Yang Chen was shocked. Even if he could not use the divine sense, he could still technically sense the oppression from someone with profound cultivation. 

However, he sensed nothing from Zihao until he unleashed his cultivation that was far more superior to the Soul Forming stage. 

Could this monk have some technique or artifact to conceal his cultivation? Otherwise, he couldn't stay outside of China unharmed.

"Hah, so what if you find out about this? Your physique is impressive, something I've never seen before. If I feed your flesh and blood to my kids, it'll definitely benefit them!" Zihao smiled sinisterly.

"You're a cultivator, so shouldn't you be in Hongmeng? Don't you know the risks of being outside of China?"

Zihao replied, "Killing you would be a piece of cake. I know better than you."

"Yes, yes! Master, quick, save me!" Yu Lian was thrilled to see him that she had forgotten about her pain.

Zihao sneered, "You're utterly useless. Well, you've had a good life. I've given you plenty of supplements, and your flesh and blood are enough for my kids. I'll feed you two to my kids today!"

As he said that, a group of black poisonous insects appeared behind him and charged toward Yang Chen.

In a flash, Yang Chen's and Yu Lian's bodies were covered by black insects.

With a snort, Yang Chen decided to use the space laws to fight against Zihao. Although the latter's cultivation was superior to the Soul Forming stage, Yang Chen reckoned he was only in the Li Fire stage.

Swiftly, he tossed Yu Lian towards the insects and used the space laws to block the insects from him.

Yu Lian shrieked from terror but was immediately devoured to the bones by the insects. Before she breathed her last breath, she glared at Zihao as if asking why he had given up on her.

Zihao only cared about killing Yang Chen, whose physique was a treasure to him. For a pawn like Yu Lian, he could raise one whenever he wanted to.

"Huh? Is that the Gods' legendary space laws? You're a God?!" Zihao ignored Yu Lian completely and stared at Yang Chen in shock.

With the use of the space laws, Yang Chen moved Jang Xiaobai and his wife to the deck. Since the soldiers were in a hurry to run for their lives, they couldn't care less about them.


At the same time, he built a space barrier over his body and teleported in front of Zihao, hoping to kill him before he could react!


Unfortunately, Zihao was prepared for that. Out of nowhere, he summoned another group of insects—fly-like green venomous insects that were the size of a thumb.

Shockingly, the insects managed to pierce through Yang Chen's space barrier and bit him.

Zihao guffawed. "That's all you've got? How dare you call yourself a God! My Ziwu green flies can carry True Yuan and pierce through the space laws!"

Yang Chen realized right after he was bit, the insects secreted a large volume of foul venom. They were trying to inject it into his body!

"Such a wicked technique!"

If it were not for his inhuman physique, he would have died immediately from the venom.

At that, Yang Chen used the space laws to explode the insects before charging towards Zihao.

Shocked, Zihao exclaimed, "You're not affected by the venom? What kind of a monster are you!"

Although his cultivation was not exceptional, his poisonous animals could kill even cultivators far superior to him.

"Please, did you really think you can defeat me with these nasty bugs?"

Zihao had to admit that he was no match for Yang Chen's physique.

Realising Yang Chen was continuously attacking him with the space laws, Zihao sent out groups of colorful poisonous insects to buy him some time. 

Soon, the warship was quite shattered by the space laws. Sounds of explosions rang out incessantly. Some soldiers were dead or injured, while others had jumped into the sea to run for their lives.

The two kept attacking back and forth, but it was a tie.

Zihao felt that if the situation went on, the Gods would be alerted. Since he could not risk exposing his identity, he was forced to give up on Yang Chen’s body temporarily. 

“A Thousand Spiders Poison!”

The True Yuan around Zihao sparkled with a green glow. Once again, he released a group of colorful spiders that were the size of his palm.

Yang Chen did not bother to defend himself against it since the venom would not harm him.

To his surprise, the spiders exploded right in front of him.

“Damn it! It’s a trick!” Yang Chen was frustrated.

He couldn't care less about the venom, but the True Yuan within the spiders sent him flying meters back.

“I’ll take the sariras! See you next time!”

Zihao laughed when his plan worked. Then, he grabbed the sariras from the deck, ready to fly away!

Yang Chen’s heart sank. Zihao could conceal his aura and cultivation, so if he let him go, it would be impossible to find him again.

After all, he went through so much trouble to look for something that could subdue Chaos. Yang Chen would not let him take away the sariras. 

Blazing with fury, Yang Chen glared at Zihao with a vicious gleam in his eyes. 

“How dare you snatch it from me?! Everyone who dares snatch my things deserves to go to hell!” 

Yang Chen snapped. In a fit of anger, he unleashed his cultivation.

So what if I’ll go crazy and kill thousands of people?! I’ll kill those who dare block my path!

In an Instant, his True Yuan transformed into a roaring surge of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy. 

At the same time, the Chaos Energy started moving to control his dantian and his mind!

Just you wait! I’ll deal with you once I retrieve the sariras!

Making use of his fury, Yang Chen suppressed Chaos and took control of his cultivation.

“Stop right there!”

In a flash, he overtook Zihao, who paled at his appearance.

Under the night sky, a giant hand made out of the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy surrounded Zihao.

Zihao used everything he could to resist it, but his True Yuan was not a match for Yang Chen.

With blood trickling down his mouth, he shivered as he looked at the man who was unleashing a malicious aura.

“You… you are a cultivator?! No… it can’t be possible. Your cultivation… Are you at the pinnacle of Ruo Water?!”

Because the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation was practically a legend, Zihao presumed only a cultivator in the Ruo Water-stage would have such capabilities. 

As a matter of fact, with the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy and the Chaos Energy, Yang Chen was technically at a Full Cycle of the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning!

However, because he did not have full control of his cultivation, the power he displayed was equivalent to the Ruo Water stage. Only when he advanced into the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning realm would he be superior to all cultivators in the Ruo Water stage.

At that time, Yang Chen was not bothered to reply to Zihao. He was losing control over Chaos, so he grabbed the box containing the sariras anxiously.

With a simple flick, the high-tech box was crushed into pieces. The sariras floated in the air before Yang Chen, emitting a reddish-golden glow.

Upon sensing the sariras, Chaos moved more vigorously as if it was worried that Yang Chen would make full use of the sariras.

Yang Chen’s senses were heightened greatly after recovering his newly improved cultivation.

He was thrilled to sense powerful energy on the sariras. It was the essence of Heaven and Earth, a calming energy of the Buddha that was refined from Ye Fire.

Judging by how terrified Chaos was, the sariras must be useful. 

Suddenly, a question popped up in Yang Chen’s mind. How should he use it?

Since Zihao was frightened out of his wits, Yang Chen figured he would not know a thing about that. After some thought, Yang Chen decided to put everything in his body!

With that in mind, he opened his mouth and swallowed the sariras!