"I... I'll make you a cup of lemonade. I brought my homegrown lemons for Lanlan to try, but I’ll let you try it first," Tang Wan noticed the heat in the man's eyes and pushed him away. She was flustered and wanted to run downstairs.

Yang Chen didn't want to let go, he hugged the woman, and pressed her against the corridor wall.

With a soft cry, Yang Chen had bitten her soft lips, his tongue broke through her teeth forcefully and swept through her mouth playfully.

The man's heavy breathing made Tang Wan feel a little dizzy. A sloppy wet kiss made her sensitively aware that her body felt sensation and her eyes started to turn blurry. 

"What's so good about lemonade? If I had to drink something, I’d rather have yours," Yang Chen licked his lips and smiled evilly.

"Don't make it sound so....so..." Tang Wan felt that it was too vulgar, but her heart was throbbing somehow and she seemed very excited.

Yang Chen stretched out his tongue and slid across the woman's smooth and soft face. Tang Wan's skin was maintained like that of a twenty-eight girl, without any foundation at all, as delicate as a piece of white jade.

Being licked by him like this, Tang Wan felt chills running through her body, and a trickle began to gush out from below.

“You said that I am ‘disgusting’ but your body seems to like it very much huh? Xiao Wan, you are really getting naughtier," Yang Chen teased his woman and felt ecstatic.

Tang Wan was a little sulky. She could barely stand properly at that point, yet he was still laughing at her. She couldn't help but stretch out her hand and grabbed it in the middle of Yang Chen's legs!

"Oh!" Yang Chen cried, but it wasn't painful. The soft palm covered his lifeblood, which was very comfortable.

Tang Wan was blushing, her apricot eyes gleaming, "Enjoying your bully huh? I shall squeeze you to the max!”

Yang Chen grinned, "Do you want to use violence with me? Well, we shall see who gives up first tonight.”

That being said, he hugged the woman's plump body and rushed back to his room.

They hadn’t enjoyed their intimacy for quite some time so obviously, it was extremely exciting. Not long after, the entire room was filled with love and joy.

Tang Wan, who had gradually achieved certain results in her cultivation, was much stronger than she was before in terms of ‘endurance’. After fighting with Yang Chen for more than two hours, she had no idea how many times she had convulsed all over her body and was finally defeated.

Yang Chen's sheets seemed to have been drenched in water, which made them both unwilling to lie in bed.

Coming to the balcony holding Tang Wan, the sky was dark, and no one would pass by the Xijiao Villas. Yang Chen sat on the recliner and put Tang Wan in his arms.

Under the quiet starry sky with the night breeze blowing, they enjoyed the soothing tranquility after joy.

"Xiao Wan, can you stop spraying so much water in the future? Tomorrow Minjuan will have to look at me with strange eyes when she washes the sheets," Yang Chen pretended to be helplessly joking.

Tang Wan didn't have the energy to hit him and rolled her eyes at him, "It's not in my control okay. No one in this world can be like you who only gets in once in two hours.”

The two of them were completely naked right now and there was nothing to cover up, so they weren’t ashamed or embarrassed when they talked.

At this moment, Tang Wan happened to look into the distance, the mansion where Lin Ruoxi lived. Remembering the night of the bar, and said quietly, "Yang Chen, I went to Ruoxi earlier tonight.”

Yang Chen was stunned for a moment, showing a somewhat unnatural expression. After a long time, he smiled stiffly and asked, "Oh, what's the matter?"

"Look at you", Tang Wan noticed that the man's heart rate had changed a little, and squinted, "Pretending to be very calm but you are dead curious about what I’ve talked to her.”

Yang Chen blushed, “Tell me then.”

Tang Wan pouted charmingly. If she didn’t like this man, she would never have shown that kind of expression.

"I just can't figure it out. Lin Ruoxi is not a stupid woman. Even if she wants to quarrel with you because of your playful personality, she should know her limits. How could she give up her position as the main lady? Occasionally throwing a tantrum at you is fine as long as she stays by your side. So I originally thought she should be waiting for a better time to make things up and I went to her to give her some methods. After all, it won’t be good for the both of you to continue being like this. Seeing you in a bad state would make my heartache too,” Tang Wan said gently.

