Although it was only for a split second, the fact that his cultivation showed signs of recovery thrilled Yang Chen.

Jane, who was sitting beside him, noticed that his body was trembling. Worried, she asked, “Hubby, what’s wrong?”

Yang Chen grinned and held Jane’s hand. “Chaos… it reacted just now. I think it sensed the sariras, and its power weakened slightly. But it quickly recovered as if it was hiding something…”

Jane’s eyes lit up. “Are you saying that Chaos felt threatened?”

“I can’t sense if the sariras have any powerful spiritual energy, but judging from Chaos’ reaction, it might be useful. As long as it can break the balance and give me some power, I can subdue Chaos.” After calming down, Yang Chen realized it was still too early to be excited. At that, his gaze darted to the entrance.

Accompanied by the chanting of scriptures, eight monks carried a rosewood cabinet into the venue.

A golden silk cloth filled with scriptures was covering a rectangular box.

Once the cabinet was put in the middle of the venue, Abbess Yu Lian walked towards it while chanting a scripture. Then, she lowered her chin and pulled the cloth slowly.

At that moment, the highly anticipated sariras finally appeared in front of them.

Kept within a shatterproof glass case was a heart-shaped reddish-golden object, glowing softly under the sunlight.

The golden-red relics gave most people the urge to kneel down before it. At that, Yang Chen felt that the sariras were inexplicably holy.

Yang Chen felt it. Chaos who was in his dantian was extremely unstable. At times, it would act ferociously, but at times, it would retreat from fear. It was a startlingly different behavior than before.

So you're afraid of something too…

For some reason, Chaos was enraged and started wreaking havoc within Yang Chen’s dantian.

Fortunately, Yang Chen’s current ability was still sufficient to subdue Chaos.

“Mr. Yang, like this trip is really worth it. Even though I’m not a Buddhist, my mind feels cleansed when I look at the sarira.” Park Cheon chuckled.

Yang Chen merely flashed him a vague smile. I’m not just here to have a look at it! I’m here to take it with me!

Soon, it was time for the consecration. With Abbess Yu Lian in the lead, the group of monks headed towards the inner hall.

Noticing that, Yang Chen attempted to walk towards the sariras.

“Hey!” Jane quickly called out and pulled his arm.

Then, she spoke in one of the minority languages. “Hubby, even if you want them, you can just steal them in broad daylight!”

“I’m not stealing it, I’m only borrowing it. I’ll give it back to them if it's not useful.” Yang Chen tittered.

Jane gave him a side-eye. “You’re stealing it. Look, the media may have left, but there are more than a hundred guests here. Plus, bodyguards, policemen, and soldiers have surrounded the temple. If you steal it right in front of them, they won’t stand and do nothing.”

Yang Chen merely shrugged. “So what? I’ll just kill whoever is in my way!”

To recover his cultivation, Yang Chen completely disregarded other people’s lives. After all, they deserved it if they ever tried to attack him. Besides, since they were in South Korea, those big shots in China wouldn’t be able to do anything.  

“We can just steal it discreetly, so why must we do it openly? Have you forgotten that I have a plan? I told you before coming here.” Jane blinked.

Yang Chen scratched his head and pointed at his ear. “Tell me about it.”

Immediately, Jane leaned over to his ear and whispered her plan.

It was a simple method. Before leaving for Korea, Jane had asked Zhang Ru for a research report on the sariras in the name of checking it for her. In truth, she recorded most of the elements that constituted the sariras.

Jane’s 3D printing technique had far surpassed all the labs in the world. She could easily whip up an extremely realistic imitation of the sariras if she wanted to.

Then, she only needed to find a suitable night and hacked into the alarm system of the Jogyesa. The remaining steps would be for Yang Chen to switch the genuine one with the fake one. As easy as that!

Even if the Korean officials realized the sariras had been touched, the other scientists would not be able to tell that the sariras were fake. Even if they did, they wouldn't know it was Yang Chen’s doing.

After listening to the whole plan, Yang Chen nodded and smiled. “That’s a good plan. The sariras would be kept here for three days. It’ll be easy for us to switch them.”

With the loud chanting of the scriptures, the sariras were finally sent into the inner hall.

Since the temple was heavily guarded by policemen and soldiers, it would be difficult to break into the inner hall.

Although Yang Chen was eager to spring into action, he was forced to listen to Jane and waited until the fake sariras were made.

Still, he decided to stay near the temple, in case anything were to happen. If the sariras were to disappear, he would be in great trouble. 

At that moment, Park Cheon came forth and said, “Mr. Yang, I’ll not be attending the dinner party as I need to bring Zhenxiu to make the final preparations for the wedding. We will take our leave first.”

Yang Chen wasn’t planning on attending the dinner party since he wasn’t interested in meeting the other guests. “Zhenxiu is getting married, so, as her brother, I should prepare wedding gifts for her. I’ll go with you guys.”

Zhenxiu’s expression turned colder at the mention of “wedding gift.” Her gaze towards Yang Chen was filled with heavy resentment.

Yang Chen was unfazed. The wedding had to go on, no matter how much she rejected the idea.

She was mentally prepared for this when she decided to return to the family.

Park Cheon was overjoyed, thinking that Yang Chen would be giving him some medicinal pills. Immediately, he led the group towards the exit.

As the guests started to leave the temple, a rumbling sound sounded from afar.

Thinking it was an explosion, the female guests screamed at the top of their lungs.

Yang Chen looked towards the direction of the sound. The first thing that entered his line of sight was the clouds of smoke and debris. That deafening sound must have come from there.

To the guests’ terror, gunshots were heard again!

Continuous shots were fired from the submachine gun, causing the gunshot sounds to echo outside the temple.

Groaning and moaning sounds were heard as more and more people were shot.

“What’s going on?! Where are the policemen? Where are the soldiers?!”

Restless, a military officer rushed up the stage and yelled into the microphone. Judging from the three stars on his shoulder, he must be a high-ranking officer.

After all, the consecration ceremony was a national event, hence the military too sent some representatives over.

Suddenly, a soldier rushed towards the stage and cried out, “General Jong! Bad news! The 27th squad has betrayed us!!”

“What?!” The general’s eyes went wide-eyed in shock.

However, before he could think about it, a squad of soldiers barged in. Their faces were ferocious as they strode into the hall with blood all over them.

The man at the front was clad in military uniform, though his hat was missing. With a sharp gaze, he raised the submachine guns in both hands and shot towards the sky.

Appalled, the guests quickly retreated to the corner. 

“Stay still! We’ve surrounded the whole temple. The soldiers and policemen are all dead!” announced the bearded man with a sinister smile on his face.