Although the North Bureo clan members had exited the venue, the entrance was still guarded. Hence, the guests dared not move.

Everyone was tense as they did not know when the North Bureo clan would go berserk again.

On the contrary, Park Cheon, who had been through life and death situations, seemed rather calm. He was analyzing the situation to protect his family while observing other people’s reactions.

To his surprise, Zhenxiu did not seem nervous or afraid. Instead, she kept looking around as if searching for someone.

“Zhenxiu, what are you looking for?” Park Cheon asked.

Zhenxiu was expressionless as she answered, “Brother… uh… Mr. Yang has disappeared.”

Park Cheon was stunned. Along with the rest of the Park family and Kim family, their gazes fell upon Jane.

Yang Chen, who was supposed to be next to Jane, was nowhere in sight.

“Don’t ask me. I have no idea where he went too.” Jane blinked playfully.

Yang Chen had left the temple as soon as the sariras left his line of sight. 

It was not difficult for him to escape from the watch of the North Bureo clan. He just needed to move around the blind spot. Once he arrived at the wall, he found the perfect timing and jumped over it.

Since Hao and the people had gone to the main entrance, the Korean soldiers were cleaning the corpses at the other side of the wall.

They were startled when Yang Chen jumped over the tall wall, but they did not get to see his face as Yang Chen moved swiftly out of the blocked area and into the forest.

Therefore, the soldiers assumed they were hallucinating and did not go after him.

Yang Chen moved like a phantom with the skills of a killer and his speed, no one would be able to sense his movement.

Soon, Yang Chen arrived at one of the buildings outside of Jogyesa and watched the North Bureo clan across the street.

The sariras were on Hal’s hands, who was looking at the military with a teasing grin.

The front-line commander was communicating with the higher-ups. However, judging by the sheen of cold sweat on his face, his superiors must be hesitating too.

“Three minutes have passed, and I have yet to receive an answer.” Hao tutted. “It seems like the executives do not care about the lives of the citizens.” He then turned and smiled at Hwang Suyeon. “Captain Hwang, your superior is so cruel. Why not join us?”

“Dream on! If you dare set off the bomb, the whole world will be alerted. Anti-terrorist organizations worldwide will launch an attack on you all, and you will be finished!” Hwang Suyeon sneered.


Hao landed a slap across her face. “Cut the crap. We’ve set off one bomb, so we wouldn’t mind setting off more bombs! Worldwide? Please, who do you think we’re giving the sariras to? The countries only care about their own benefits, and the rest are just superficial pleasantries. You’re already in your forties, how could you still believe in the lies of politicians.”

“Amitabha. Sir, the sariras contain the Buddha’s Golden Demon Vanquisher Power. Aren’t you afraid of upsetting Buddha with your vicious acts?” Abbess Yu Lian stepped in.

“Shut up, you damned nun! I only believe in my gun!” Hao bellowed and slapped her once again.

A red mark formed on her face as the other monks yelled “Amitabha” while looking at her worriedly. Yet, no one dared to utter another word.

Hao looked at his watch and said to the commander, “It has been four and a half minutes. I suppose you guys are curious to know which area will we bomb first-”


The commander yelled, “We agree to all the conditions! But you’re not allowed to harm the hostages and have to ensure the safety of the guests inside the venue!”

“Cut the crap! Bring the car if you’ve agreed to it!” Hao barked.

The military suppressed their anger and sent over their military trucks.

Hao ordered her subordinates to check the trucks with a device. Once they were sure the trucks were free from dangerous equipment, they got in the trucks.

Twenty or so hostages were restrained in three trucks. Since they were held at gunpoint, no one dared to rescue them.

They could only watch the three trucks drive away helplessly. It was impossible to track down all the bombs in Seoul in such a short amount of time.

Besides, the monks and the female hostages could not be harmed. The reason being the former had a large number of followers and the latter were mostly from prestigious families.

Once the trucks had left, Yang Chen followed them from a distance. Although they drove at a fast speed, it was still easy for him to catch up.

Throughout the journey to Han River, the military could only watch from afar as they dared not give the North Bureo clan the impression that they were after them.

Two yachts were already waiting for them on the river. Although two military helicopters were hovering above the river, they dared not attack them.

With Hao in the lead, they got out of the truck and into the yacht. Then, they sailed the hatch towards the sea.

Yang Chen gritted his teeth as he watched them leave. Even if he managed to steal the sariras, he would not be able to get away with it since the military was around.

In that case, I’ll have to follow them to the high seas. Even if the military annihilated them, I could just take the sariras. Well, if I ran into the North Bureo clan, I could also take revenge for Jane. But the high seas… That's so far. I can’t use the space laws, and I have to follow them secretly at a fast speed…

Yang Chen sighed as he looked at the river. At that point, he was grateful to have an inhumane physique that enabled him to swim all the way to the high seas.

After making sure no one was around, Yang Chen took off his clothes and threw them into the space ring. Then he jumped into the river with a loud splash.

He swam like a human submarine albeit the speed was slower than him running on the land. Still, it was enough to track them with the help of the rotor sounds from the yachts.

Although the North Bureo clan had left, the military dared not take a breather. They immediately started the search for the bombs all around Seoul. 

Before confirming that the bombs had been cleared completely, the military dared not do anything else. As for the government, they were also busy covering up the incident.

Compared to the reputation of the country, the sariras and the hostages’ safety were trivial matters. 

About four hours later, the two yachts entered the high seas. The sky had darkened at that time with the moon illuminating the dark sky.

The two yachts approached and got on the Russian 956 Destroyer that was waiting on the high seas. 

Once on-board, a man wearing a New Zealand Navy cap shook hands with Hao and said in English, “Chief Hao, congratulations. I’m sure the patriarch will reward you handsomely.”

“Thank you, General Mason. We must have troubled you with the sudden request,” Hao replied politely.

“It’s all for the patriarch. I wouldn’t have had such achievements if it wasn’t for the patriarch. You’re far more capable than the former chief Gao Ce. I believe you have great potential.”

“Him?” Hao snorted. “General Mason, please don’t joke with me. He’s just a fool… All right, I’m bringing the sariras to the Leader’s room.” 

Mason glanced at it. Although he was puzzled as to why they went to such great lengths just to get that item, he did not think much about it and merely gave Hao the directions.

Then, he looked at the hostages on the deck and said, “Lock up these women in the fourth warehouse and the monks in the seventh warehouse till we receive orders from the patriarch!”