The sun in the early spring was already warm and mellow, radiating a touch of golden brilliance.

On the balcony on the second floor of the mansion, Tang Wan made a pot of English Breakfast Tea for Yang Chen, Jane, and Xiao Zhiqing to savor.

In the past few days, apart from going to the company to handle some necessary business, Tang Wan didn't return home, and she lived with Yang Chen and his daughter. While taking care of Lanlan, she also enjoyed rare intimate moments.

Tangtang always came to have a look because her mother was here, and of course, she would inevitably mingle with Lanlan.

Although it had only been two years since she met Yang Chen, Tangtang had matured a lot and was no longer the crazy girl with high school problems. When she played with Lanlan, she acted like an elder sister.

This made Tang Wan show a happy expression of contentment as if she considered both the two girls as her own. This made Yang Chen a little helpless as this woman's maternal love was a bit overwhelming.

At this moment, Yang Chen was holding a piece of news material that Jane had brought. It was the reports of various newspapers that Jane had picked up from the Internet.

In the report, pictures were placed, the contents of which were all red-gold objects of the size of a pigeon egg, which looked a bit like the heart of a human body.

Looking at the dense English and Korean words above, Yang Chen curiously asked, "Korea archaeological discovery of 'Buddha's Heart Relic'? What is this, a relic?"

"It's not just as simple as a relic," Jane took a sip of her tea and gave Tang Wan a thumbs up to the side. She then explained, "Usually, the relics left by Buddhist monks after vanishing are all Buddha bone relics. Buddha bone relics are essentially composed of many phosphates and carbonates. It can also be said that it is the product of the rearrangement of carbon elements at high temperatures. But this newly discovered Buddha heart relic was formed by the heart of a Taoist monk. This discovery has shocked Buddhist associations around the world."

“You and Qing'Er have been studying for so many days, do you think this relic can help me overcome the chaos?" Yang Chen said in disbelief.

Xiao Zhiqing said sternly, "Honey if this relic is true, it is probably not as simple as an ordinary relic. I have read some books about Buddhist cultivation in ancient times, the real Western Buddhist sage, the Great Buddha, Bodhisattva, and even the Golden Body Arhat all followed Mahayana Buddhism. Mahayana Buddhism emphasizes that it is a shortcut to enlighten oneself, and it is the great avenue to purify all living beings. By achieving the great avenue and purifying beings, you can achieve the sixth golden body, and enjoy immortality. It can also be transformed into vast and powerful energy. That is to say, the true Buddhist cultivator is not only as simple as turning their bones into relics but their internal organs, limbs, and corpses, all of which must be transformed into Buddhist golden bodies. Buddha-nature is the Buddha's heart. To cultivate the immortal Buddha's golden body, the first thing is to cultivate the Buddha's heart. If this relic is really the Buddha's heart, it is likely to be someone who has not achieved immortality. Even if he is dead, the Buddha's heart can remain, which shows that there is already the power of purifying all living beings in it. And as I said previously, although chaos can swallow all things and it’s also immortal, in the end, because its violent aura was too strong, it was only in parallel with the other three beasts of the four ancient evil beasts, not truly Gods. If you have the protection of the Buddha's heart, you might be able to suppress the chaos. After all, the chaos has not yet recovered its ancient ferocious power."

Yang Chen's eyes brightened, as he felt that it was God's help for him to meet Xiao Zhiqing. It turned out that there was such a saying.

He didn't have the opportunity to go to the Hidden Clan to read the books and classics handed down from ancient times. He was indeed lucky to have Xiao Zhiqing telling him the information. 

But right after, Yang Chen frowned and asked, "To be honest, I'm worried. Can this be fake? After all, you all have not seen it before.”

Jane shrugged, "This relic was originally sent to the nearest research institute for testing as an unknown object, and the South Korean scientist, Zhang Ru, happened to be my student. I have already asked her, she won’t dare to deceive me. It’s difficult to tell the exact age of this relic. It was discovered from a noble cemetery more than two thousand years ago, but the relic was formed significantly earlier than that era. Although the place of discovery is Busan, South Korea, the tomb is the tomb of an ancient Chinese martial art master. He should have been a general back in the days, to protect his safety, he brought this Buddha heart relic."

