions to step down. He then went closer to Lin Ruoxi and sniffed the faint Jasmine scent on her and said like a pervert, “Hey pretty, we are all cultured people and won’t be rough with you. Let’s have a drink together.”

Many people had witnessed the scene in the bar but they all kept quiet. The three men were gangsters around this area and used to do a lot of bad deeds because they had some sort of connection with the police. 

Tang Wan saw Lin Ruoxi being blocked at the entrance but wasn’t doing anything and she thought the woman didn’t know how to handle things. She immediately got up to help her a bit since she wasn’t thinking about staying here further.

However, before Tang Wan got to her, Lin Ruoxi suddenly moved!

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes were full of coldness and her hand clasped the buzz head man’s throat indifferently! 

Right after that, she pushed forward and slammed the man’s body down the ground like a hammer! 


The man’s body was shaken until the extent that his bones were about to collapse. Not to mention he was suffocating due to his clasped throat and his eyes were about to fall out as well.

Lin Ruoxi gradually stood up with her white sneaker stepping on the man’s face, crushing the bridge of his nose and blood started flowing out. 

Her white sneakers were dyed with bright red blood flowers.

More importantly, what gave the three men chills were the bitter chills that emanated from the woman at that moment!

This kind of indescribable mental pressure made them feel so weak, just like the dried leaves drifting in the wind, which could be shattered anytime.

If they were from the underground world, they would surely know of this strong murderous aura!

Lin Ruoxi glanced at the two other men standing aside and both of them shivered.

“Do you all still need...a drink?”

Both of them gulped and one said tremblingly, “No… nope…”

Lin Ruoxi kept her leg back. She didn’t frown at all despite seeing the dirt on her sneakers, let alone looking at the buzz head man lying on the floor with a broken nose bridge and she quickly walked out of the bar and disappeared into the busy crowd.

The street lights along the bar street were still dazzling yet the people who saw what happened just now felt gloomy. 

Tang Wan stood at her spot with a stunned expression. Just as she came back into her senses Lin Ruoxi was already gone.

She sighed gently and realized that she had never felt that her IQ was not enough throughout her entire life, what’s going on?


Hanzhong City, in the meeting chamber of the Meng Family Compound.

Elder Meng Qi sat on the first seat with Patriarch Meng Kaiyuan at his side and the upper levels of the Southern China Gang below along with the Meng descendant branches. 

Most of the people present had ugly expressions because they could already assume that it wasn’t something to be happy about. 

Meng Qi pondered awhile then said loudly, “I’ve gotten instructions from our great elders earlier to not start a war with Yang Chen this time. Of course we must retrieve our family treasures but taking into account the country’s stability, we shouldn’t be too high profile and we shall plan this accordingly later on. From now on, anyone who tries to mess with Yang Chen or anyone around him will be judged as a betrayer to the gang and the family, we will not spare mercy on you!”

Everyone present reluctantly agreed as they found it unbelievable that the Meng Family had to compromise with Yang Chen even when they had so many tricks and alternatives. Could it be that the kid was strong enough to suppress every single character in this world?!

Then again, no one dared to disobey the orders from the great elders. Meng Zhelong who had just lost his father and younger brother also kept quiet, let alone the rest.

After the people left, only Meng Kaiyuan and Meng Que were left to face Meng Qi.

“Elder, Kaiyuan is guilty of letting the Meng Family face such chaos,” Meng Kaiyuan said regretfully. 

Meng Qi sighed, “It’s not your fault, what a pity for us to have such foolish idiots in the family, leading that bastard Yang Chen to us. The great elders have been under pressure as the messenger of the God’s have given clear instructions that we cannot make trouble with Yang Chen out of nowhere. Without evidence, we are not allowed to snatch our spiritual treasures. Even the great elders can’t resist, how can we fight back?”

“We’ve indeed underestimated that kid, Yang Chen. Ning Guangyao replied to me that he used 3 billion tons of half-priced crude oil to convince No.1. This time No.1 didn’t touch any of us. It was already a gift of mercy,” Meng Kaiyuan said dreadfully.

Meng Que exclaimed, “3 billion tonnes!? Is that kid running an oil production business abroad!?”

Meng Kaiyuan said with an ugly expression, “Probably, it’s a cost that will make No.1 happy after all. Besides, him being able to send fleets to bomb Zhonghai and leave without any traces behind was already unbelievable.” 

“No matter what, we shall let him be for now. After this is over, we will regain our strength to fight him back and retrieve our spiritual treasures. Liu Qingshan and his wife have been released, meaning that girl Meng Yue will be sent back soon as well. Tell her to learn her lesson and continue managing the gang nicely,” Meng Qi said in a deep voice, “Also if there are more people like Meng Qin and Meng Zhexin who disgraces our family in future, kill them all!”


Meng Kaiyuan lowered his head hard and his eyes started to turn red. No matter how cold-blooded he was, killing his own son and grandson that he watched grow up is certain to make his heart ache.

But, sacrifice was inevitable for the better of the family. 


At the same time, the Erebos had stopped by the Zhonghai harbor. 

Yang Chen was excited to go home and hug his chubby little girl. Sadly, this little one didn’t even call him once after so many days and was not clingy at all. 

While saying goodbye to Old Fanny, Sheryl, and the rest of his old friends, he wanted to make them stay for a few days to hang around Zhonghai, but these guys had been lazy and weren't interested so they all rejected. 

After saying goodbye, Yang Chen was about to leave the boat and Hannya ran over and said hesitantly, “Master, that woman wants to see you one last time to talk.”

Meng Yue?

Yang Chen frowned, didn’t he let her go already, why was she staying?

“Bring her over.”

Meng Yue had changed into a set of clean clothes and combed her hair. She looked skinnier than before and slightly pitiful. 

Looking at Yang Chen, the woman seemed to be more tranquil this time. 

“Hannya said that you’re looking for me. I am rushing home to find my daughter, speak fast,” Yang Chen had no desire to waste time with her.

Meng Yue clenched her teeth and after a trace of struggle appeared on her face, she let out a sigh with determination. 


Meng Yue knelt in front of Yang Chen!

This shocked Yang Chen and Hannya at the same time, had she gone mad?

“Mr. Yang, I want to be stronger!”

Meng Yue’s eyes were full of determination and eagerness, she stared at Yang Chen with hope.

Yang Chen was stunned, he then squinted and said, “Why do you want to become stronger?”

Meng Yue’s eyes were full of resentment, like a swamp full of thorns. 

“You are right, I am nothing when compared to the family’s benefits and success… But I don’t want to live like this. Those bastards had to rely on me for them to enjoy what they have today, who gave them the right to ignore my safety? I don’t want to work for those people that irritate me, I want to live for myself… I want to become stronger and I’ll make them regret whatever they’ve done to me today!”

Yang Chen finally understood that this woman was hurt by Meng Kaiyuan and the rest. The feeling of being abandoned by the family turned her love toward them into hatred, she had finally seen through everything and decided to fight back. 

Yang Chen laughed, “The one who threw you into the sea to feed the sharks was me. Although you might hate the Meng Family and the Southern China Gang members who ignored your safety today, sooner or later, you will leash your anger on me. By then, when you think you are strong enough, you'll probably think of ways to take revenge against me, no?”