Yang Chen felt warmth in his heart, although she might sound casual, it was an idea of ​​selflessness.

"Guess where I found her?" Tang Wan asked.

"How do I know? But she is either at the office or home. She is a workaholic, and this has never changed," Yang Chen smiled a little nostalgic. He used to bicker with her when she overworked, but now… things had changed.

Tang Wan shook her finger, "You guessed it wrong, she went to the bar where you met her for the first time, and she was still drinking whiskey alone there."

Yang Chen's gaze narrowed, a little surprised, "Really?"

"Don't be happy yet. At first, I thought she missed you, that's why she was there. But she told me that she just wanted to make a final closure. I can hear that she is not joking, it really bothers her, about Lanlan being Seventeen’s daughter.”

Yang Chen couldn't help but feel bitter sorrow, a flame of hope was extinguished along with the night wind.

Tang Wan said in confusion, "There is another thing that I think it's strange..."

Then Tang Wan mentioned that Lin Ruoxi was intercepted by three gangsters and that she could suddenly knock out the guy until he started bleeding. 

“I feel that she has completely changed to another person, or...something that didn't exist in her before," Tang Wan wondered.

Yang Chen naturally knew what Tang Wan was talking about. He didn't even think about it. At first, Lin Ruoxi killed more than a dozen martial artists in Beijing, and then attacked himself in Huilin's backstage restroom.

These were all unimaginable things, but Yang Chen didn't ask further. If she didn't want to say it, he wouldn't force her to speak, not to mention Lin Ruoxi herself might not know it.

After chatting with Tang Wan, the two slept directly on the balcony until dawn. Fortunately, there would be no trouble in catching a cold but they felt a little absurd after waking up.

Mo Qianni went to the Mediterranean Sea. For the time being, Yang Chen also wanted the women to concentrate on cultivation, so he didn't let them come back in a hurry.

Tang Wan gladly took over Mo Qianni's "work" and was responsible for taking care of Lanlan with Minjuan.

After all, she was a problematic girl who had raised Tangtang. Tang Wan was more experienced with children and could easily build a good relationship with Lanlan. Moreover, as the chairman of Maple Group, her working hours were not particularly long. Except for making important decisions, she would usually be free, which made her more convenient than Mo Qianni.

The little fat girl was very familiar with Tang Wan and didn't have any complaints. Anyway, Aunt Tang Wan's dishes were also delicious, and she had a lot of money to buy toys for herself, it was more than enough. 

As for Yang Chen returning home, Lanlan was not too surprised. Her father had always been mysterious, god knows what he was doing. She still preferred to play games with Xiao Zhiqing and Jane who were more "smart" aunts. As for Aunt An Xin, she was too "awkward", it was better to ask her to play with her when going to the playground.

Yang Chen stayed at home for two days. In addition to playing with Lanlan and teaching her to practice cultivation, he had been wondering how to restore his cultivation level. He even endured not going to enjoy the fun of intimacy with the women at night, even though Lin Ruoxi was no longer here to control him.

Recovering his cultivation base, Yang Chen couldn't wait, and the people who had been staring at him had always existed. It was so uncomfortable that he had been unable to resist so much!

Two days later, Wang Ma suddenly ran over with a brocade box early in the morning, and sighed inexplicably, "Young Master, the young lady told me to give this to you.”

Yang Chen took it over in confusion. He then saw a Fengxiang bracelet inside the box!

This bracelet represented the hostess of the Yang family. Lin Ruoxi exchanged this magical weapon with herself and had indicated her intention. 

Yang Chen tried to calm himself down, and after taking it, he put it directly into the space ring.

Since Lin Ruoxi didn't want to wear it, he couldn't force her. He promised to let her go and he wouldn’t break his promise, but he had no intention to give it to other women.

This incident made Yang Chen feel a little gloomy, but immediately following this evening, Xiao Zhiqing and Jane, who happily came together, brought exciting news to Yang Chen!