Park Cheon sounded normal when he asked, “Why didn’t you inform us beforehand that you’re visiting? We could have prepared a lavish feast for you two.”

“There’s no need for that, Mr. Park. Yang Chen and I are in Korea for the Buddhist relics, sarira. We haven’t seen Zhenxiu in a long time, so we dropped by for a visit,” Jane answered.

“I see. President Lin didn’t join you guys?” Park Cheon looked behind them. Even Zhenxiu was looking at them with a puzzled gaze.

Not wanting her to worry, Yang Chen answered casually, “She’s busy with work.”

Park Cheon thought it was a shame that Lin Ruoxi could not be here. Then, he said, “Well, since you two are here, stay for dinner! It’s nothing grand, but it’s still a proper meal.”

Disorientated, Yang Chen did not think much about it and accepted his invitation. Even so, he still found it hard to avert his gaze from Zhenxiu.

Jane, who also noticed the change in Zhenxiu’s attitude, tugged at Yang Chen’s hand to remind him to snap out of it. 

As everyone took their seats, Park Cheon, Yang Chen, and Jane were engaged in a conversation about the methods to stay healthy. Well, Jane was the one who answered his inquiries. Yang Chen, on the other hand, was not in the mood to listen to Park Cheon.

Zhenxiu sat next to her grandfather quietly and did not spare a single glance at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen could not get used to her coldness. Although he was not expecting her to welcome him enthusiastically, he could not shake off the feeling that Zhenxiu was not as happy as before.

Right before dinner started, a familiar-looking father-son duo stepped into the house. It was Kim Jip and his father, Kim Yang.

“Oh, fancy meeting such honorable guests. I was not expecting to see Mr. Yang and Dr. Jane here.” Kim Yang smiled warmly and greeted Yang Chen and Jane.

Although the Kims were famous in Seoul, they were only a family of lawyers. Hence, Kim Yang had a friendly bearing.

Kim Jip was cold as usual, but he still greeted the couple in a respectful manner.

The father-son duo took their seats at the dining table. It seemed like they were invited over to have dinner with the Parks.

“My bad. I’ve forgotten to announce a piece of good news.” Park Cheon pointed at Kim Jip and Zhenxiu and announced, “You two came at the right time! On the day after tomorrow, which will be a day after the ceremony, we’ll be holding Zhenxiu and Kim Jip’s wedding ceremony in Jogyesa, a temple in Seoul. We hope the sarira will bless this sacred event.”

“What?!” Yang Chen doubted his ears until he saw the joyful expression on Park Cheon and the nod from Kim Yang. The wedding ceremony was actually taking place.

Jogyesa was a familiar place to Yang Chen as he remembers the backgrounds of all the major cities’ important landmarks.

It was the chief temple of Korean Buddhism. Therefore, it was a very holy place.

Having the ceremony held at Jogyesa was not surprising, but it was shocking to learn that Park Cheon managed to organize a wedding ceremony at such a sacred place!

Well, with his wealth and the power of his family, he might have had connections with the government.

Besides, plenty of major clans would invite monks to perform religious rites to bless the newlyweds. At the thought of this, Yang Chen figured it was not that surprising after all.

Frowning, Yang Chen asked Zhenxiu, “Zhenxiu, why didn’t you contact us when you’re getting married so soon? We would’ve missed your wedding if we didn’t come for the ceremony.”

In fact, Yang Chen was confused that she was getting married so soon. Wasn’t she against the idea of a marriage of convenience before this?

“Mr. Yang and President Lin are in Zhonghai. Both of you are busy, so I didn’t want to bother you two. Besides, marriage only involves two people. We shouldn’t trouble so many people,” Zhenxiu replied flatly.

“Bother…” Yang Chen mumbled. With a self-deprecating chuckle, he remarked, “You’re making it sound like we’re not close to each other.”

Anger flashed across Zhenxiu’s eyes. “I should be an outsider to you. After all, we are not related by blood.”

Her sneer startled Yang Chen.

