Yang Chen sneered, “Why? Are you trying to run away now that I’ve seen through your hypnosis? How do you think your believers would react if I tell them you’re a fraud and that the only thing you rely on is hypnosis?”

Judging from Yu Lian’s expression, Yang Chen could tell that she understood Mandarin. So, he said everything in Mandarin.

Yu Lian’s reply was also in Mandarin. With a solemn expression, she replied, “I don’t understand what you’re saying. Please do not make baseless accusations.”

Then, she motioned Zihao and the bodyguards to follow her to the lift.

Since they couldn’t understand Mandarin and Yu Lian’s expression was so dignified, they assumed she was just talking about Buddhism.

Thinking that it was not over yet, Yang Chen wanted to call out to her but was stopped by Jane. She shook her head and persuaded him. “She’s the chairman of the South Korea Buddhist Association. We don’t have evidence to prove that she’s using hypnosis, so arguing with her will only bring us trouble. We should keep a low profile this time. Besides, we have yet to see the sarira. Let it go for now.”

Yang Chen thought it made sense. Even though the nun was suspicious, his cultivation was of utmost importance. Besides, she was hypnotizing Koreans, so it was not really much of his business.

“That nun is good at hypnosis. Even someone like you who has strong self-control fell for it too. If it wasn’t for my extremely strong willpower, divinity, and spiritual power, she would’ve gotten me too.” Yang Chen sighed.

Jane had her doubts. “I don’t think it’s hypnosis… Hypnosis is a condition where one makes their patients relax their bodies and minds, stimulate their senses, focus their attention, or stimulate their imaginations to fulfill their motives. As for Yu Lian’s technique, it doesn’t match the clinical definition for hypnosis. I think she has some special powers or a secret technique…”

Yang Chen thought her suspicions made sense. After all, all kinds of things could exist in the world. Power users and cultivators, they all have special powers.

Once Yu Lian and her group of people left, no one came to bother them anymore.

Yu Lian might be afraid of Yang Chen or she could be too guilty or embarrassed to get back at him since no one else knew about the hypnosis.

Late at night, Yang Chen lay in bed wide awake. He could not stop thinking about Zhenxiu.

Jane, who was lying next to him, reached out to hug his waist. “Do you have regrets now?”


“Didn’t you ask Zhenxiu to marry Kim Jip?”

Instead of answering, Yang Chen stroked her hair.

“Actually… Since Ruoxi wants to divorce you, no one would object if you want to bring Zhenxiu back to Zhonghai,” voiced Jane.

Yang Chen let out a brittle chuckle. “Jane, even someone like you can be muddled by this as well… I agreed to the divorce because I felt that she would be happier without me. I accepted you guys because I wanted you all to have a happy life. I didn’t agree to date all of you because I think of you girls as my prized possessions. You might not know this, but I rejected all her advances when Tangtang used to like me. Because she’s young, she doesn’t know a lot of things. Yuan Ye is a trustable fellow, so I believed one day she’d realize that Yuan Ye is the best match for her. Fortunately, things progressed just as expected. Zhenxiu is around the same age as Tangtang. She’s close to me because I helped her when she was at the lowest point of her life. She was helpless and lonely at that time. I believe that her feelings for me are a mix of gratitude and reliance. She just hasn’t realized it yet. Although she doesn’t have someone like Yuan Ye by her side, she still shouldn’t be with me. Otherwise, she would regret making such a reckless decision at such a young age in the future. As for Kim Jip, I think he’s a reliable man. Even if he hasn’t fallen in love with Zhenxiu, I know he’ll take good care of her.”

At the end of his speech, Yang Chen sighed.

After some time, Yang Chen did not receive a reply from Jane. Finding it odd, Yang Chen turned around and was greeted by Jane’s sparkly eyes.

Her sapphire blue eyes were staring at him intently. Somehow, he found them alluring.

A blush crept onto his face and he coughed. “What are you looking at? Are you amazed by me?”

