Meng Yue widened her eyes, and after a moment of daze, she nodded vigorously, and said bitterly, "Yes, I will never forgive you for what you did to me. I wish you would just die right now in front of me!”

"How dare you!"

Hannya flashed before him, and slapped Meng Yue's face viciously!

Meng Yue's face immediately became red and swollen, and the corners of her lips were torn by her teeth, and blood was shed.

But Meng Yue didn’t take back her words, still staring at Yang Chen venomously, wishing to peel his skin.

Yang Chen stopped Hannya who wanted to throw a second slap in Meng Yue’s face, with interest, "I like the way you look. You dare say this to me in my face means that you are not afraid of death nor anything else.”

Meng Yue was taken aback for a moment. She didn't expect that Yang Chen would be satisfied with such a presumptuous approach.

"Do you know why this yacht was named ‘Erebos' by me?" Yang Chen asked suddenly.

Meng Yue shook her head blankly.

"Erebos, in the old saying, means endless darkness," Yang Chen grinned and said, "I have killed countless people on this ship. People who can go on living would either be my friends or my servants.”

" agree to it?"

"I like ambitious people to be my subordinates because what I want is not a dog, but a wolf that can bite and destroy the enemy for me. I am very satisfied with your attitude right now. But... you have to be psychologically prepared, if there’s one day that I feel that you don’t have the purpose in existing, I may directly erase you from this world.” Although Yang Chen smiled, the atmosphere was chilly. 

Meng Yue nodded heavily, "I understand, thank you Mr. Yang!"

"You should change that name," Yang Chen pointed to Hannya, "Call me master just like her.”

Meng Yue's expression was strange, but she still said obediently, "Master."

She knew that it would cost all of her dignity by doing this. 

Yang Chen smiled with satisfaction, drew a short blade from Hannya's waist, and threw it in front of Meng Yue.

The sharp short blade reflected the cold night light.

"Master... what’s this?"

"Pick it up and cut your face, the ones that can reveal your bones. Just draw an ‘X’, two knives will do," Yang Chen said lightly.


Meng Yue exclaimed with a pale face.

Even if she had to call Yang Chen her Master, it was nothing compared to asking her to destroy the beautiful face that she had been proud of since she was a child.

"How can you be reborn if you don't destroy yourself? Why, are you still thinking about marrying a good family?" Yang Chen joked.

Meng Yue gulped, slowly picked up the short blade. She looked lost and her temples were cold and sweaty.

This scene made Hannya who was on the side watch with great interest, she was looking forward to a beautiful woman turning into an ugly monster in front of her.

"I’ll count to three, if you don't put an ‘X’ on your face, everything is forbidden..." Yang Chen said, raising his finger, "One...two..."

"Ah!! "

Meng Yue let out a scream, like a hysterical wailing!


Two traces of cold lights flashed through and two wounds were formed on the woman’s face!

At the bridge of the nose, her bones were exposed!

Blood began to gush out continuously from it just like tap water!

Meng Yue screamed in pain. Although he didn't draw his eyes or mouth, he could still imagine how ugly he was at this moment!

Yang Chen seemed to be prepared long ago, he stepped forward, pinched Meng Yue's mouth, and stuffed a pill in it.

Meng Yue only felt a comfortable warm substance flowing into her body, as if there was an air current flowing in the veins.

Immediately afterward, her face felt numb and the pain disappeared as if she couldn’t feel anything!?

Hannya on the side also looked dumbfounded and looked at her master with beaming eyes. She wanted to know what kind of elixir Yang Chen gave that could turn bones into vitality.

"Very well, I believe in your determination for the time being since you are willing to sacrifice your appearance. The pill that I give you can repair your damage and help you quickly improve your internal energy. Since the Meng Family elders can enter the Soul Forming Stage, your cultivation practices should also be quite good. If you cultivate hard, entering the Xiantian Stage within a year should not be a problem. If your realization is good enough, don’t be surprised to enter the Soul Forming Stage.”

Meng Yue subconsciously touched her face, it was really as if nothing had happened!?

