“Silly girl, you’re so slow-witted! If I wanted to ignore you, I wouldn’t have visited you today. Do you know how much it broke my heart when you looked at me so coldly?”

Yang Chen finally understood why Eunjung gave him a weird look.

Zhenxiu recalled her earlier attitude and agreed with him. Soon, she beamed at him. “Brother Yang, are you sad that I was cold to you?”

Yang Chen shook his head. “No, I’m fine with either of your attitudes, be it cold or enthusiastic. I just don’t like to see you look so upset. I want you to live happily.”

Albeit disappointed, Zhenxiu still nodded with a smile like her usual self.

“Brother Yang, thank goodness you’re here! God must be giving me His blessings,” she said suddenly.

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

With a pout, she grumbled, “I don’t want to marry Kim Jip, but Grandpa insists on holding the wedding ceremony in two days.”

Yang Chen gave a meaningful smile. “Someone was calling Kim Jip as her fiancé earlier on, and now she’s regretting it?”

“You… I…” Zhenxiu stammered, her head hung low. “I was angry at you, so I blurted that out.”

Sighing, Yang Chen stroked her cheek. “Don’t be silly. Marriage is a very important affair. As an outsider, I can’t meddle with it.”

“Why not?! You took Sister An Xin to Zhonghai! I don’t want to stay here anymore. For the past six months, I’ve been studying and socializing. This isn’t the type of life that I want… I have no one to talk to, and no one cares about likes and dislikes… Besides, Grandpa and Sister Eunjung lied to me! I don’t want to stay with them. I want to go back to Zhonghai!” whined Zhenxiu.

“Don’t say that. An Xin’s different. We’re already dating before her wedding. She’s mine, so she can’t marry someone else. As for you, I treat you as my sister. Your grandfather did this for your own good. He must have spent a lot of effort in making you his heir. I don’t think he intended to harm you. Besides, Kim Jip seems like a decent guy. Maybe he’ll grow on you after the wedding,” persuaded Yang Chen.

“I don’t want to hear this!” yelled Zhenxiu. “Brother Yang, didn’t you say you want me to live happily? I won’t be happy my whole life if I marry Kim Jip!”

A wry smile formed on Yang Chen’s face. He knew the undertone to her words. Even if he had long known about her feelings for him, Yang Chen was unwilling to reciprocate.

Zhenxiu should live a life of her own. After all, she had always been an independent woman. 

Yang Chen had plenty of women beside him, and they all needed his care. He was responsible for their safety and happiness.

Zhenxiu should be with someone who would be loyal to her. At least, she would live a more peaceful life than with him.

Although Yang Chen did not see Kim Jip as the perfect match for Zhenxiu, he could tell he was a righteous man. Park Cheon would be the guarantee for that since Kim Jip had been working under him for a long time. Besides, he was a loyal and responsible man, judging from his reaction when Park Cheon was in danger the last time.

“Xu Zhenxiu, I concur with your grandfather’s decision. Don’t throw a tantrum. I believe once you grow to be a mature woman, you would be able to understand his intentions,” Yang Chen said sternly.

Zhenxiu paled as indignant and ruefulness filled her eyes. 

“Brother Yang, how could you do this to me! I… I hate you!” she cried and ran away.

Yang Chen heaved a sigh. Although the misunderstanding was cleared up, he somehow angered her again.

Still, Yang Chen did not second-guess his decision. He was no longer the old him, so he dared not make promises just because a girl liked him.

When he returned to the dining room, everyone else had finished the meal. Thus, they must have seen Zhenxiu running upstairs, crying.

No longer intending to stay around, Yang Chen motioned Jane with a nod and told Park Cheon, “Sir, we’ll be taking our leave now. See you at the wedding.”

Satisfied, Park Cheon got up to see them off while the Kims followed suit.

As they stood outside the gate, Park Cheon shook Yang Chen’s hands before their departure.

“Mr. Yang, I’ve always thought that a cultured and poised woman like Dr. Jane would not like an ordinary man, and I was right. Thank you for making a decision…”

It was subtle, but Yang Chen managed to grasp the undertones. First, he knew about Yang Chen’s relationship with Jane. Second, he also realized what he had said to Zhenxiu. It was not that hard to make a guess.

Finding him distasteful, Yang Chen simply stated, “Sir, I’ll be frank with you. I might be an outsider, but I do not wish to see Zhenxiu live an unhappy life. Even after she’s married, I’ll still care for her and make sure others do not harm her… If that were to happen, I can’t guarantee I’ll be merciful.”

The worldly-wise elder understood the threat.

“I’ll take good care of my granddaughter,” Park Cheon said curly and gestured them out of the residence.

Since they were guests, Park Cheon arranged for a chauffeur to send them back to the Hilton Hotel. 

The moment they stepped into the lobby, two groups of policemen surrounded them.

The two shared an exasperated gaze and smiled. Since afternoon, the police had been on their tracks, and they decided to arrest them.

Hwang Suyeon emerged from the policemen and laid her gaze on Yang Chen for a while.

“Mr. Yang Chen, I’m Superintendent Hwang Suyeon from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. You’re suspected of being a part of a terrorist organization, and we’re formally arresting you as a suspect. Please cooperate with us.”

Yang Chen was amused. “Officer, I’m sure you have the details about my entry to Korea. Are you sure you have done the investigations correctly?”

Hwang Suyeon sneered, “I made a request to the police in China to have a look at your profile, but the profile they’ve given to us was extremely flawed. You were a snack vendor in China three years ago, so how did you graduate from Harvard? Also, you have relations to the Star-Moon Group. We have valid reasons to suspect that you’re a highly trained spy and that you have an ulterior motive for approaching the big shots.” 

Yang Chen was flabbergasted. Their imaginations sure were wild. Spy?!

It made sense that China refused to disclose his true information. After all, only the Ministry of Public Security could grant access to the policemen. Hwang Suyeon had no power to get her hands on his true profile.

As for his relations to the Park family, Hwang Suyeon made the wrong guess since she did all the investigations in a hurry.

While Yang Chen was mulling over his situation, Zhang Ru appeared out of nowhere and tugged at Jane’s arm.

“Ms. Jane, this man is dangerous. Officer Hwang said his profile is very suspicious, so I’m sure he has an ulterior motive for getting close to you! Please stay away from him!”

While saying so, Zhang Ru stared at Yang Chen with her lips pressed tightly together as if she was wary of a sudden outburst from him.

Jane had to stifle a burst of laughter by biting her lip. Still staying poised, she winked at Yang Chen. It was evident that she wanted to stay and watch the show.

Yang Chen was speechless. If she were not Jiang Xiaobai’s wife, he would have thrown his phone at her. Left with no choice, Yang Chen turned to Hwang Suyeon, “Officer, do you mind if I make a call? I can prove that I’m innocent.”

With her arms crossed, Hwang Suyeon replied, “Sure, but everything you said can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

Sighing, Yang Chen dialed Li Dun’s number so that he could contact the National Intelligence Service to get him out of this mess.