“Eight...eight years…?” Zhang Ru said bitterly, “Eight years ago, both of you were just kids, and barely even 10 years old. What would you even understand about love? Teacher, even if you're in love, the truth cannot be changed. Nobody would believe what you just said.” 

Although Zhang Ru had been Jane’s student for more than a year, she only met her once or twice a week and most of the time it would just be during lectures. Despite being admirable towards Jane, she didn’t know much about her actual background. 

Which was why, knowing that Jane was the Princess of Wales, she couldn’t accept a man without any look of success being near to Jane shamelessly.

Young girls would usually lose their directions in love, and it seemed like the diligent Teacher Jane was also one of them, Zhang Ru thought.

Looking up, seeing Yang Chen and Jane walking into the elevator together, Zhang Ru felt even more depressed.

She had taken Jane as the most inspiring idol in her heart, and she couldn’t bear the fact that an unworthy man to be standing side by side with her, let alone him being an ‘unemployed’ who couldn’t even explain his origins. 

Zhang Ru bit her lips while feeling responsible for this matter, she then took out her mobile phone and dialed a long-lost number.

Not long after, the call was connected and a male’s voice who sounded surprised came through from the other side of the phone.

“Is this… Xiao Ru?”

“Who else will it be?” Zhang Ru sounded indifferent.

The man laughed gently, “It really is you huh. I wasn’t expecting a call from you, how have you been doing? Is your job tough?”

Zhang Ru showed a hint of unnatural expression, she took a deep breath and said coldly, “Thank you for your concerns, Director. I’ll keep it short, I need a favor from you, yes or no?”

The man laughed helplessly, “I knew it, you definitely needed something that's why you came to find me.”

“Oh? You think that I am troublesome? Fine then, I’ll hang up…”

“Hey! Don’t,” The man immediately stopped her, “I was just saying. Tell me what you need, I’ll try my best to help you as long as it’s not illegal.”

Zhang Ru twitched her lips slightly and a trace of ecstasy appeared in her eyes, “Can you investigate a man named Yang Chen who stays in Zhonghai? He’s around twenty plus and also an overseas returnee…”

“What!? Yang Chen!?” The man exclaimed.

“What’s wrong with you?” Zhang Ru frowned, “Do you know him?”

The man pondered for a while and said, “Yeah, I know him. It can only be him if he’s at your side in Korea… Why do you want to investigate him?”

“It’s good that you know him. Give me every information about him, who is he anyway?” Zhang Ru immediately asked. 

The man sighed, “Xiao Ru, I don’t mean to hide things from you deliberately, but this man… I cannot tell you his true identity, even if I do, I’ll be lying to you…”

“Fine!” Zhang Ru’s eyes looked as if she was about to release fire, “I knew it! You never truly cared about me from then until now! You’ve always been secretive as if I was interrogating you for information. Aren’t you just a small little Director? What’s with you pretending to be mysterious and extraordinary?! Listen, if you are unwilling to tell me then I’ll investigate him myself! The more you are acting this way, the more suspicious he is!”

“Xiao Ru, listen to me, this man is dangerous, please don’t provoke him…”

Without waiting for the man to finish his words, Zhang Ru hung up the call feeling irritated.

Dangerous? Any man who dares to approach Jane is obviously brave, could he not be dangerous?

If he was some rich businessman or wealthy young master, why couldn’t expose his true identity? Could he be… some underground character?

Thinking about this, Zhang Ru felt horrified. Could he be interested in Jane’s background and wished to come up with some conspiracy?

Right, the Buddha’s Heart Relic?!

Tteacher mentioned that Yang Chen was here for the Buddha’s Heart Relic… Could he be trying to take advantage of herself and her teacher to snatch the Relic?

Although she felt that it would be too bold of him to do so, she shouldn’t be careless. After all, that guy mentioned that he was a ‘dangerous’ character!

Just as Zhang Ru was panicking and not knowing what to do, a firm woman's voice came from not far, calling her name.

“Professor Zhang, what are you doing here?”

As she looked up, a sturdy Korean female police officer in uniform came into sight as she walked over from the main entrance.