“Zhenxiu! Mind your language!” Park Cheon reprimanded her before turning to Yang Chen and apologized, “Mr. Yang, she’s getting out of hand these days. It worries me that she’s still acting like a child even when she’s getting married soon.”

Kim Yang waved his hands. “Mr. Yang is a generous man, so I’m sure he won’t mind it. Sir, please don’t reprimand Zhenxiu. She’s much more well-behaved than my son. We went to make some arrangements for the wedding ceremony today. Even though he knew nothing, he still gave me an attitude.”

The two men were already acting like in-laws, while the soon-to-be newlyweds never looked at each other ever since the Kims’ arrival.

Park Cheon smiled and said, “Mr. Yang, Dr. Jane, please attend the wedding ceremony with us at Jogyesa. The sarira will be displayed at that temple, but viewing is only available for several people. If you’re interested, you can view it for two days.”

Yang Chen’s mind was numb, though he was unsure if Zhenxiu’s wedding or attitude caused it. Anyhow, he was in a terrible mood. 

Jane, on the other hand, was sharp as ever. She accepted the invitation on behalf of Yang Chen and even congratulated the couple. “We’ll attend the wedding then. Here’s a wedding wish in advance; we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.”

Park Cheon chuckled and joked, “Thank you for your blessing! Also, we might need your help with delivery when Zhenxiu gets pregnant in the future.”

“It won’t be easy to hire me if I don’t get paid at least ten million dollars,” Jane joked in return.

Dinner had yet to start, but the atmosphere was already cozy.

At that time, Kim Jip, who had been silent the whole time, took a sip of his tea and frowned. Then, he glared at Eunjung and yelled, “This tea is scalding!”

Out of nowhere, he splashed the tea on Eunjung!

The latter dared not budge and let the tea wet her dress.

Meekly, she apologized, “I’m sorry, Young Master Kim. I’ll change a new cup of tea for you right away.” Eunjung immediately summoned someone to clean up the mess and went to boil a new cup of tea.

Although Kim Jip had always been Park Cheon’s bodyguard, the maid viewed him as someone superior to the young masters of the Park family.

Even if Eunjung was Park Cheon’s favorite maid, she was nothing compared to Kim Jip.

“Why did you do that? It’s just tea. I told you several times that you have to control your temper,” chided Kim Yang.

Kim Jip nodded silently as an act of apology, but his lips were still curled when he glared at Eunjung.

Park Cheon backed him up. “You can’t blame everything on him. The new maids haven’t been doing a good job. The former maids may not be loyal enough, but they did a better job. It’s a good thing that he has a temper. To be successful, men need to have a temper. Besides, I’m relying on him to take care of Zhenxiu.”

Although it was a minor dispute, it caught Yang Chen’s attention.

All of a sudden, he recalled a past event that happened in the Parks’ residence a year ago. Narrowing his eyes, he began to ponder about it.

During dinner, Kim Yang was busy discussing the final arrangements of the wedding with Park Cheon. Based on their conversation, it was evident that Kim Jip had been running errands with his father instead of accompanying Park Cheon.

Once she was done with dinner, Zhenxiu wiped the corner of her mouth and stood up gracefully. “Grandpa, I’m kind of tired, so I’ll be going upstairs now.”

“Oh, so early?” Park Cheon waved his hand. “All right, rest early. Don’t stay up too late reading books like before. We’ll be attending the ceremony tomorrow, and your wedding is taking place in two days. Don’t tire yourself out.” 

Zhenxiu nodded gently and walked towards the stairs without looking at the others.

Yang Chen stood up and called her, “Zhenxiu, wait. We haven’t met in a long time. Can we chat?”

Zhenxiu paused in her tracks and replied without turning around, “Mr. Yang, you can just say it now.”

“Some things are better said in private. It hasn’t been a year, and you won’t allow me to talk to you? You can’t be that haughty, Ms. Zhenxiu!” joked Yang Chen.

Still, with her back facing him, Zhenxiu bit her lip. Her gaze flickered as she uttered, “Mr. Yang, I don’t think it’s appropriate for us to talk privately when my fiancé is here.”