A dazed expression appeared on Jiang Xiaobai’s face. Even though he tried to get a grip on himself, it was futile.

“I… I’m Jiang Xiaobai, the deputy section chief of section one in the secret police department of the Ministry of State Security of the People's Republic of China. As of now, I’m the deputy director of the Zhonghai branch. My… my wife, Xiao Ru, offended a dangerous person. I was worried about her, so I flew to Korea to find her. Because I was afraid she’d be upset to see me, I watched over her secretly. I saw her being caught by the Northern Bureo clan today, so I sneaked into the group. I was waiting to bring them out of here with the lifeboat at night. I came alone. No one else is with me…”

Jiang Xiaobai confessed everything, confirming Zhang Ru’s speculations. The North Bureo clan members let out a sigh of relief.

Things would be easy to deal with as long as it didn’t involve the MSS. Korea might be influential, but the MSS was still a major threat to them.

Zhang Ru was covered in tears.He must have come over after hearing the phone call. Why is he such a fool, hiding in the dark just to protect me…

Yu Lian caught onto a detail. She asked, “Who is the dangerous person you mentioned?”


“It’s me.”

A man’s nonchalant voice sounded from outside.

That shocked everyone else in the room. How did someone manage to sneak in there?

Yu Lian stopped her hypnosis. When Jiang Xiaobai finally snapped out of it, he looked around with a befuddled expression. Then, his eyes met with his wife’s affectionate gaze.

Hao, Mason, and Hwang Suyeon raised their guns with a tense expression.

“Who’s there?” Yu Lian asked coldly, feeling as though she was being teased.

The door was kicked open from the outside, and Yang Chen strode in, dressed only in his underpants with seaweeds stuck on his skin.

Corpses sprawled across the corridor behind him—some had holes in their chests while some had broken necks. 

Yang Chen was even grabbing on a fish and was munching on it raw.

and raw meat,” he blabbered.

Upon looking at Jiang Xiaobai who was almost close to shedding tears of joy, he grinned. “Heh, you deserve to suffer for calling me a dangerous person. Looks like I’m not too late. You’re pretty skilled, huh? I didn’t even realize you’ve sneaked in. When did you arrive in Korea? Oh… I suppose you really care about your wife.”

“Mr. Yang! Young Master Yang!” Jiang Xiaobai was filled with delight as if Yang Chen was his father.

Before that, he was wondering why Yang Chen had yet to appear when he also attended the ceremony.

Having a rough understanding of Yang Chen’s ability, Jiang Xiaobai felt as if a weight was lifted off his chest.

“So it’s you! Hah, even if you can withstand my hypnosis, you’re still doomed! What a fool must you be to step into our territory willingly,” sneered Yu Lian.

Yang Chen tossed the leftover fish aside and smacked his lips together. “This fish tastes fine, but it has a lot of bones,” he commented.

“Are you even listening to me?!” Yu Lian bellowed.

Mason frowned and whispered in Yu Lian’s ears, “Leader, I think he said… he swam here…”

“Bullsh*t! How can someone swim for more than four hours and still catch up to the yacht?!” Furious, she yelled, “Stop staring! Kill him!”

Right afterward, Hao, Mason, and Hwang Suyeon started shooting at Yang Chen!

Sparks flew as bullets from the rifle and handgun landed on Yang Chen’s skin.

Realizing that holes were forming on his underpants, Yang Chen swelled with rage. Lin Ruoxi bought that piece of underpants for him! He had lost her and couldn't afford to lose the underpants too!

With a big leap, he rushed towards the trio and reached out to grab Hao’s cheek. 

Since Yang Chen moved in a flash, Hao could not dodge in time. While he was still shocked by the fact that Yang Chen was invincible to bullets, the latter had grabbed his cheek. 

A creaking sounded as Hao’s head was squashed. Just like that, he died on the spot!

Not wasting another second, Yang Chen landed a slap across Hwang Suyeon’s cheek with the other hand. 

It wasn’t a loud slap, but her head exploded when he backhanded her across the other cheek. Her brain was crushed immediately while the rest of her organs such as her eyes flew away.

Fear washed over Yu Lian and Mason as they watched his brutal attacks.

Yang Chen couldn’t care less about their shock and swung his leg towards Mason’s groin!

Blood gushed out immediately as Mason’s body was torn apart from the middle. Yang Chen’s foot landed on his abdominal area, so one-half of his body was kicked upwards and stuck to the ceiling. 

Jiang Xiaobai almost fainted from the gory scene while his wife long fainted upon seeing Hwang Suyeon’s eyeball that had rolled towards her. 

Yu Lian gulped. Shivering, she retreated to the desk and shook her head repeatedly. “Don’t… don’t come over…”

At that moment, the soldiers heard the commotion and rushed in. However, they became panic-stricken and froze upon seeing the scene before them. 

Yang Chen ignored them completely and made his way towards Yu Lian. “You’re the leader of the North Bureo clan?”

Yu Lian nodded stiffly. 

“How dare you snatch the sariras from me. You deserve to die a painful death. But if you give me the personnel files of your clan, I’ll give you a quick death.” Yang Chen wanted to investigate it thoroughly as he feared that Zhenxiu might be harmed.

“So you’re after the sariras? Hah, aren’t you afraid that the bombs in Seoul will be detonated after my death? Even if they found some of it, they couldn’t find all of the bombs in such a short amount of time. By then…”

“Go to hell!” Yang Chen slapped her. “Plenty of people die in this world every day. Why would I care about them? They’re not my parents! Cut the crap. Are you giving me the file or not?”

Yu Lian was stunned. As she glanced at the corpses of her subordinates, a shiver ran down her spine. She finally realized that the man standing before her was a vicious man—he couldn’t care less about the lives of the innocent citizens!

“Don’t you guys like to count down? I’ll count to three. If you don’t give me the file, I’ll pull your fingers off one by one…” Yang Chen said flatly as he grabbed her hand and pulled her thumb off.

“Ahh!” Yu Lian let out a pained shriek. 

The soldiers were about to attack Yang Chen, but they cowered when they saw that and even ran out of the room.

Yu Lian’s eyes flashed with fury as she screamed, “Master! Save me!”

Yang Chen was startled to hear that.

Before he could think much about it, groans sounded from the soldiers that had run away earlier.

Yang Chen whipped his head around and his eyes narrowed at the scene unfolding before him. 

A group of eerie-looking poisonous insects were biting the soldiers. In a flash, their fleshes were devoured, leaving a pile of bones behind. 

Yu Lian’s eyes lit up. On the other hand, Jiang Xiaobai shuddered at that terrifying sight. 

“Hah, so useless. I’d rather feed my kids than raise you guys.”

A familiar sounding voice was heard from outside. Right after that, a short and chubby monk walked into the room. 

It was Master Zihao, the monk who had been following Yu Lian and was also the director of the Buddhist Association!

Gazing at Yang Chen with eyes full of disdain, Zihao said, “I don’t know where you came from, but you’re asking for a death wish for chasing after us.”

Yang Chen tutted. “No wonder… I was wondering why would the North Bureo clan dare target Jane when their leader is so weak. It turns out you’re her master. So you’re the actual leader? Man, you sure are secretive!”