Li Dun almost cried from laughing too hard when he heard the whole story.

However, Li Dun was quick to handle the matters as he was still sorry for taking advantage of Yang Chen last time. 

It had only been a few minutes when Hwang Suyeon received a call from her superior, demanding that she let go of Yang Chen.

She wanted to probe further as there were too many suspicions about Yang Chen’s identity. Unfortunately, her superior’s orders were final and commanded her to treat Yang Chen respectfully.

It was her turn to feel awkward. While motioning her subordinates to move aside, she bowed to Yang Chen with a tensed expression. “I’m sorry, Mr. Yang. We have made a mistake.”

Yang Chen ignored her and went to Zhang Ru. With a frown, he said, “I don’t care if you dislike me, but you’d better stop with such tactics. Or else there would be room for regrets, even if you’re Jane’s student.”

Yang Chen deepened his voice to pressure her. Terrified, Zhang Ru kept quiet.

She realized she had made a mistake when Hwang Suyeon publicly apologized to him. 

Jane held her cold hands and gave Yang Chen a side-eye, “All right. Stop scaring her. She was only doing this out of worry for my safety.”

Yang Chen only wanted Zhang Ru to mind her own business. Since Jane had stepped in as a peacemaker, he was willing to let things slide.

“Fine, I’ll listen to you. Let’s go.” Yang Chen held Jane’s hand and walked towards the lift.

Once the couple had left, Hwang Suyeon approached Zhang Ru and sighed. “Professor Zhang, I think we were truly mistaken. Still, thanks for your reminder. I need to check on the security for the ceremony one last time. You have to attend the ceremony tomorrow, so rest early.”

In a daze, Zhang Ru nodded. As the policemen left one by one, she was left alone. Somehow, she felt desolated.

At the same time, Yang Chen and Jane arrived at the top floor hand in hand.

Other than the two Presidential Suites on the top floor, there were also many facilities for the VIPs, such as the infinity pool. 

When the duo walked to their room, they suddenly realized two bodyguards and a male manager were pacing back and forth outside of their room.

“Who are you guys?” questioned Yang Chen with a frown.

The manager immediately approached and smiled apologetically. “You two must be Mr. Yang and Ms. Jane, right? Due to some emergency, adjustments needed to be made.”

“Adjustments? What do you mean by that?” Jane asked, puzzled.

The manager explained, “Because of a last-minute decision between the government and the police agency, the honorable guests of tomorrow’s ceremony, such as the officials, Abbess Yu Lian and Master Zihao will be staying in our hotel. The Executive Suites and Master Suites have been fully occupied. As for the remaining Presidential Suites, one has been given to the local monks, so the other one is reserved for Abbess Yu Lian and Master Zihao…”

Yang Chen sneered, “We booked the room first, and we’ve paid for it. Now you’re changing our room without informing us beforehand?”

“We… we didn’t have a choice. Mr. Yang, be rest assured that we’ll compensate you with double the amount you’ve paid,” the manager apologized profusely. “We would appreciate your understanding.  Abbess Yu Lian is well respected. It will not be a good look on us if we have her stay in a normal room. The officers asked us to make this sort of arrangement.”

“I don’t want to hear such excuses! I’ll kick them out of the room personally if they refuse to do so!” Yang Chen bellowed. He was already in a bad mood from being treated as a spy and then he was kicked out of his room!

The manager’s face was like thunder. “Mr. Yang, please mind your language. The ceremony is taking place tomorrow, and it’s the most important event in South Korea this year. Abbess Yu Lian will be carrying out the consecration. You’ll be offending our people if you refuse to let Abbess Yu Lian take a good rest before the ceremony!”

Yang Chen snickered. “You’ve finally shown your true colors. At the end of the day, you’re just looking for an excuse to kick us out of here.”

“So what if I am? I’m only carrying out orders!”

“Hah, please. A num and a monk staying in one room? You say they’re honorable people, but who knows if they’re doing any indecent deeds inside there.”

Yang Chen pushed the manager out of the way, causing the latter to crash into the wall.

Noticing the dispute, the bodyguards rushed forward and stood before Yang Chen. One of them rebuked, “Get out of here! This is Korea, not China!”

“Shut your mouth!”

With that, Yang Chen slammed his hands on their shoulders. With a loud cracking sound, the two men’s shoulders were dislocated!

They shrieked and tried to strike back with their other arm. However, Yang Chen grabbed their fists and squeezed them softly.

Their bones shattered, and the two bodyguards fainted from the pain.

The commotion attracted the attention of those who were within the suite.

The other bodyguards rushed over and surrounded Yang Chen and Jane. 

Right after the door swung open, a short man dressed in a yellow robe while holding a Mala walked out of the suite.

“Amitabha, what’s going on?” asked Master Zihao as he helped the manager up.

With a pale face, the manager replied, “Master, this Chinese man is a brute. Quick, order the bodyguards to kick him out!”

The bodyguards looked at Master Zihao for his commands, but he seemed reluctant to do so.

“Amitabha. Sir, you shouldn’t push them into a corner. I see an air of malice hanging around you. What’s the point in hurting others when it’ll only bring harm to yourself?”

A female voice rang out from the room. Everyone else except for Yang Chen and Jane bowed down to her. “Abbess Yu Lian.”

Dressed in a robe, she looked at Yang Chen with a gentle expression. “Sir, Zihao and I practice monasticism. It is not our intention to occupy your room, but everything happened so suddenly. The officials wanted us to stay here for the sake of our safety. Sir, as long as you agree to let us stay here, we can let this slide.”

“Abbess Yu Lian, you’re really kind.” The manager was quick to suck up to her.

Her gaze was gentle and tranquil, like a gurgling stream in the valley.

Somehow, it entranced those who met her gaze.

The bodyguards, the manager, and even Zihao relaxed after glancing at Yu Lian. Their gazes were pious.

Yang Chen’s brows were knitted. Her gaze felt strange, and he felt muddled as if someone was messing with his head.

He glanced at Jane and realized she had the same reaction as others.

“You witch! How dare you hypnotize them!”

Yang Chen roared when it dawned on him. The corridor reverberated with his bellow.

At the same time, it startled the rest, but they were soon entranced again.

Jane looked at Yang Chen in surprise when she heard the word “hypnotize .”

Shock flashed across her eyes when she turned to look at Yu Lian. 

Yu Lian’s eyes gleamed coldly. Panic and bewilderment flashed across her eyes, but she soon said gently, “Sir, if you refuse to change the room with us, I won’t force you. I’ll just assume that you’re not destined to practice Buddhism. So long.”