No one on site was a fool, so most of the guests could already guess what had happened.

These terrorists disguised as soldiers! While the soldiers and policemen were not on guard, they swooped in and killed them.

Someone extremely influential must have arranged all that.

After all, an official military troop could not be moved around freely.

Even Yang Chen was taken aback. He was not expecting someone other than him would go that far for the sariras.

However, until things were clear, Yang Chen had no plans to intervene.

“You are… you're from the North Bureo clan?!” General Jong questioned.

With a smirk, the bearded man raised his gun and aimed at him. “General Jong Jun of Combatant Command, I recognize you. I’ve killed your subordinates and these are all my people. Heed my advice—stand aside, just like everyone else. Keep quiet, and we’ll spare your life.”

Jong Jun’s face hardened from fury, but he dared not resist when the gun barrel was pointed at him. He was still young and refused to die so early.

At the same time, he was glad that the reporters had been escorted out. If he were caught as a coward, he would surely lose his position.

“Brother Hao, the hostages are here. We caught some women, so it’s easier,” A man said and snickered. Behind him were a dozen men holding each woman at gunpoint as they made their way over.

“Zhang Ru?!”

Jane was astonished to see that Zhang Ru was caught.

As a researcher, Zhang Ru was one of the earliest groups of people to leave the venue. Yet, coincidentally, she was caught by the terrorists!

“Good job,” praised Hao. He glanced at the rest of the hostages and his eyes laid upon Hwang Suyeon. With a grin, he said, “Oh, isn’t this Captain Hwang? My apologies. I know you’ve been extremely weary of us, but we’ve been watching you when you made the plans. Great job.”

It was no doubt an insult to Hwang Suyeon. She had been working at the security for the event for such a long time, and yet she failed to realize there was a mole within them.

Her face was flushed from indignation. “Damned scums from the North Bureo clan, you think you can get away from here?! Soon, the military will surround this place, and you all will not be able to get away from here!”

Hao guffawed. “Didn't you hear the explosions?!” He snickered. 

Hearing that, Hwang Suyeon shrieked, “You… you buried bombs in Seoul?!”

“Yes, we chose some random locations in the residential areas and downtown and buried bombs there. If anything were to happen to us, the bombs would go off. If you guys want the thousands of citizens to die with us, go ahead and summon the army over!”

He continued, “Plus, unfortunately, I don’t know where the remote is placed, nor do I know how many remotes we have…”

The guests stared at him wide-eyed in shock.

They couldn’t believe that the terrorists would be that desperate to threaten the military with thousands of innocent citizens’ lives!

“Are you here for the sariras?” Jong Jun asked.

“General Jong, are you captain obvious? Of course, we’re here for the sariras. Do you really think that we are here to burn incense and pray?”

With a snort, Hao waved his hand. “Guys, go in and bring out the sariras. As for the monks, bring them out too!”

Right after the command was made, dozens of armed North Bureo clan members strode towards the hall located at the back of Jogyesa.

In an instant, gunshots were heard which frightened the socialites.

Soon, someone carried the transparent box out while the rest of the soldiers restrained around eight monks.

Abbess Yu Lian and Master Zihao were amongst them, but they did not seem afraid.

Seeing this, Jane frowned and asked, “Hubby, Abbess Yu Lian knows hypnosis, so why didn’t she do it? Is she doing this on purpose?”

“I don’t know. The nun must be up to no good. She might be part of the North Bureo clan since they have pretty strong connections. Plenty of big shots in Korea are their clan members. However, it could be possible that she isn’t able to hypnotize a large group of people. If she resists, she’ll be killed. For her own good, it’s best to let them restrain her,” Yang Chen said calmly.

Jane was puzzled. “Why aren’t you nervous? They took the sariras.”

Yang Chen let out a smile. “Isn’t it better? I only need to follow them and steal the sariras from them. Then, I can push all the blame to their clan, and we wouldn't need to switch it with a fake one.”

Jane covered her mouth and smiled. “You’re full of dirty tricks. But, it’s perfect. The North Bureo clan had the guts to attack me last time, so you have to teach them a lesson! Since they’re heartless enough to disregard the lives of innocent citizens, there’s no need for us to be merciful!”

At that time, Hao gave new orders. He ordered his men to push the female hostages and the monks to the front as they made their way out of the temple.

As for the rest of the men, they aimed their guns at the back to be on the lookout for sudden movements.

Police sirens roared outside of the temple as policemen and soldiers came as backups.

However, they were unable to do anything due to the large group of hostages and bombs all over the city. 

It was undoubtedly an insult to the officials. Hence, the government immediately blocked all receptions to prevent the news from leaking out.

Seoul became a confined land as soldiers guarded all the streets. Soon, dread washed over the puzzled citizens.

With his people, Hao took hold of Jong Jun as his hostage and confronted the military.

“General Jong Jun, we’re sparing your life so that you can convey a message to your people.” Hao pointed the gun at his chin and sneered, “Our boat is waiting for us at Han River, and we’ll bring the sariras and the hostages with us. We’ll head to the high seas. Once we’re out of danger, we’ll surely release the hostages and the monks. I’ll give you guys five minutes to make a decision. If I don’t hear an answer in five minutes, we’ll set off one bomb. Then, we’ll set off one bomb every minute. This goes on until you accept the condition or until thousands of citizens die.”

Jong Jun’s face was trembling from anger, but he dared not resist. Instead, he nodded wordlessly.

Once Hao let him go, he immediately dashed towards the military.

Suddenly, Hao fired the Desert Eagle in his hand and shot Jong Jun’s right knee!

Blood spurted out and Jong Jun fell to the ground.

“General Jong, crawl back.”

He cackled and the rest of the members followed suit.

Cold sweat trickled down the military officers, but they dared not help Jong Jun, for fear that they would be the next target.

Jong Jun was trembling and grimacing from the pain, but he still crawled over to the military, leaving a bloody trail behind.

At that, the other military and government officials dared not say a word. Compared to the bomb, the hostages were a small issue. After all, Seoul was highly populated, so they dared not take the risks.

The fact that the North Bureo clan succeeded in smuggling so many bombs into South Korea sent chills down the spine. At the same time, it was an insult to the National Intelligence Service.