Xiao Zhiqing giggled and said, "Husband, do you know? There is already a lot of noise in South Korea. They claim that the source of the Buddha's heart relic is from South Korea, and the root of Buddhism is in South Korea. Not just that, the Koreans also said that Dainichi Tathagata, Guanyin Dashi, Burning Ancient Buddha, and even Shaolin’s Bodhidharma Patriarch are from South Korea, what a joke!”

Yang Chen gave a facepalm, yet he wasn’t surprised. South Korea would deny the news that this martial art master came from China. How could the Koreans give up the opportunity to "promote national prestige".

However, given that the media from all over the world started reporting this, eventually made this matter more difficult.

"This thing... if it's true, it probably does have extraordinary powers. After all, the ancients would only put valuable things in the tomb, and the cultivators at that time hadn't lived in seclusion like they are now. It’s not impossible for some of the high-ranking officials to retrieve such treasures," Yang Chen sighed, "It's just...the whole world is staring at this Buddha's heart relic. I’m afraid that it may cause trouble if I go and take it directly.”

Thinking that the Buddhism Association from all over the world would be looking for himself for justifications, Yang Chen immediately got a headache. Besides, he shouldn’t treat them as enemies for the rest of his life.

Xiao Zhiqing rolled her eyes cutely, "Foolish honey, is there anything else besides killing and snatching in your mind? Can't you justify yourself and approach the relic?"

"Justify?" Yang Chen blinked, "Qing'Er, are you asking me to buy it? It’s too ridiculous, whether it belongs to Korea or whichever holy places of Buddhism, they can’t just simply sell things like this.”

"Buddhist Associations are everywhere in the world, and no one is willing to let it out. I suppose the South Korean government can only place it in some important Buddhist temples. In this case, why don't you contact the South Korean government directly, and let them take you to take a closer look?" Xiao Zhiqing said with a ghostly smile.

"It's okay if it's useless. If it's useful, don't I have to take it away?" Yang Chen said with a hand.

Jane shook her finger at this time, "My dear Yang Chen, don't worry, I have already figured out a countermeasure."

Looking at Jane’s secretive smile, Yang Chen instantly got puzzled, what the hell was the two of them thinking...

But in any case, he still had to make this trip to South Korea as he didn’t want to sacrifice any chances. If he couldn’t recover his cultivation base, god knows when would the people from Hongmeng appear to take revenge or rob him and he wouldn’t be able to resist.

Jane also went with Yang Chen as she was going to meet her student Zhang Ru, and secondly, she was the most helpful one.

Xiao Zhiqing didn't have much self-protection ability and was afraid that Wang Ma would be worried, so she had to give up the trip. Anyways, they could contact each other anytime through the phone. 

With Tang Wan taking care home, Yang Chen didn't think Lanlan would need her "useless" dad, after all, he would only be out for a few days. 

In addition to the little fat girl who said with a serious face that she wanted a lot of gifts, other thoughtful words, such as "Dad, I will miss you,” were non-existent. This made Yang Chen feel hurt. Which bastard even mentioned that a daughter was a father’s little blanket?

As the plane was about to depart for Seoul, Yang Chen could not help but think of Zhenxiu. This girl called once a year ago, but when Yang Chen called back, the person who answered him was Eunjung.

Afterward, Zhenxiu didn't call again. Yang Chen also had many affairs approaching him back to back and didn’t have time to bother. After all, he wasn't a person who liked to call, and he didn't have that habit with his women either.

He also had no idea if Lin Ruoxi had given a call to Zhenxiu as she had never mentioned it, so he assumed she didn’t.

Thinking about it now, Zhenxiu didn't even call again. Yang Chen guessed that the girl should be very busy in college, or was obeying her grandfather’s words to marry Kim Jip.

He couldn’t help but feel emotional that the girl who was once a little vendor would have such a day, and Yang Chen couldn't wait to see how she was going.

However, Yang Chen did not call to inform in advance, but flew to Seoul with Jane and asked her student Zhang Ru to pick them up. He wanted to give Zhenxiu a surprise.