The navy officers were Mason's most trustable subordinates. They immediately brought the hostages into the respective warehouses at his command, and some even stood guard at the doors.

Since the North Bureo clan members had completed their tasks, they no longer needed to be on the watch. Some were taking breaks on the warship, while some started playing games amongst themselves.

At that moment, no one noticed that a North Bureo clan member dressed in a Korean military uniform was making his way towards the fourth warehouse.

"Hey, what are you doing here? This warehouse is for the hostages. The lounge is right in front," said one navy officer who was guarding the warehouse.

The man straightened his hat and revealed the face of an ordinary Asian man.

Just when the navies wondered if he did not speak English, the latter suddenly jumped forward and punched them in the throat.

Their minds went blank. In the next second, the man wrapped his fingers around their throats and snapped them.

His movements were swift. Once he confirmed no one was heading towards there, he pulled the door open.

The female hostages, including Zhang Ru and Hwang Suyeon, huddled together in the corner.

They jolted in shock when they noticed someone had walked in. Soon after, a look of surprise crept across Zhang Ru's face.


Jiang Xiaobai tossed the hat aside. Once he realized Zhang Ru was unharmed, he heaved a sigh of relief and pulled her up.

"Say nothing. There aren't many navies outside, so I can bring you guys out of here now. I looked just now; the raft can accommodate over twenty people. We should get out of here while it's still dark outside!"

Tears rolled down Zhang Ru’s cheeks as she sobbed continuously. She never expected Jiang Xiaobai to risk his life to save her. The whole time she had always assumed he valued his work over her and yet he was willing to get himself in danger for her!

Filled with guilt, she dared not ask questions and nodded fervently. Then, she relayed his words to the other hostages in Korean.

The hostages were delighted to get out of here alive regardless of the risks.

Jiang Xiaobai walked out to take a look. Once ensuring no one was around, he gestured them forward with a wave.

The female hostages followed closely while Hwang Suyeon grabbed a rifle from one of the dead navies.

“What are you doing? Follow closely.” Jiang Xiaobai glanced back and frowned at her actions.

She smiled. “I’m a policewoman, and I know how to use a gun. I can fight with you.”

Seeing the insignia on her shoulder that represented her identity, Jiang Xiaobai nodded.

“We have to move quickly. No one is making the rounds now.” Jiang Xiaobai dashed to the back of the warship.

Suddenly, two gunshots sounded behind him!

With a grunt, he collapsed to the floor. Blood oozed out of the gun wounds on his left calf and thigh. 

“Hwang Suyeon?! What are you doing?” Zhang Ru shrieked and glared at the shooter.

Her expression was sinister as she snorted. “You have a sharp mind and great agility. I suppose you’re a special agent from China. Fortunately, our leader was wary that someone would sneak in to save the hostages… and it turns out we really do have a guest from China,” she sneered.

Everyone looked at her in terror.

“You… you are part of the North Bureo clan?!” Cold sweat trickled down Jiang Xiaobai’s face, but he could not stand up. 

Hwang Suyeon smiled smugly. “It’s too late now. Why do you think we manage to kill the policemen and soldiers in such a short amount of time? Without my ‘reasonable’ planning, this wouldn’t have happened without any casualties.”

Zhang Ru ran towards Jiang Xiaobai. Upon seeing the blood on his leg, she wailed. “Hubby… it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have come to Korea… then you… you wouldn’t…”

Jiang Xiaobai gritted his teeth and forced a smile. “Xiao Ru, don’t say that. I don’t blame you. It’s fate…”

“Such a lovely couple.” Hwang Suyeon tutted as she walked towards them. Then, she pointed the gun at Jiang Xiaobai. “Spill, do you have any comrades on the ship?”

She kept him alive till then only for that sole reason. 

Jiang Xiaobai snorted. “What makes you think I’ll tell you the truth?”

“It’s fine. I’ll bring you to the leader. She’ll have a way to make you talk.” 

At that moment, several soldiers had come forth at the gunshots. Hwang Suyeon commanded them to lock up the hostages and increase the number of guards at the warehouse. Then, she brought the couple to meet the leader. 

At the same time, Hao was in the most luxurious commanding room of the warship.

He stood respectfully before the desk with his head hung low, and sitting before him was Abbess Yu Lian on a leather!

She was holding the glass box of sariras as she said, “Great job, Hao. Your acting was perfect. I was worried that you wouldn’t dare to slap me, but you didn’t disappoint.” 

She still had an elegant bearing, but her voice was cold without an ounce of mercy.

Hao replied, “It's all thanks to your guidance. My efforts are nothing compared to yours. I should be punished for laying my hands on you, leader.”

Yu Lian nodded, pleased with his flattery. “We’ll leave the rest to Hwang Suyeon. Let her be the hero and send the hostages back to Korea. With that, she should be promoted and will be useful in the future. I’ve hypnotized the monks, so bring the hostages over later for me to hypnotize them. Then, you will put up a show with Hwang Suyeon. With that, we return safely and the sariras will also belong to us completely.”

Hao nodded with a sinister smile and was about to say something when the door was pushed open by General Mason.

“Leader, Vice Chief Hwang caught a spy who sneaked on the ship.”

Squinting her eyes, Yu Lian snorted. “I knew it. Send her in.”

Hwang Suyeon immediately brought Jiang Xiaobai and Zhang Ru into the room. Jiang Xiaobai was tossed to the floor while Zhang Ru was still crying over her husband’s injuries.

Shock crept up to their faces when they saw Yu Lian on the chair. 

“You… you are…” Zhang Ru could not finish her sentence.

“That’s right. I’m the leader of the North Bureo clan,” Yu Lian sneered. “It's unfortunate that you two have solved the puzzle but will never get out of here alive.”

Yu Lian stepped towards the couple.  

“Leader, he’s Chinese, Zhang Ru’s wife. I think it’s a special agent in China. Even if he’s not, he must be part of the government. I’m worried that he has a comrade, so I dare not kill him. Please ascertain it with your power.”

“Good job,” Yu Lian praised her. Her gaze then fell upon Jiang Xiaobai. “If you don’t want your wife to die in front of you, do not resist. Or else, the navies will lay their hands on her before we feed her to the sharks.”

“You… you witch!” Jiang Xiaobai yelled.

Only then did Zhang Ru realize why her husband had always been secretive about his work. She never knew he was so exceptional and might be part of the intelligence agency.

Even though he had such a bright future, he was going to die on the ship because of her.

Overwhelmed with guilt, Zhang Ru dared not look at his pale face.

While Jiang Xiaobai was filled with rage and was emotionally unstable, Yu Lian seized the chance to hypnotize him. Soon, his gaze turned blank.

“Tell me your Identity. How did you get here, and do you have any comrades?” Her voice echoed in his mind like a demon’s call.