Jane shook her head softly, causing her soft hair to caress Yang Chen’s arm.

“Dear, let’s do it.”

Her tone was so soft, and yet Yang Chen could feel the tingling sensation all over his body.

Adrenaline was coursing through his veins, causing his ears to feel hot.

As his chest heaved, Yang Chen refused. “Never mind. I won’t do it until you advance into the Xiantian stage. It’ll affect your cultivation.”

With a seductive smile, she said in a perfect English accent, “I’ve researched about ‘nephroyin.’ From the perspective of medicine, although you can’t enter my vagina, we can still do anal sex. Mom told me that you liked doing it with her…”

Yang Chen was close to crying. “Dr. Jane, can you not say it in medical terms? Also, how could Catherine tell you such things?!”

Jane puffed up her cheeks. “You know she acts like a kid in front of me.”

“All right, stop it.” Yang Chen turned solemn and touched her cheeks. “I can’t accept doing it in that way as our first experience. I’ll feel sorry, and I’ll be afraid that you'll regret it your whole life.”

Jane was startled at first, but she quickly blushed and nodded.

The ceremony took place the next day as scheduled.

As the Park family’s important guests, Yang Chen and Jane were granted early access to the ceremony.

Due to the previous night’s events, Zhang Ru felt awkward to see Yang Chen. Despite that, her gaze was still filled with contempt as she felt that Yang Chen was too arrogant to be a good person.

Nonetheless, she did not have time to think about all these since she had to do some final checks with the government officials about the speech.

On that day, Jogyesa was extravagantly decorated and was filled with chants from monks.

As the chairman of the Buddhist Association, Abends Yu Lian was highly welcomed at the temple. Monks from all over the world were eager to converse with her.

According to the schedule, the government officials would talk about the discovery and research process of the sarira in the morning, followed by the display of sarira at noon. 

In the afternoon, the sarira would be transferred to the inner hall for consecration which was carried out by Abbess Yu Lian and a group of senior monks.

The consecration would last till night time. During that period, the guests would attend a dinner party at the nearest hotel ballroom.

Since they were mostly monks, the party would only serve fruit juices and vegetarian dishes.

The guests would only be allowed to return to Jogyesa and have another look at the sariras after the consecration.

The sariras would be enshrined in Jogyesa for three days, then the military would guard it until the golden Buddha statue was built. Once they inserted the sariras into the statue, it would then be open for viewing by the public.

After all, it would be impossible to steal or destroy such a big golden Buddha statue.

Everyone laid their eyes on the Parks the moment they appeared at the hall. After exchanging pleasantries, they sat down at the reserved seats.

As Zhenxiu's fiancé, Kim Jip could no longer follow behind Park Cheon, so he entered the hall with his father.

Following closely behind them were the Gong family which was led by Gong Gyechung and Gong Woo. With Park Cheon’s recovery, the Gong family was not as haughty as before. 

Since Yang Chen knew both of the families, he went over to greet them. As they chatted, Yang Chen noticed that Gong Woo, who once hoped to marry Zhenxiu, occasionally sneaked glances at her.

Zhenxiu donned a dress that was much plainer than the previous day. Her face was cold. When she saw Yang Chen, she merely glanced at him once and ignored him for the rest of the time. It was obvious that she was still angry at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was not surprised since he deserved that kind of treatment. He simply smiled at her warmly and sat down with Jane. Together, they waited for the ceremony to begin.

The morning session would be broadcasted on national television. They would be reporting to the citizens about some boring speech and the basic research results about the sariras.

Yang Chen was bored the whole morning. Finally, the clock struck twelve. The government officials stepped down the stage, and the soldiers and monks entered the hall to welcome the sariras.

At that moment, Yang Chen felt something odd in his dantian.

The two opposing energies—Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy and Chaos Energy, had been in a deadlock in the past.

However, Yang Chen could feel that Chaos had diminished a little, seemingly out of fear!