This gap between heaven and hell made her weep with joy, and she couldn't help but admire Yang Chen for being able to torture herself to death.

"Thank you, Master!" Meng Yue shouted more smoothly this time.

Yang Chen used the Bodhi Pill which was the most inferior pill. However, for other cultivators who could not refine the pill, or did not have the material to refine the pill, the inferior pill was precious enough.

The Meng family also didn't have the resources to give these young people the pill for cultivation, after all, if they failed to break through into the Soul Forming Stage, it would be a waste of the pill.

But Yang Chen didn't bother, there was still a big pile in his space ring, and it was no big deal to send a bottle of low-grade pill to Meng Yue to cultivate.

Yang Chen thought a long way, and he was very curious about what the forces behind the Meng family were. If Meng Yue could enter the Soul Forming Stage and enter the upper level of the Meng family, she might be able to find the answer for himself.

After explaining what Meng Yue should investigate and do next, Yang Chen told her to leave.

As for the elixir matter, it must be kept strictly confidential. As Meng Yue knew that if such a good thing was to be discovered by the family’s elder, it would inevitably arouse suspicion, so she was very careful.

After Meng Yue left, Yang Chen took out a bottle of Red Dew Pills and a Dragon Cloud Pill and gave them to Hannya.

“Don’t look at me like that, I know your loyalty. These elixirs will be given to you. Although you haven't practiced Chinese internal energy practices, the Japanese Aikido, using martial arts in Tao, also emphasizes the unity of nature and man. If you practice Aikido deeply, it may be a way out too. These elixirs can help you improve your perception and absorption of the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, so take it well," Yang Chen laughed.

Hannya was naturally very happy in her heart and took it shyly, her grievances against Yang Chen's help to Meng Yue disappeared right after.

After Yang Chen had dealt with these matters, he got off the boat and came to the pier. He drove the car that had already been prepared by Hannya and returned to the Xijiao Villas. 

When he entered the house, the light downstairs was still on, but no one was seen in the hall.

Yang Chen rushed to the second floor, but he just happened to see Tang Wan's figure cautiously coming out of Lanlan’s room, about to close the door.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Tang Wan also turned her head and saw Yang Chen coming back. She showed joy and seemed to be relieved. She then said a little bit of resentment, "You’re finally back, why don't you say anything in advance?"

Yang Chen walked over and hugged her soft waist and said, "Why are you here?"

"If it wasn’t for you who sent Qianni and Mingyu to the Mediterranean Sea, why would I be here? How can Lanlan be with Minjuan alone? I happened to be at home so I stopped by to help take care of the child," Tang Wan spoke gently, pointed to the room, and smiled, "I just went in and took a look, she’s sleeping well. It seems like she isn’t affected by her father’s presence huh?”

Yang Chen had a dull expression, but he couldn’t wait to probe into the room. Seeing the small body lying habitually on the large bed, and her plump face squeezed against the bed, he couldn't even move his eyes away.

Tang Wan was also a mother, so she could naturally feel the satisfaction of Yang Chen as a father at this time. This was not something anyone could replace. Only when she had experienced her feelings for her children would she know the best.

But because of this, Tang Wan slowly believed that Lin Ruoxi might be leaving Yang Chen because of Lanlan.

Yang Chen looked at her deeply for a long time before closing the door and did not go to wake his daughter.

Tang Wan joked aside, "The little boy has become a father and he seems to be a lot more mature, like a man."

"Naughty!" Yang Chen patted Tang Wan's plump buttocks with one hand. A "slap" sound came through and her buttocks seemed to tremble a few times.

"Hey," Tang Wan blushed immediately. Her winter skirt was very thin, and she was wearing smooth black tights underneath. The heat from Yang Chen's big hand could be transferred to every pore of her hip through the skirt and it was exciting. 

Yang Chen also felt the wonderful feeling of this palm unintentionally, and then lowered his head to see the towering twin peaks on the woman's chest, followed by the straight and slender calf under the skirt, and he couldn't help but breathe heavily.