The female officer looked like she was in her forties, yet she maintained herself well. Her cherry lips and slender eyebrows made her look clean and delicate.

“Captain Wong,” Zhang Ru smiled as her eyes brightened.

This female officer, Hwang Sooyeon, was the captain of the special protection department of the Seoul Police Bureau. As a woman, she definitely had extraordinary capabilities to be able to reach the position of a captain in Seoul.

Zhang Ru was the main researcher of the Buddha Heart’s Relic and Hwang Sooyeon led the main security team, so they naturally knew each other. 

“Oh, my teacher, Professor Jane, the Chief of the Royal Academy of Sciences is here in Seoul. She’s also here for the Buddha Heart’s Relic and I am accommodating her,” said Zhang Ru.

That being said, Hwang Sooyeon immediately showed excitement, “The Chief of the Royal Academy of Sciences? She must be amazing then! No wonder Professor Zhang can manage the research of the Buddha Heart’s Relic at such a young age, I suppose you are an elite student of hers.”

Hwang Sooyeon had started to think if she should report this matter to the Chief Police Officer. Perhaps if Jane was officially invited as a special guest for the Consecration Ceremony, it could bring more fame to Korea. 

In fact, Zhang Ru wanted this to happen. She immediately pretended to be worried and said, “Captain Hwang, there is something that’s bothering me and I hope you can assist me.”

“Oh? Do say it as you please, Professor Zhang, we will try our best to help the research team,” Hwang Sooyeon said firmly.

Zhang Ru immediately mentioned Yang Chen. She described it as this man was probably seducing Jane for the sake of stealing the Buddha Heart’s Relic. However, Jane was protective of him, so Zhang Ru hoped that the security team could provide a few members to observe them.

Hwang Sooyeon’s expression immediately became ugly, it seemed like she was being affected by something.

“Professor Zhang, do you know why I am here?”

Zhang Ru shook her head.

“Let me introduce you,” Hwang Sooyeon signaled Zhang Ru to follow her to the center of the hotel lobby.

A few monks and nuns were wearing their Buddhist robes, and a few suited officials, discussing certain matters. Around them were a group of bodyguards providing protection and the police team was also on duty. 

Among the crowd, a female nun who looked fifty or so wearing a nun hat looked the loftiest and majestic. While touching a rosary in her hand, she spoke to an official.

Behind the nun, was a chubby monk who was slightly shorter. He looked like he was in his fifties as well and had a kind and generous expression.

The other monks obviously had lower statuses and couldn’t speak much. 

“Everyone, let me introduce to you, the main researcher of the Buddha heart’s Relic, Professor Zhang Ru,” said Hwang Sooyeon.

“Amitabha, Professor Zhang is indeed a destined individual to Buddha. The humble one shall thank you for discovering the Buddha’s Heart on behalf of the rest.”

Zhang Ru immediately replied with courtesy, “I am most honored, Abbess. Zhang Ru is only here to fulfill my responsibility, the Buddha Heart’s Relic was still found by the archaeology team.” 

Hwang Sooyeon introduced, “This is Abbess Wooyeon, the President of Korea’s Buddhism Association. Behind her is Master Tzuho, the Director of the Association, and the rest are the eminent monks of Korea. They were supposed to be staying in their own hotels but they will all be staying in Hilton tonight.”

“Why?” Zhang Ru knew that these monks were way richer than expected and they would usually arrange their own trips. 

Hwang Sooyeon whispered, “To be honest, I was about to mention this to you tonight. The Buddha's Heart Relic Consecration Ceremony has received a threatening letter from an underground organization known as the ‘North Bureo Clan’, saying that they will be snatching the Relic away.”

“North Bureo Clan?” Zhang Ru hadn’t heard of them before.

“Ah, Professor, you probably don’t know about them, but there is such an organization existing. Our security team has gathered the armed forces and military troops to ambush around the area. In addition, if these important monks and officials who are participating in this ceremony are being separated, it’ll be difficult for us to protect them, that’s why we are gathering them in this hotel. The Hilton Hotel has a better security advantage in terms of location so we are arranging for them to stay here. Professor Zhang, why don’t you stay here as well, there’s a room ready for you.”